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  1. SWTOR was/is a decent game, its just plagued by f2p ingame restrictions
  2. Yeah, free for the first few levels would be great, but I doubt theyd have it at launch though.
  3. In subscription MMOs you get the full game with all it has to offer but on games with ingame shops its just annoying more than anything to have certain parts and features to be locked from you. Thats why I quit SWTOR. The game was decent at launch but once it when p2w the ingame purchases just put me off every time i try to get back into it.
  4. Whats the point of playing the game if youre gonna just automate it? Wouldnt it be better if they had a more tactical combat where youre encouraged to try out different abilities depending on a particular npc?
  5. Thats okay for casual games, but for an MMO where most people will play over 200 hours, wont a skill based combat (without ability progression) get a bit boring after a while? Yeah Crowfall will probably have traveling and crafting but isn't fighting is what you'd spend most of you time doing.
  6. Yeah, thats the problem with ESO, I keep hearing this same voice actor, talking the same way all across tamriel. Kinda annoying at times but I doubt they'd be able to have a lot of voice actors unless they have a fairly big budget.
  7. Having a large variety of classes, weapons and abilities are gonna require some sort of progression aren't they? I simply dont see how they'd be able to do it without any progression. Even if they do come up with a skill based combat system with a fairly large learning curve, won't it get repetitive after a while since you wont get new abilities?
  8. Pretty much all MMOs have lore but very few are memorable and questing is more of a chore than being actually enjoyable. Having voiced quests will make the game far more interesting and very immersive (especially in first person). I doubt many people will want another MMO where you read a paragraph at the beginning of a quest and go kill 20 generic NPCs.
  9. Elder Scrolls Online and Dragon Age Inquisition
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