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  1. Hello, I have been playing a Druid since the patch came out, and I've encountered a number of combat related bugs. For starters, the bear blast (the charged skill that shoots a bear that bounces and slows) has never worked consistently. However, since the last patch, it now refuses to hit at all, from any angle or with any timing. Even stationary targets at medium distance are impossible for it to hit. Faerie fire and leech seed do not work, as attempting to apply them will fire the animation, use essence, and put the skill on cooldown without applying the debuff or VFX to the enemy. This has happened to me consistently across multiple sessions, about a half dozen times. Since the patch, these skills have not worked at all. Strangely, the stun (Storm Call?) works most of the time, though suffers from the same lock on issues occcasionally. The same is true for the lightning zip zap click attack. The skills that work consistently are the self and group buffs, the tornado attack, blight, and coalesce life. The coalesce life orbs actually work far better than last patch, in fact they have had pretty tight hitboxes and just generally been really awesome to play around with! The fae dodge seems to have had its physics changed pretty drastically, but the new mode of operation works well. Sacrifice woks well, the ult works well, and retaliate works well, though there does seem to be some animation lock on occasion that works against the controls, such as when attempting to dodge and then sacrifice. I can left click attack at the end of a dodge reasonably early, but I cannot sacrifice as quickly as I would expect to be able to. I am unsure if this is intended behavior. Finally, the resurrection skill works well, however the targeting reticle does not appear when I tap the ability hotkey, and tapping again will perform the ability. I do not know how to cancel it properly after tapping once, as a right click will dodge and hitting escape will open the menu, cancelling it but interrupting the flow of combat. Additionally, as the targeting reticle is invisible, it is impossible to tell if the cancel has worked or not until I left click, which risks putting my revive on cooldown.
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