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  1. Would be great to see an ap where i can adjust my sill trees or what not with news. I get theres an email that comes out but i think the app would make people read it more often. If theres alrdy a post for this idea i second it....
  2. Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to making a thriving City with you all. and most of all slaying the weak and hurdling the dead while looting their corpses.
  3. Filled App out, looking forward to playing crowfal and any other games as a Guild.
  4. Notice we have traded The Forgemaster for a Priest.
  5. Looking for a place to call home. I use to Play Warhammer like crazy, sadly it was the last MMo i took seriously or even enjoyed. This game has caught my eye the same way War did. Im currently playing Knight as a tank, Myrm as DPS, and Druid for a healer. If you guys recruit me or not a response would be greatly appreciated as i havent asked another guild yet.
  6. Maybe its just me but i cant find ore if my life depended on it and then when i do everything i make fails. am i missing something?
  7. Looking for an Active guild, been playing MMos for awile but stopped for nearly 8 years. First Game to catch my eye in awile and looking for a home to call my own, espcially if you guys use to play Warhammer, my fav of them all.
  8. found three bugs so far. 1. When i create a charcter and delete him then remake same name on a different tune original charc shows up instead of new. 2. when i am all the way zoomed in while farming then oom out charc is bugged in stand still. 3. as i was logging out some1 or thing killed me and i fell through the floor. 4. My Universal Training is not working. 5. When i sign out, my charc tends to slide all over the place.
  9. so i get to the where im suppose to download the client and my comp wont download it. my Norton keeps blocking it....
  10. so i purchased the Bronze pack so i can get into the early access but i never got to download the game nor did i ever get an email to do so, has anyone else have this issue or am i the only lucky guy here?
  11. Just bought the game and for the first time in awile excited to be trying an MMO again, Alpha 3 and wanna know how to download game and have it ready..
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