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  1. In the name of Corvus Sanctus and myself, I want to give our condolences to his family, friends and guild members. I am very sad, that I have never had the pleasure of interacting with him personally and only having read many of his posts. As I have lost a close guild mate a few years ago in a different game and guild, I know how much of an impact this can be. I hope that Coolwaters lives on in his guild mates and that his family manages to get over this tragic loss.
  2. Looks amazing! Its really well done ;D So sad I can't come because I have exams on those days ;3
  3. Good to know angelmar lol, some younger guilds might not have as big names yet or aren't as active on forums yet, but that doesn't mean their not active... Just saying...
  4. There isn't really one list, at least not one that covers all guilds or actually tells you what guilds are active or inactive. So best ist to just talk to the guilds that look interesting to you ;D.
  5. Welcome to Crowfall Deo Volente!
  6. OoC Hey guys^^ Here is just a short poem story I wrote late at night, while being bored. I might write a second part the next time I'm bored, not sure yet ;P I hope you enjoy it and it isn't too hard to read. _______________________________________________________________________ IC He runs, he falls, the guns, their calls, roaring magic, lives are tragic. The arrows fly, damocles sword up high. The stroke comes down, from fear they frown. The sword is our live is what we wield, no longer is this a battlefield,
  7. Thanks, I will. There's no other solution I guess ;s
  8. Interesting..... I'm not sure whether people wouldn't abuse it, I'm afraid people would abuse it for gathering and pvp especially... But in the way you described it would certainly be very useful and in fact I would set one up for my guild.
  9. Somehow I seem to be unable to post in the forumarea about the gametests. I don't know why, all the other areas work fine. whenever I am on a post in the testing threads, there is a black bar at the top, saying I am unable to reply. When I am in the list of gametesting threads, there is again a black bar, telling me, that I can't start a new thread, since I am not a backer, wich I obviously am. I am logged in when there, so that can't be the issue. Can anyone help me out? Thnak you Kuro
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