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  1. tally


    A lot of mmos now are all overly complicated. you have to take a bit of time to understand them making it a slow start. what would be nice is if this game doesn't turn out like every other game but is simple. you can still have a loads of great content in a simple game. for example if you have classes have 3 or something to the point like melee, archery, sorcery. something like that would work. the interface would be great if it was easy to work around and understand unlike some mmos. i'm not saying make a game overly simple like mine craft but find a happy medium. Its different thought some one might wanna read it so .
  2. why does there have to be a good and evil? can i just be me?
  3. i really don't like that kinda combat system, feels like i'm playing a bored game. i can do that with friends don't need to pay monthly for it.
  4. tally


    i do want levels so it seems like i'm not wasting my time doing nothing but i don't them to be a waste of time. i want levels to be something i can enjoy or relax while doing and not stress over how many days it will take. thx for reading
  5. would be cool but with so many different players in a game how does this work? its day in some parts of the world and night in some parts of the world all the time,
  6. i honestly don't want good or evil.you see good and evil all the time. you are you. you have conflicts with people that doesn't make you good or evil in real life so why would it in a game? that's what i think though.
  7. this is very important because i hate how in some games people get a huge advantage if they buy items like this. its better when everyone works for what they have
  8. in all mmos there are many different aspects of the game. there are visuals, music, controls, a main story line or maybe quests you can do if you please to advance your gear, the community, etc the list goes on and on. how will this game be different from others in those ways?
  9. its really cool and nice to see that your doing this.
  10. i don't watch a lot of anime but i like black butler, attack on titan, death note, sword art online and a couple others.
  11. tally


    maybe for pve but definitely not for pvp that could change a fight completely.
  12. i say there should be like 2-3 charterers per account allowing the player to try different things play in different ways.
  13. tally


    cheating botting etc just annoys me and demotivates me. i have to work my way up while they put zero effort in and get so much farther ahead of me. plus bots can break the economy of a lot of games so deal with cheater and bots asap.
  14. i personally love pve some times a lot more than pvp only if it is rewarding. you need some sort of motive to raid a dungeon or gather a team to take down a boss. there should be rare items bosses and mobs have a chance of dropping and you can sell your items to other people for in game currency. this way if you don't want to farm bosses or dungeons or anything you can buy the gear you wish to own from another player if you have the amount of money they want to sell you it for.
  15. i don't like restrictions because then you can't use what every build you wanna use and play the way you wanna play. i am hoping you don't pick your class or what ever and if you do i still don't want gear restrictions because it may give one class role wt ever you chose a very big advantage over all others making the game less interesting when everyone uses that role class etc.
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