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  1. That is where you are making the mistake. Your priorities are backwards. You'll see soon enough.
  2. You are losing where it counts. (The PR battle)
  3. So was this like that time that Sugoi tried to organize a community event to help get the developers video and then you guys decided to slaughter and camp resource spawns instead? Lets level here. This is one video while I've seen several other's. How many L's (as a guild) did you take this weekend? Be honest.
  4. People are always looking for advantages or looking to thwart the advantages others have. Having more resources whether it be real life money or in game wealth is going to give you an advantage. I see a lot of attempts in this thread to thwart the advantages of others. There isn't a magic fix on either side that doesn't have some grave consequences. You might as well accept the fact that multiple accounts will give you an advantage. The neat thing is you cant play more that one account at a time very effectively. People complaining about buff bots need to realize that its more of a convenience rather than an advantage. Trying to change the nature of VIP is a pointless endeavor because they made promises in the early stages of kickstarter. This is why we don't see developers on the general forums. Its littered with thread debating pointless things that have already been decided.
  5. I managed a city in SWG. I would do it again. No funny stories.
  6. While that may solve the issue, it would create another problem. They want to have scarcity between disciplines (crafting, harvesting etc) so that people will interact with each other. I know the counter argument is that others can purchase multiple accounts. But if you allow 2 or 3 general skills to be trained simultaneously, you would effectively double or triple the disciplines that the overall population would possess and it would by far and way trump the people who have multiple accounts if you left it as it is now. The average gamer will have one account. People who kickstarted this project and spent a significant amount of money will probably do the multi account thing because they are not cost sensitive. I bet they have data to suggest that the significant majority usually has one account. Your idea isn't bad by any means. But I think it would have consequences that would go against some of the stated goals they've had since the beginning. I think allowing what you suggest would fall under the "advantage" category and they have been trying to stay away from that. Personally I wanted them to do 1 general skill at regular speed, and then maybe a 2nd skill in the same discipline at 10 - 20 percent of regular speed which would make it 5 to 10 times longer to train that 2nd skill. It would almost make no difference for the player in the short term. But over the long term (years) it could make a huge difference and it would give them steady long term revenue from the people that want to take advantage of that.
  7. I second this suggestion. Very solid guild.
  8. I have to say I'm very impressed with Winterblades. - Solid leadership - Professional approach to the game. - Very organized - Low drama from what I can surmise - Knowledgeable players If I were a new player looking for a quality guild this would be the guild I'd have at the top of my list. They are hands down the best guild in testing thus far.
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