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  1. my theory is 10 ping less & more reliable somewhat for eu servers. youre right tho i should advertise just for OCE but there is good news coming for oceanic players. We will be on US-West testing until we get a oceanic campaign.
  2. Australian Extreme Gaming Small organized Aussie group, casual at times, hardcore majority of the times., we all basically all know each other IRL. We play plenty of games together. We welcome anyone that wants to team up not only in Crowfall, but many other games also. so see if we can get along and play peacefully in well organized groups with intent to attempt to win. Our future focus on Crowfall is to alliance & or merge with an existing oceanic/eu guild as a tight "hitsquad" with very strong structure when its needed. Aux last great memory. Archeage - Salphira, Richest, most quickest geared family. the family merged with bigger guilds. resulting in our most geared family member successfully tanking Kraken the first time for the server. (18+) to apply or ask any questions add me on discord phillmypipe#7297 tell me why do you think its important to have few tight organized groups in the backbone, of a alliance / guild? Phil
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