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  1. I'm gonna start doing inks to get some practice in. Why not open a thread for a chance at some character art for the community! Anyways, the basic rules and guidelines so I don't get hammered with stuff and get overwhelmed. only 1 character per user (for now) Must be within Crowfall's universe Must be Crowfall confirmed races so far. Please keep it polite :3 I am doing these for free so it may take some time to go through the thread since I do have commissions of my own to take care of. How to post: Character Name: Race: Appearance: No references please!
  2. So, I've been drawing other stuff lately. But I didn't forget about Crowfall. Will update with more drawings of Crowfall stuff soon. Right now here's a quick ink I did earlier today x.x
  3. Sorry for the double post! But I just saw the game style and wanted to try my hands at it! Here!
  4. Thanks for all the comments guys and gals! This one I just got done with today for a morning warm up! EDIT: Finished the piece!
  5. So... I'm Kelzack. I'ma jump right up in here! Been around a few MMOs. Gonna give this one a try as well. Oh and I draw stuff.
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