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  1. I have also found this -> I can get about 90% through a rank 5 on one stamina bar, but then when I finish it off Ill often get a bad roll. I now chop half the node, then refresh stam and chop the other half. This gets the big, blue + purple drops off that last hit much, much more regularly.
  2. Thats only some people, and generally those abusing the healing / survivability of certain discs. Most *real* fights that im involved in generally end one way or the other within 5mins, normally less.
  3. It actually confused me for a bit because there was lots of replies from VikingNail... so its not that different from the forums nowadays.
  4. Templars definitely cant equip 2-handed maces yet (even with the Master of Great Maces discipline rune) I spent a lot of time making one that I cant equip. But it says they are meant to. I think a lot of the extra weapons people are supposed to be able to use just dont work yet.
  5. Just like the pre-alpha testing potions, its just a stop gap so you can play some pvp without being totally gimped. Im currently working on proper armor, not because I think its gonna be OP but because I want to run through the process a few times and see what happens - making anything blue armor or higher uses a tonne of resources that take a long time to get, but I want to see the stat differences and test out the crafting/visual look of them.
  6. Soft caps are an interesting idea... theres already a few of them capped at 1050 damage, like runecarved and banshee. Assuming hp doesnt scale exponentially in future, maybe it could be a bit like Final Fantasy where attacks cant breach 9999. Or only a few, specific and super hard hitting abilities can.
  7. Yeah I agree ive been on Bloodbath AU and have seen a few people there, but 33 ping is absolutely amazing for me - i play most games at 180 ping since i have to play on US servers...
  8. I agree! The indiscriminate AOE damage of troub is crazy strong, and without a lot of healing too strong. I think there will be a general toning down of the obvious OP disciplines to make the other 90 or so viable. (Im thinking, Troub, Field Surgeon, Possible runecarved whatever?)
  9. Im sure field surgeon will be getting changed, and relatively soon. It goes against too many design principles to be on purposely OP and easy for everyone to fully heal. Or maybe it was a big plot to ensure that you could have 20 minute long duels to more fully test out all the other abilities we now have. Who knows?
  10. Buying Your Way To Legendaries

    Youd be far better off spending that same amount of money to an opposing guild / alliance to "throw" the campaign in your favor, purposely losing battles etc etc. Otherwise, as everyone has already says, chances are if you spend all that you could lose or have the item broken - which at the end of the day is a total waste.
  11. Heal self discipline

    Field Surgeon has a couple of healing abilities as well that affect yourself.
  12. Templar Build v5.0.1 -> Analysis and Thoughts

    Oh thats really handy - i was just making a copy of everything so I could see it in more detail sturdy btw, 20% damage reduction while above 80% hp... seems like it would be quite handy to keep yourself topped up. Ill have to do some testing on wether or not this all stacks... 20% reduction from sturdy, 20% reduction from illusionary armor, 20% reduction with overwhelming odds.
  13. Templar Build v5.0.1 -> Analysis and Thoughts

    @Tinnis Is rallying banner under the Juggernaught rune? Looks interesting --- ill have to try it out tomorrow when i get a chance to jump on! @makkon thanks for the ideas for those minor runes, some thoughts i had: Eminently punchable - really wanted to try this out, pips limit templar pretty hard when it comes to moves per minute, but I just cant think of a good way to test wether or not this is working properly. Might see if i can rope someone in to help me test it... Burning Hatred - others have said this is bugged atm? And doesnt heal you on pick up? Might be worth checking as well actually to see if the orbs give hp or not. Expansive mind - no brainer, will be taking this if/when i find more abilities i want to slot on the tray. Armor of faith - agree! This is really amazing, so good it will probably get nerfed. btw makkon, templar doesnt use a pip when he triggers illusionary armor, on one pip I can perform a ---> Censure ---> Divine Light ---> Illusionary Armor combo without needing to hit or be hit. Sturdy - havent tried this one yet myself, will be interesting to see how much the mitigation is, and if it works, and if it does work, does it show up in the stats page?
  14. This explains SO much! I hadnt realised it was changed, and was super confused earlier when i was slashing a guy in front of me, but did 0 hits for about a minute. Then all of a sudden, we leap around, and now all my hits are landing perfectly and for huge amounts?? I wasnt bothering to actually keep the reticle on the enemy, since I was using other abilities and jumping around etc as well, so i must have accidentally got the right part of the reticle over him for the remainder of the fight.
  15. Since the introduction of the disciplines and the HUGE variety of skills, passives and abilities that each character can use, ive been excited to test out and play with these changes. I thought it might help other people to see my thoughts on each skill im using and suggestion. Minor disclaimer: Im not saying this is the best build ever or is even trying to be the best build ever. Im also not trying to exploit any bugs. Discipline Runes used are: Banshee (Major) Field Surgeon (Major) Master of Greatswords (Weapon) Armor of Faith (Minor) Spirit Whip (Minor) Overwhelming Odds (Minor) All the damage scores are based on using a Basic Two handed sword, which hits for around 20 - 50. (avg 35) Abilities: 1 - Censure: Lunging forward 30m, does a reasonable hit of about 165 and will stun the enemy on hit. Notoriously hard to aim and hit with, especially with lag, this is still a must-have skill for Templars since you need it to close gaps, escape, get some CC on the enemy, and finish them off. 2 - Divine Light: Probably the Templars signature skill, it casts a large "consecration" type AOE that heals you for around 200 damage and causes a small amount of damage to enemies standing in it. It drains your righteousness but is a great move - forcing the enemy either to fight you on the ground and take damage while you heal, or give you a breather and let you take the full +800-+1000 heal as well as let your cooldowns refresh. 3 - Illusionary Armor: (From Armor of Faith rune) 20% damage reduction is a really good defensive buff, it costs no resources, seems to be off a global cooldown, and has an uptime of 65% (15s out of 23s) A no brainer really for a defensive minded class. 4 - Rehabilitation: (From Field Surgeon Discipline). This does cost resources, but has a 9 second cooldown and heals for +600 hp or so. Double on you, if you cast it on a friendly (currently bugged). This probably should be restricted to healing oriented classes, because since everyone can have it everyone should have it. 5 - Iron Skin: (Master of Greatswords Discipline). This costs as well, and seems to only reduce damage from slashing. Im not really sold on this move to be honest, I slapped it on so if I had excess pips I could get another defence buff going. 6 - Haunt: (From Banshee Discipline). This is a close ranged, PBAOE type deal that ive struggled to effectively land on people before. (Maybe due to lag). Once on them, its really quite good -> They attack you, take reflected damage back (up to 1050), and you get healed for a portion of that. Essentially, cursing them to take more damage and you to recieve healing. 7 - Ghost Army: (From Banshee Discipline). A swarm of ghosts (25 in 5 waves of 5) will cast out from you, and follow your reticule (though they only head into a straight line) dealing about 150-200 damage per hit and healing you for half that when they do hit. In a 1v1 scenario, this uses up way too many Pips for too little damage and healing to be useful, especially because most opponents wont let you swarm them with ghosts. I can see it begin extremely good in group fights though, or for zone control. Bonus points it looks and feels awesome. 8 - Holy Warrior: Boosts your max hp by about 20%, and gives you 100% armor penetration. This is a great buff, and ties into the Templars mechanic of Righteous Parrying ->> This is a great move but im thinking of moving it out for something else, due to a passive that ill mention later. Passives: 1: Overwhelming Odds - +20% all damage mitigation when faced with 3+ enemies. While obviously not great in a 1v1, this is definitely confirmed working (I tested) and is pretty short ranged, you need to be pretty close for it to trigger, maybe 1/3rd the distance of censure? Either way, 20% mitigation is great for a tanky sustain character so ive been keeping this on. 2: Angel of Death: Deals 30% more damage to enemies below 30% hp. This works like an execute and basically the only way I can win fights against people because of all the healing. Ive noticed that I can seriously chunk people down with a parry-> knockdown-> holy warrior -> autos and a censure finisher when they stand up. Though I feel theres definitely more burst damage to be had. 3: Faith: This passive is the reason I thought of taking holy warrior off, it triggers holy warrior at 35% giving you a big burst of potential if you start to get low. But, holy warrior is so integral with the armor pen for my damage potential, maybe taking this passive off instead is the right way to go.