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    More specifically, the following Archetypes:
    - Templar
    - Legionnaire
    - Myrmidon / Confessor

    Also, Looking for a Guild, preferably Oceanic but also US West works best for me (Misery)
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  1. I have also found this -> I can get about 90% through a rank 5 on one stamina bar, but then when I finish it off Ill often get a bad roll. I now chop half the node, then refresh stam and chop the other half. This gets the big, blue + purple drops off that last hit much, much more regularly.
  2. Thats only some people, and generally those abusing the healing / survivability of certain discs. Most *real* fights that im involved in generally end one way or the other within 5mins, normally less.
  3. It actually confused me for a bit because there was lots of replies from VikingNail... so its not that different from the forums nowadays.
  4. Templars definitely cant equip 2-handed maces yet (even with the Master of Great Maces discipline rune) I spent a lot of time making one that I cant equip. But it says they are meant to. I think a lot of the extra weapons people are supposed to be able to use just dont work yet.
  5. Youd be far better off spending that same amount of money to an opposing guild / alliance to "throw" the campaign in your favor, purposely losing battles etc etc. Otherwise, as everyone has already says, chances are if you spend all that you could lose or have the item broken - which at the end of the day is a total waste.
  6. Field Surgeon has a couple of healing abilities as well that affect yourself.
  7. Oh thats really handy - i was just making a copy of everything so I could see it in more detail sturdy btw, 20% damage reduction while above 80% hp... seems like it would be quite handy to keep yourself topped up. Ill have to do some testing on wether or not this all stacks... 20% reduction from sturdy, 20% reduction from illusionary armor, 20% reduction with overwhelming odds.
  8. @Tinnis Is rallying banner under the Juggernaught rune? Looks interesting --- ill have to try it out tomorrow when i get a chance to jump on! @makkon thanks for the ideas for those minor runes, some thoughts i had: Eminently punchable - really wanted to try this out, pips limit templar pretty hard when it comes to moves per minute, but I just cant think of a good way to test wether or not this is working properly. Might see if i can rope someone in to help me test it... Burning Hatred - others have said this is bugged atm? And doesnt heal you on pi
  9. Since the introduction of the disciplines and the HUGE variety of skills, passives and abilities that each character can use, ive been excited to test out and play with these changes. I thought it might help other people to see my thoughts on each skill im using and suggestion. Minor disclaimer: Im not saying this is the best build ever or is even trying to be the best build ever. Im also not trying to exploit any bugs. Discipline Runes used are: Banshee (Major) Field Surgeon (Major) Master of Greatswords (Weapon) Armor of Faith (Minor) Spirit Whip (Mino
  10. While i was practicing duelling today, I was using the Censure leap a lot -> Against a champion with double jump ability its really hard to keep up without keeping this ready. Otherwise when they get low trying to land the last hits is a real pain. However, I was having more success (probably lag partially as well) aiming to the side of where I wanted to go before spamming "1", she seemed to leap past them but slash them on the way and caused damage although I was already way past them on the other side. There was a recording of the match, so ill link it here when it gets uploaded
  11. Interesting... so as a Templar, I may want to craft a weapon with the worst power cost multiplier since I ignore that stat anyway? Which means I can spend the same effort other people would on buffing that up to increase maximum damage + durability... At the same time someone with a perfect roll may get a lot more out of their Knight or Druid than I can possibly achieve with the pip system.
  12. That would be good though, (currently it feels like champ/templar are in a good spot) because then we at least would know what class and which combinations are so overpowered there is no counter.
  13. It would be nice to see them come hang out in some of the PvP EKs where people gather, like Scumlords + Srathors pads.
  14. I feel like the Skills change in particular is the right choice - it will feel more meaningful logging in and getting those updates.
  15. Dimensia LOL. Where you cant remember which dimension you are in? On topic though, my dad plays games like this (not crowfall yet) and hes in his 60's. Needs a bit of help with explanation but otherwise does perfectly fine in these kind of games!
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