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  1. Congratulations Dave, and thank you for your contributions to the game and industry - we all benefit greatly from it!
  2. The beachhead and forts should have a public storage, so that as i am out there crafting stuff i can easily give out freebies to my faction mates to help the cause... I need apples, but dont care about the wood, so drop it in the box - someone will use it. Or i crafted a bunch of +6 tools, throw em in the box for newbies to jump start. Or we are under attack, i can throw in a bunch of bandages and camp fires, etc. Has this idea been discussed?
  3. Ok, i see why this may be viewed as imbalanced or overpowered, etc. But calling it an exploit seems a bit extreme. I view an exploit as taking advantage of a bug in the code that is taken advantage of... something that is often a bannable offence in a released game. This is simply a feature that a player disagrees with (and maybe for good reason), but its not an exploit. Guess this is just a terminology misunderstanding.
  4. How will inventory / gear be handled as you move from campaign to EK and back? Will they be instanced?
  5. HA! that worked. I had given up on participating in the forums because i could never get logged in. Thank you!
  6. I am with you 100%. I prefer to pay my $15 bucks a month and enjoy the full even playing field as everyone else. #killF2P!
  7. I have to agree with Doc, in spirit at least. Free to Play in my mind is a "trial". They should not have as grand of an experience as the pay to play folks do. I like pay to play players, because they are contributing to new development and tend to be more serious about the game. Where free to play is only increasing expense to the cost of running the game in trade for some increased player base benefits. I do not believe developers have ANY responsibility to cater to non paying customers other than trying to convert them. As for the balance of the meta roles, here is how i see it (r
  8. So has ace commented on this, is it an intended mechanic we can count on - or is it a creative loophole that will be filled at some point?
  9. How do folks price their wares? Of course the market is not established yet and there wont be for some time - but in the mean time, is there a formula that has worked out fairly? ie amount * rarity * qty = final price? or rarity price * qty * markup? etc. I am leaning toward stonemason and because its so uncommon, its hard to know what to sell tables, stalls and parcels for... Lin
  10. Sorry if this question was answered elsewhere, i wasnt able to find it. I had already pledged as a backer; but decided to pledge as an investor as well. When / How will my investor pledge get rolled in or made available in my backer pledge? It s duplicate of stuff i already had - i was hoping to change it for store credit and buy some more random plots. Thanks in advance! Lin
  11. So an observation i have had... Pre This weekends patch: When i play on my main computer, i would occasionally see the take bug. (connected to a gigabit switch) When i play upstairs, i see the take bug a lot! (connected to a small 10m/100m switch) So i was suspecting latency was causing it somehow. Post new patch: I logged in firs time, ran to trees, chopped wood and went to make a wooden rune block. I lost the first one i tried. succeeded second one. I will see what happens with the patch today. i may play on that slower switch too, see if there is any meat to that pr
  12. We need 750k investment to get the colossus, right? Doesn't look like we will hit that.
  13. The idea of sitting there for a long period of time waiting for someone to starve to death feel like a "watching paint dry" form of pvp to me.
  14. Linthu


    Why did you kill that poor little hamster with an apple?
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