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    Linthu reacted to Calidus in A NEW CAMPAIGN IS COMING TO LIVE!   
    There has already been record hostility and player drop-off/inactivity due to the debacle of 6.1 (3 weeks of no campaigns, with patches breaking more of the game than fixing).

    This game (and many like it), rely on communities to draw players to this game. You have no idea how hard it has been to convince our own players (and our wider alliance) that you guys (and girls) still have a clue and to keep faith and stick with it.

    ""Please note: This campaign is an NA siege schedule to ensure strong player population and participation"

    With statements like that, you're effectively stating that Guilds like mine (and the rest of the EU/Russ community), we aren't a priority.

    I expect a lot of credit card disputes for their Crowfall purchase if this level of inconsideration/ineptitude becomes the new standardisation for ACE. Asking non-NA players to wait another week, is potentially just as destructive as forcing the game into Beta (pushing your game into the public eye), and launching 6.1. The optics here is horrific.
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    Linthu got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Go, Greco! - Official Discussion Thread   
    Congratulations Dave, and thank you for your contributions to the game and industry - we all benefit greatly from it!
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    Linthu got a reaction from Pann in Love the role of resources in PVP... BUT... there is exploit   
    Ok, i see why this may be viewed as imbalanced or overpowered, etc.  But calling it an exploit seems a bit extreme.  
    I view an exploit as taking advantage of a bug in the code that is taken advantage of...  something that is often a bannable offence in a released game.  
    This is simply a feature that a player disagrees with (and maybe for good reason), but its not an exploit.
    Guess this is just a terminology misunderstanding.
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    Linthu got a reaction from Marth in Ravenheart - End of 5.7 Sellout - Opportunity for new crows   
    Nice give-back!  /salute
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    Linthu got a reaction from Kraahk in Ravenheart - End of 5.7 Sellout - Opportunity for new crows   
    Nice give-back!  /salute
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    Linthu got a reaction from KrakkenSmacken in Shouldn't VIP training be baseline?   
    I have to agree with Doc, in spirit at least.  Free to Play in my mind is a "trial".  They should not have as grand of an experience as the pay to play folks do.  I like pay to play players, because they are contributing to new development and tend to be more serious about the game.  Where free to play is only increasing expense to the cost of running the game in trade for some increased player base benefits.  I do not believe developers have ANY responsibility to cater to non paying customers other than trying to convert them.
    As for the balance of the meta roles, here is how i see it (regardless of vip or not):
    Adventurers make gold by killing monsters and spend it on gear.
    Pvpers make gold by killing other players and spend it on gear.
    Crafters make gold by selling their wares an spend it on materials from harvesters.
    Harvesters make gold by selling their harvests and spend it on tools and replacement gear from getting ganked.
    So, from my perspective, it is a very good balance across all the roles.  There is a clear balance for gold in and out.  When you apply VIP, you get the added benefit of dabbling in a little more than one role - but i dont think that means you are entitled to be master of both.
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    Linthu got a reaction from Kraahk in How to price your wares?   
    How do folks price their wares?  Of course the market is not established yet and there wont be for some time - but in the mean time, is there a formula that has worked out fairly?  ie amount * rarity * qty = final price? or rarity price * qty * markup?  etc.
    I am leaning toward stonemason and because its so uncommon, its hard to know what to sell tables, stalls and parcels for...
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    Linthu got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Title III raise 2nd stretch goal achieved - Official discussion thread   
    Sorry if this question was answered elsewhere, i wasnt able to find it.
    I had already pledged as a backer; but decided to pledge as an investor as well.  When / How will my investor pledge get rolled in or made available in my backer pledge?  It s duplicate of stuff i already had - i was hoping to change it for store credit and buy some more random plots.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Linthu reacted to KrakkenSmacken in take bug   
    Could be similar the the Myrms rage ability not showing correctly in the client, but always being a set time from the servers point of view. 
    We could be "taking" the item before it even exists as far as the server is concerned.
    I noticed what could be a related bug.  If you abort an item, and then make another right away, very often both items would appear in inventory when you take the second one.
    Would also explain why dev doesn't see it as much, they don't have to deal with the server lag the way we do.
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    Linthu got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Title III raise 2nd stretch goal achieved - Official discussion thread   
    We need 750k investment to get the colossus, right?  Doesn't look like we will hit that.
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    Linthu got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Title III raise 2nd stretch goal achieved - Official discussion thread   
    [Response deleted, got my answer]
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    Linthu reacted to Dirkoff in Would you rather crowfall look dark and grim or vibrant?   
    Perhaps, the  terrains will change with the seasons and what we have now is 'summer'.
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    Linthu reacted to Anthrage in Done with crafting for now...   
    Just lost 2+ hours of work due to the Take bug - dragging the item does not ensure the bug will not take your item, be aware that this is the case. There are things I would like to test, but the risk versus reward equation is simply not worth it until this is resolved, at least for complex items. Not with a wipe coming.
    Watching purples go poof is not fun. Lets hope this gets fixed soon.
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    Linthu reacted to slyjeff in Ahh well 2 mins in and already thinking nope   
    This isn't a game. It isn't supposed to be fun yet. They are testing the tech and basic functionality for what will eventually be a game.
    If you are going to leave because testing isn't fun, then that's on you.
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