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  1. I think it is a concept of paying $70 - $100 to support a game and immediately finding that the game in unplayable, not because of it being in pre-alpha, but because of what came across as a toxic community of elitist that don't want any form of newbs in their precious game. There is a big difference between the game being buggy or unplayable due to code or other technical issues versus being unplayable due to things like spawn camping and griefing.
  2. Got a few people from another game interested,and hyped up, enough to purchase backer packs and get into testing. Got emails back from almost all of them and all similar: "Tried the game out today, downloaded everything, got stuff up and running, had fun playing around in my EK and crafted some gear to test out a little PVP." "Decided to log into my first PVP server, choose a vessel. It was a wake-up call as I tried to run for my life when I got caught up in a 4v1 right as I spawned. I laughed it off and took it as gankers being gankers, and respawned again." "Well, spent all of about 15 min in the same loop of spawn and die to the same group!" "Logged off and asked for a refund, cause apparently this isn't a game for new player to test out!" I can understand when the game is live, and there are end goals to winning campaigns, spawn camping should just be another aspect of the game. In that atmosphere, safe zones are not needed and its kill or be killed, and you need to be prepared to run for your life the moment you spawn. In a testing environment where you are trying to attract new players and get reliable testing groups, but are having spawn camping asshats thwart that process, you introduce a need for such safe zones however.
  3. Elken Confessor/Arcane Archer

    Elken was given the ability to be a confessor through some neat lore. The only downside I find is confessors are very limited to the weapons they are able to use. I think it would be awesome if they could wield a scimitar, similar to a druid for a spell sword. But it would be even more awesome to allow them to wield a bow via the Master of Bows and Arcane Archer disciplines. Add in Firewalker and the ability to use fire based elemental arrows for more fun!
  4. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Greetings, So last month Crowfall introduced the Templar Archetype and announced it would be heading to Alpha soon. I have been watching both CU and Crowfall, trying to decide which to back. When I read about the Templar, I quickly signed up as an Alpha level backer. I look forward to playing this archetype as hopefully a frontline support tank. I also look forward to running a Druid healer and a DPS focused Knight. So, while I wait for the Templar to hit alpha, I figured the next step was to find a guild! Guild criteria: Region: US Atmosphere: Mature and friendly crowd, preferably 30+, who are able to accept the fact that real life happens from time to time. Casual/Hardcore?: Semi hardcore. As stated above, real life happens on occasion and gaming is my way of getting away from the day to day stresses of real life. I prefer my game time to be productive yet fun, and not more stressful than actual life. With that said, I may not min/max to the top 1%, or swap builds with every new meta, but I do put everything my time allows into my builds and do my best to be successful. Size: medium sized, preferably a gaming community. Its getting old jumping from small guild to small guild every few years when it's time to make a game swap. Play-Style: I am an outside the box thinker. I enjoy creating my own builds and straying from the meta. My playstyle is generally that of a front line healer (typical paladin) or support tank. More than likely my main will be a Templar, unless they do some major changes to the mess that is the Druid. Commitment: I am a stay at home parent with kids and a wife that works the graveyard shift. This makes my playtime limited and unpredictable. When I am in game though, I focus 110% on the objectives I am playing towards. Miscellaneous: A little about me, I am in my mid 30's, live on the east coast, served in the military for over a decade, spent about a decade in college, and have been married close to a decade too. I am a big fan of medieval fantasy and space sci-fi, including everything from Star Wars (the originals) to Lord of the Rings. I got my start into MMO's from playing table-top rpgs. Been playing table-top for about 15 years, traditional MMO's (heavy PVE focus) for about 12 years, and RvR for the past 5 years. Experience: EQ2 (2004 - 2007) - This is where it all started for me. I spent the majority of my time solo and was you typical filthy noob casual. My Iksar defiler was a blast to play though! LotRO (2007 - 2011) - My second major MMO that I put considerable time into. Was the first game I got deeply involved with a guild. I also spent a lot of time playing with my wife. I played a Hobbit Bard and she had a Hobbit Warden. SWTOR (2011 - 2015) - The story telling was awesome, but I loved me some Huttball. This was the MMO where i started to get my feet wet with PVP. Aside from being in a PVE guild, I helped create an off shoot guild specifically focused on Huttball. My main was an Imperial Agent healer. GW2 (2013 - 2014) - This was the game that caused me to fall in love with RvR and large scale PVP. When it dropped, I continued to play SWTOR for PVE and battlegrounds off and on, but I played GW2 specifically for its large scale PVP. I maned a healing focused Asura Guardian for the majority of my playtime. This was the toon that most resembled my favorite playstyle as well. ESO (2014-?) - Everyone knows ESO RvR is getting terabad. I bought the game due to it advertising large scale siege warfare. Since beta, I have slowly crafted out my niche as a heavy armored nightblade healer/defiler. I run an Argonian that is very similar to my EQ2 Iksar. This is the only MMO I am playing at the moment, while I search for a viable replacement (either Crowfall, CU, or Chronicles of Elyria). I spend about 90% of my time in RvR, and about the only thing that keeps me logging in is the great guild I am a member of. I have also spent time (generally 3-6 months) playing SWG, WoW, BDO, The Division, Ark, Gloria Victis, Star Trek, Neverwinter, D&D Online, B&S, and TSW. Voice-Chat services: I have both Discord and TS3. I prefer to use Discord because this is what I am most proficient with.