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  1. Super annoying things

    As far as i remember once you start frech on the server with basic tools you harvest some wood until you can make an axe. Then you can harvest like 15 wood until its breaks but you need 3 wood each for other tools like hammer and pick. And then it starts repeating. You go out harvest stuff and constantly have to recraft the tools cause they break all the time, then when you want to mine ore you also have to harvest wood otherwise you won`t be able to make new tools. Then probably after a week of gametime and if you trained it you can do intermediate tools. But this is big bollucks cause you have to go back and forth to the beachhead to get to the workbench and they are not cheap so you can`t use slag and its just the time and resources you invest is so much compared what you get out of it. I mean i can understand that they don`t want you to be able to gather high tier resources with low level tools and without having to invest in gathering, but the current system just doesn`t feel very fluent. If you want to gather one specific resource you either have to prepare really good or you constantly have to interrupt you actions and go back and forth to be able to do so. Its not like you can out discover and harvest what you find. And they resources by themself get better and better the closer they are to the center of the map, but that means your ways get longer and longer. I mean you can prepare to avoid that, you can make like 5 or ten tools and then start doing something, but there is also the risk of beeing killed and looted and then its all gone. And then for runetools i can`t say much about that, every time i finished training on that and on stonemason to be able to craft the workbench, there was a wipe. I used runetools like 2 years ago when there were no high level resources and you could craft them anywhere, that was quite ok. But now things have changed and the introduction of the workbenches for toolmaking was big disappointment for me so far.
  2. Super annoying things

    Writing a wall of text doesn`t make my feeling go away. You have some arguments and i would agree if they change some things it might be not as much annoying. But still for me and probably some more people this turns them of from playing the game, so probably they need to change something on that.
  3. Super annoying things

    You can defend it, but i think its just bad design decission. I mean to get to runetools you also need a workbench, wherefore you need a stonemason and have to place it somewhere in your EK. Then you need to import/export stuff. I think there is a limit to import/exports from the spirit bank and so on. Why make it so for something you need all the time if you focus on gathering?
  4. Super annoying things

    To be honest i find the new harvesting und runecrafting thing also very annoying as it is now. In the past you could craft runetools everywhere and you needed a lot of them now its all about running back and forth get to the workbench make a bunch hope you don`t be killed and looted and so on. And for basic tools its horrible like 1/3 of resources you harvest go into craftig tools. Why is that so its like toolmaking simulater. This was for me some reason to stop palying the game for a while. It would be better if tools still decay but don`t break or so, so you can still use them but with penalty until you repair or make a new one maybe.
  5. Oh don`t ask questions. Just give us 5.8
  6. i would like to see quest

    please no quests! this is not world of warcraft
  7. A simpler passive training system

    I think the specilisation into combat or crafting or harvesting is quite ok. Its just the rest that has in my view no meaning. You train skill for race and class and get little bonuses every pip and there are no choises to make. Once you know what race and class you want to play there is not much to do. It gets interesting if you want to switch, but some people talked about some catch up mechanics so maybe thats not such a big deal if you really want to play another race/class after half a year. And if you look at it, any lets say human cleric will be the same if the all start at release and after half a year. There is absolutly no difference between them that comes from race/class skill tree.
  8. A simpler passive training system

    To be honest when it was at 10 times speed, the passive skill tree felt super amazing. Now as it is 3 times speed its really dull and boring. Even if you wait 3 or 4 days you make almost no progress there anymore. This whole system needs some sort of overhaul i think, because one day it will be 1 times speed and thats even worse. And what you get is not very exciting at all 5% here 5 stats there and so on its not like you have to make any decisions.
  9. A simpler passive training system

    yeah but they could also add some disciplines to unlock in the passive skill tree, but you need more choises then other then just class and race.
  10. A simpler passive training system

    I would rather see an even more dynamic passiv skill tree with active abilities locked behind training rather then more simple stuff. But therefore there must be more choises and not simply T1, T2 and T3 class and race skill trees. Don´t know if they can do it.
  11. Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath [August 4th]

    i think i came to level 68 and then got stuck. even when i used a guide to skill my character i never had enough money to buy the good gear and so and lack hp. this game is really good but so punishing, maybe to hard for me.
  12. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

    I played this since release now and are totally bored. Its just grinding faction and getting better items over and over again and basicly after some days you have seen everything. And with the next big raid or addon your items become totally worthless, so stupid. i`m sorry. and the world is so empty, everything is focused on the new continent and everything else is just empty and dead, so sad, i liked warcraft 3 a lot and it was a great game with a great story but what they made of it nowadays somehow horrible. i think since mist of pandaria they where runnig out of super villians you have to kill. just forget about that. maybe some else like it, i don`t.
  13. New players catch-up and skill system

    Well this is for me something that can be dealt with like 6 months after launch or so. You can make it like in WoW where you buy the game and get a free character upgrade, this could be like xy skill points you get for free and can spent where you want, i don`t see this as a huge deal or incredible difficult to implement.
  14. New players catch-up and skill system

    I don`t get why you get so angry about it. You have already an account and are going to play from the beginning so why do you need a catch up mechanic? actually i never thought about this. but where is the fun then? when the game launches everybody starts from scratch. then after some months people can craft better gear or vessels. how are you going to balance that? give free vessels to new players as well? then after some time people have maxed a class and then they skill something else which gives them no benefit, so they have to start from scratch again if they want to play another class. after some months new players will catch up anyway its not like the skilltree is endless. its the same in eve. you can`t fly battleships from the beginning. you start with a frigat and have to grind your way upwarts step by step and it takes lot of time to get where you want to be. Why not? Why should ACE care when the game is free to play in the end? i don`t get that.
  15. New players catch-up and skill system

    It can be an issue for new players but it would be a big issue for old players as i see it. You invest months of time into skilling and even some real money for VIP account. And all of a sudden all new players are on your level without having to invest any of that? seems quite unfair. and why should that be so? the game is in developement for long time. people can know about the game if they are interested in PvP games. They can create an account on launch even if its not VIP this should bring alot if they skill and don`t play. Its just a question of how lazy people are.