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  1. You don`t know how their finances are, maybe they thought they were making some money with this. Which it probalby turned out it didn`t.
  2. Aren`t you guys taking this to serious?
  3. I think this game has some major issues going on. If it was really for large scale PvP they shouldn`t have taken the unity engine at all, but instead have come up with their own engine which could handel large scale PvP. The problem is other games tried that like camelot unchained and they were building up there own engine, but that leaded to never finish the real game, because they were so busy creating the engine. I think its a general problem in modern games, that nothing can really handle large scale fights like 500 people at the same spot, like WoW has already problems when there are more then 40 people at the same spot. But all the other things i can`t tell so much, i mean i have been observing the game since 2016 and they did a lot of changes and sometimes moved away from their initial core philosophy, like there was times when you were flooded by PvE drops, glad they removed that again. But there were also times, when you could just create a character, do maybe 1 hour of PvE and jump right into the action, where nowadays it taks you 4-5 hours or even 10 hours as a new player before you even see any PvP action going on. I mean they also done some good things like back then in 2016 you only had archetypes, no levels, no disciplines and so basicly no character specialisation, but now it leads to some builds beeing super overpowered and very bad balanced compared to other. I don`t know what to think of this. Its not all bad in my opinion, they did a lot of mistakes, but some things can still be fixed and reduce imbalance or confusion for new players. But some things, people gotten so lazy nowadays like when lazypeon was complaining about flying with his crow to the shrine everytime he died without even asserting the big text that was written on his screen: Press F! It can`t be helped. Competion is there, there are many titels like New World or other that compete for the same audience. The question is, can this game survive with a player base of maybe 10000 (i just assume that when 3500 active people are confired at the same time, there are still some more which did not log in right now) and can they make enough money from it, to keep going. I don`t know. I have seen worser games like cubeworld with more scam to its customers and i have seen better titels. For a launch of a game this is all disappointing because major features of the games are not accessible like Faction vs Faction. ACE might either find a way to rescue this or maybe in a half year the servers are put offline and the game is gone. Nobody really knows. For those people who like the game, maybe just try to enjoy it as much as you can as long as its still there.
  4. Spielt ihr denn mehr auf Dregs oder werdet ihr mehr auf Faction vs Faction spielen? Ich hab bis jetzt nur Skypoint gesehen und davon auch nicht sehr viel lol
  5. Arent`t many things posted here totally speculation? I mean the game could have done much better and it doesn`t seem to attract as many people as it could, but there are still people playing it and the question is, will it be enough to keep the game alive for a while or not, in terms of do these people generate enough money for ACE to keep the servers up and there is still a possiblility that if they patch certain things, people can be more attracted to this game again, but it could also go the other way arround of course. Nobody can really tell until ACE publishes some numbers, at least thats what i think.
  6. I don`t think going for legendary vessel is very realistic right now for me, so thank you so far.
  7. Sorry i am a total noob about this game, but there has been a great video about vessels somewhere on youtube, where one guy said, the first vessels don`t make such a huge differnce at all, but the last one the legendary one is the one that really matters. Maybe you just level up to 31 and then buy a green one from a palyer vendor then? Usually it increases your stats a bit and your cap. Try this one
  8. If you use the level boost to level 25 on the first view everything is fine, but there is a problem. If you start allocating stat points first and then choose your talents you can end up picking bonus stats but you are already are at the cap and then your stats are wasted and you don`t get them back. Which made for me like a differnce in 2000 hps once i noticed.
  9. Do you go for blackgaurd then because of the scale armor? And is it worth getting the common vendor vessel?
  10. Lets say i wanted to play a miner for the moment. Maybe only Skypoint until FvsFvsF comes up. What would be a good choice then? Guineacen Duelist with max DEX? And which disc would you recommend? Also can i use the discs from my other char, because a got a green mining disc already there. And can you do 2 harvesting professions at once? Like mining and quarrying? Thanks bros and pros haha
  11. To be honest, i don`t have much experience with the game. I played thru the new player experience twice now with different characters and did some grinding and gathering in Skypoint so far which took me about 10 hours. But for now i am not really willing to invest more time into this. 1. I had a look at crafting and i thought, this is so super complicated and then exactly what you say, your gear turns into dust. Whats the point of getting better then. Maybe for a person who has a lot of time this is a viable system, but if you only have 1-2 hours per day for gaming, i am not willing to invest in here. 4. Its almost the same with point1. I used to have guild in the old times for many years where we played a lot of games together, but these people have gotten old and have family, and some of them are arround 60 or so. I am not the type of guy who likes to be in a guild only because, the game forces me to do so and then you either end up in a very small 5 man guild where basicly nobody is ever online at the same time or you end up in the only realy big guild which is then a totally anonymous mass guild with 70 players. And this is not the right thing for me. To be honest, i think when you only have a communtity about 3500 players on your server, there is just not much diversity and i don`t think this is good for the game. I know i have been defending the game for some time and thought, maybe you just have to give the devs all the time they need, but now i can`t even really get into the game because it so much annoys me and very often i totally don`t know what to do, so i end up searching the internet or the forums for guides only to find out, making a Stoneborn Knight into a mining character, is like the worst thing you could do or so. Everyone is going for stealther with max dex for gathering. And then i think to myself, oh great, i spend 10 hours on this. *thumbsup*
  12. So the game is going to be released in almost 3 hours. Short question: Which is the correct launcher then? The live one? Or is there a new one for the release version?
  13. I just havn`t tested the game very much, on reason is that i own a quite old computer and the game is only running with 20-35 fps on it with medium settings. I just wanted to ask, if anybody knows a trick like there are some performance options and if there is any way to optimize this? I would really love to test this a bad further but i have seen that, the combat i really fast sometimes and when you have lags because of low performance, you kind of are in a big disatvantage. But what i can`t understand at all, this game has not the best grafics at all and still one of the worst performances.
  14. Yeah but this is something you could do easily. Shouldn`t be that hard to make a small training arena or somthing like that with no death penatly and no rewards. Doesn`t even have to be bigger then an EK.
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