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  1. Yeah but this is something you could do easily. Shouldn`t be that hard to make a small training arena or somthing like that with no death penatly and no rewards. Doesn`t even have to be bigger then an EK.
  2. But i find it interesting with the september Q&A J. Todd Coldeman said at the end basicly they don`t go for most copies sold, they want to make the best game they can.
  3. Also with the rewards someone mentioned, i can`t find the quote yet, but as far as i remember in the original advertising for the kickstarter campaign, wasn`t it so that they said, the focus will be on eternal kingdoms and guild kingdoms. It was the initial idea that there will be always resets and people start all and all over again again to make things more even, to avoid imbalances of power of long time release of the game and thats its up to they player if he decides if he wants to pick a high risk full loot campaign with big rewards, or a small risk no loot campaign with little rewards. A
  4. Yeah i would agree to that, this whole god reach thing can turn out to be confusing to new players. They might get the impression this is a standard quest driven PvE game and then it turns out to be something totally differnt. And even the knowledge it offers is a bit limited. But isn`t this part of the hardcore experience you guys ask for? I mean when i used to play DOAC it was quite commen that you didn`t know what to do or which spot you could go next in order to level any further or which tree you really need to skill, so that you used skill planer all along. I am kind of used
  5. Yeah this sounds resonable, but wouldn`t that mean they must totally redesign everything again, or just get rid of gods reach and some other things? I don`t know if so far in the developement process they are willing to take such a big step backwards. I remember when the game was announced they didn`t talk about PvE at all, but during the developement it became more and more a real issue and i didn`t understood why they went away from their own initial design pilosophy at all. I mean they tried to fix it then with the new tutorial and PvE Drops and so but this brought
  6. Yeah but wouldn`t that mean that there are going to be more compromise, probably they would have to make the game softer than they usually wanted, or as APE said there is not much risk anyway, it would stay like this. Also this would consum a lot of resources they can`t use on other things then. This would mean all the hardcore players would need to resign on certain things, in order to make the game accessible and interesting for less hardcore players.
  7. So now there is the contradiction between eihter very expierenced new harcore PvP players or people that are totally new the genre. I don`t think ACE can make everybody happy. I don`t know whats there vision for the game but at some point they must know what they want. So either wide game marketing that met the standards for grafics, interface, performance, accessebility by the standards for 2020 or special target/audience hardcore Pvp style with greater risk and reward which would mean the player base will be quite small no matter what.
  8. Yeah but most moblie games have more in commen with gambling than real computer games. What i observed in my old guild so far, so people that uesed to be the target audience for these games, people just get older and have other things to do, like family or children and when they play, they don`t spent so many hours on it any more. And these are usually people that started playing games in the 90s.
  9. To be honest if this game fails, i will find something else to do. The devs have been in this business for so long, they most know what they are doing.
  10. I have seen games that were much worser than this and had been released, just remember Diablo 3 oder Civilisation 5. And it took literally several patches and some expansions until this games became good games. I don`t know if there is already a release date for crowfall, but unitl then still alot can happen.
  11. Yeah i havn`t spent much time on this, but usually when i did, i had a lot of fun. I just don`t know what you people expect. And i didn`t spent much time on this because of all the wipes, usually in my experience i have the most fun in games when i do them for the first time and learn all new stuff and when you have to start all and all over again and lose everything after while there is nothing to explore any more. I have seen this game making huge steps forward every time i come back after some months and usually there are big improvements and features added to the ga
  12. Yes it has, see first thing here in crowfall is before you even fight, which spec you have, which discs and which skill you use on your hotbar. In WoW its all about finding the perfect optimzed rotation and once you have found it you do it over and over again and thats it, to maximize your DPS. While here many things are very situationel and require the right timing. So before you even start you have to make a decision what you are going to take with you, even with your gear, you need to decide do i really want to use my best pruple, legendary whatever gear for small scale fighting. In WoW its
  13. Yeah you do have a piont there, i didn`t know it was so expansive. And don`t know if this game is going to succeed or survice very long. But i think the best thing you can compare it with is EvE Online and this is surviving for many years now, even with only one server and a very low player base compared to other games.
  14. I have been watching the game and the forum for a long time (5 years) and i have seen many people, especially since the start of the beta, that jump into the forum and tell us they don`t wanne play the game, they don`t like the game etc bla bla. But what i have observed so far over the years and from my testing experience, this game requires just much more thinking than other games. And maybe this turn people off? I mean in other games, there are totally differently game mechanics like DAOC, WoW, Warhammer Online its tab targeting, round based combat with almost no death penalty an
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