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  1. Wobei ich fairer weise sagen muss, dass ich nicht so ganz blicke, was im Moment Sache ist, weil ich lange nicht mehr gespielt habe. Prinzipiell finde ich dieses Gods Reach interessanter als 30 Stufen Spinnen zu grinden. Aber ob man so wichtige Sache wie Diziplinen wirklich über PvE Bosse verteilen sollten, weiß nicht. Es kann das Spiel interessanter machen, aber auch sehr frustrierend. Besser wäre vielleicht man würde das von Keeep Bossen bekommen.
  2. i think you have a point there, but i like the new system more. its just you can`t really compare the effort that it takes to let`s say run arround harvesting and crafting a full set of leather armor or just kill an average of 10 mobs and get it. But on the other hand, if you want the really really good stuff you have to do crafting.
  3. I have more the problem that i can`t level up my character because in the most monster areas there are 4-5 monster placed at the same spot and i don`t have much crowd control or aoe. I grouped with a champion he jumped right into it and spamed aoes and the monsters where gone while me, well i can do damage as well, but i am not very tanky and it looks like most ranger npcs destealth you. I don`t like that very much.
  4. Ich finde es gibt zuviel PvE in diesem PvP Spiel
  5. I am quite often stuck in the loading screen and the only thing i can do then is ctr alt+remove and task manager.
  6. I think its quite nice and the grind could be worse, take DAOC. You can get most stuff with leveling and advanced gear in like 10-15 hours, thats quite ok for me because for me harvesting is fun. But at the moment if everything is wiped over and over again my motivation to test over and over again is quite small.
  7. I think in the last couple of years people went so crazy about games, that they are willing to pay lots of money for betas/alphas which sometimes leads to huge dissappiontment. This is great bullux in my eyes, but i did this myself. You get some nice rewards for it but now i think its not worth it. And its a lot of frustration involved cause the games don`t work as they should or have a lots of bugs which you have to report which is also some sort of work you do for the developer, and you even pay for it. Just think about it.
  8. I think you are doing a great job. looking farward for more things. The game is already solid, just now make the right decissions to make it a great expirience
  9. Actually lot of things changed since i started backing this. You don`t really need such a list. If you browse the forum you might find out that certain topics are mentioned in multiple threads and then maybe do some testing on it by yourself. Just my ideas. E.g. at the moment there are multiple threads about capture mechanics and how this could be improved. But Todd already mentioned that they are working on this and that something is comming. So you can make a picture of that by yourself.
  10. Jubenei


    Das Problem was ich grad habe, ich kenne eigentlich nur TS und komme mit dem Discord nicht so klar. Und zwar habe ich die Desktop App mit einem Account, aber wenn ich auf der Community Seite auf den Link klicke, will der immer einen neuen Account machen. Mein Discord Tag ist Jubenei#9763. Edit: OK ich habs hinbekommen.
  11. I think it really depends what kind of rules the devs find for certain problems. E.g. if you are allowed after a campaign ends to keep your inventory and take it over to your EK it can be very rewarding for any harvesters even if you lose a campaign. But if they wipe your inventory and you lose its kind of punishing. And if you are allowed to bring good items from the last campaign into the next one it would be nice. But on the other hand, people that won the last one will have great benefit then for the next one. Kind of hard to balance. But also there could be cosmetic items as rewards. This would make more sense as it is better to balance. In general the question is still open what kind of role the EK has to play, how you improve it, what kind of benefits its grants for the next campaign and so on and what you can do to improve your character between campaigns. Lets say for winning you get a parcel for your EK with certain ore resource spots and you are then allowed to bring the ores that you harvested from that into the next one. But then what do the losers get. Maybe also some resource parcel but with lower rank or less ore. You could make like a minimum reward for a campaign you get simply for joining it and make it better the more point you contribute. And the winners get some extra stuff may it be cosmetic or something for their EK don`t know.
  12. what would be nice is some sort of mine where you get like x resource in y time that you can capture and then there is a caravan that transports its to the temple. if you raid the caravan you get the resources. if you defend it you get the resources. idk if one can implement something like that or if its contradictionary to the harvesting philosophy but sounds interesting.
  13. I realized you can`t place structures on certain parcels only the aristocratic ones. Therefore whats the point anyway to place tier 1 resource parcel in your EK. It has no benefit at all. If it had some resources you could harvest it would be different, but at the current stage totally meaningless.
  14. Actually i think most new players have totally no idea what to choose and just choose something thats sounds good. There are so many diciplines and besides some pro players nobody has any expiriences with certain builds. I don`t know if it would really mean something to have this stats.
  15. Falls ich mal die Gelgenheit bekomme mit Euch zusammen zu spielen und die Chemie stimmt, würde ich mich sogar bewerben hehe.
  16. Jubenei


    Das werde ich mal im Auge behalten. Ich bin aber nicht so aktiv und spiele meist Mittags. Aber Murphys ist schonmal super, zumindest stimmt dann die Musik hrhr
  17. Jubenei


    Hallo, ich suche immernoch ne deutsche Gilde oder zumindest nen paar deutsche Mitspieler, mit denen ich mal ein paar Gruppenkämpfe machen kann. Ich hatte erst ne englischsprachige Gilde gefunden, aber da ist irgendwie nie jemand online, außerdem bin ich nicht so für Englisch im TS. Welche Fraktion spielen denn die meisten Deutschen so?
  18. Yeah i think this needs some sort of tweaking. Someone else mentioned in another post to link them together, so that you cannot simple take every outpost or fort you want, but you have to take them in specific order. This would also lead to a situation where one point, which is essential far 2 or 3 factions in order to progress any further, is like super contested. And therefore there should be lots of fights arround it. I like that idea, but your purposes are also interesting.
  19. In some of the older versions of the game i had some expirience with the knight ond several one vs one. Actually he is quite nice against confessors and rangers because of his block ability, but overall i think in groupfights he doesn`t do much damage and is more for distraction and chaos. He has his charge as well as the pull ability, but you have to aim them very well, quite hard to hit with them. I guess champion is more offensive playstyle cause of his 2 handed weapon, but never played one.
  20. I have never been ganked on the EU Server. Actually i never saw any enemy player at all, even i went to the enemy starting zone with my templar. And that turns me more of then beeing ganked, cause i am elekin and have stealth vision lol
  21. I would love to see some sort of faction chat, where you can organize keep raids.
  22. I played a knight since long ago and now i roled a templar, cause its much more easy to play. I mean the knight is pretty tanky and has some interesting defense abilties but, they don`t help if you are not attacked. And you do little damage compared to other classes. I did some pve and the templar is so much more easier and convinient to play i have to say. Can really see a reason for the knight existence unlike they come up with some sort of protecion mechanic for the healers. This is just my first impression of both classes. And i had elekin race for both classes, which give you a second charge for both classes, but the parry of the templar is so much better then the block of the knight in my opinion.
  23. Probaly your hunger bar is to low. Normaly it replenishes by itself i think.
  24. I have been playing knight and templar so far and with both of them i realized one problem. You start with left mouse button attack and spam it usually in PvE, that puts everything on clobal cooldown. Once you want to activie another ability like a stun or so, you have to pause attacking and then press the butten like number 1 or so. This is in my opinion very clunky and hard to manage. I imagin that when it comes to PvP and there is also lots of movement arround, people might struggle with this sort of mechanic. So therefor my suggestion is, make it like Lord of the Rings online. There when you activad one abiltiy and press another butten there is a que for attacks and therefore the second abiltiy goes of without delay. You could make that in crowfall as well, so when you left attack and press a button the ability goes into the que and after the global cooldown it activates, this would help alot i think. Otherwise its so clunky.
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