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  1. OMSmolina

    Knight 2.0

    Very good news! Thanks for the rework Thomas!
  2. This same question happens in Gloria Victis game.. I played with the unity engine since they published the first version to the public, when only competed with leadwerks. I don't like Unity either for this purpose, but.. there is always a but . Every game engine "generic" stand out in some qualities. For example, are known by: Unigine -> High for simulations, Hyperrealism, high graphics CryEngine -> For FPS, mid for simulations, High graphics Unreal Engine -> For FPS, low for simulations, high/mid graphics, multiplataform, mid for mobile. Unity -> 2D, 3D Mid graphics/cartoon, high for mobile, multiplataform. Leadwerks -> OpenGL, low budget ... For the record, all this engines can build everithing. Build a MMO by default? NO, but with the proper modifications then YES. Most of the triple AAA games are made with in-house engine this means they have a lot of money to invest and people working in the engine and the game. Crowfall isn't the case, yet. Pick the engine they pick will need deep modifications... I prefer other engine for do this modifications but Crowfall team know better their skills to do that, i hope. Titanfall started with Source Engine, now there is nothing left of the original engine but they have been able to modify it for their purposes. I hope Crowfall too or it will be another epic fail with unity. - OMSmolina
  3. For curiosity I'm wondering if Crowfall use SpatialOS technology. Thanks https://spatialos.improbable.io/
  4. I prefer other word than mana, for me is weird too.. I relate it to magic of casters/paladin not melee dps/tank or Knigths are like paladins and I'm wrong? 1+ other word
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