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  1. Awesome to see finally. Everything I had wanted except for a castable shield but hopefully that will come in a discipline sometime! Looks great guys, looking forward to the heals
  2. One based around damage absorption (shields, pre heals, heal on hit) and mitigation ( character takes X less damage over X seconds). Just a thought since the support disc's seem to be generally heal's only (apart from bard of course)
  3. This is a pretty dumb comparison but I will feed your troll. Your assuming the other team has 0 crafters? If thats the case you would have much better gear than the other team, like MUCH better. The obvious case would be 450v450 with 50 crafters on each. If you are going to make an argument atleast make a viable one instead of being biased towards your point of view..
  4. "and as previously stated many times, have a perceivable bias against confessors, so I am not holding my breath." Lol yea they put the time in to implement this class and abilities but now they are biased against it. Makes sense, like I said yesterday quit crying and test it out for yourself. They stated multiple times Disc's are going to change. Not sure why your still so upset about it. Take a hiatus for a couple months until things get balanced because I do not think anyone wants to hear about your "Anti-Confessor" agenda for another 5 months
  5. Sounds like regardless of what they do you are not going to like it. Why not play a diff class? Or use different runes? I imagine ACE sitting around like hey lets screw the confessor, lets implement X, Y, and Z so we really make them unplayable! Get over yourself, things will fix themselves so play something else in the meantime instead of complaining about things you know nothing about besides some pictures..
  6. This, I know it is not much, but hitting for 30k vs 3k just seems much more MMOy to me. Was part of the reason I stopped playing WoW. Characters with 400k health was just too much for me. Lord only knows what is the max now
  7. I enjoy people complaining about mechanics that are still just concepts on paper. Until you get in and try it how can you really complain? You sound like a victim, there are so ways around this "super counter" which we really don't know the specific details about. Could be a 5 second duration on the abilities, could be 3, etc. Rune swapping can only be in forts, etc. There are just too many variables to consider, why would you start to complain before even getting hands on with it? I am actually laughing at how much you are raging about things you aren't even entirely sure of... let it play out and go from there. Go grab a Xanax while your at it mate
  8. There is a minor discipline that is Song Length +6 so I do not think it will be constant
  9. They added the rest of the disc's for anyone who read it early with only the major ones..
  10. Reveal looks awesome! Was really hoping for 24/7 and CW launch in the next week or two but this is amazing regardless! Great work ACE. Really looks forward to getting in and theorycrafting with the combinations
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