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  1. I know RP people love it but there is no need to force it on everyone..
  2. CALPA!!! for you I will make Nomak your personal Vegemite slave.. Or do you want Gethin?
  3. What scares me about CF so far is that they put a Elder Scroll Online logo in the kickstarter page!!! I hope that team member is an artist.. not a game mechanics person.. LOL
  4. Oceanic's Premier PVP Guild http://www.elite-pvpers.net/ The Elite is a PvP guild, originally formed in the lead-up to the release of the Ultima Online shard: Oceania back in the year 2000. We are predominantly Australian and Asia Pacific players but have members from all corners of the globe.
  5. This race will be so screwed in NA.. see deer shoot deer.. LOL
  6. backstory? what is that? Like all PVP games.. only the OP classes/builds will survive the rest of the classes will be laughed at and never used until the nerf hammer comes out.. then everyone will change meta..
  7. All legacy major pvp guilds will be playing both I'm almost certain.. From projected delivery dates it will be 6 months apart anyways.. There no need for which one is better discussions as it's a load of poorly made socks until the game is released and judgement will be made then..
  8. FFA pvp + looting solves all.. Fear and death brings people together.. Either band together or die a lot!! No other mechanic needs to be added..
  9. bots are awesome when it's FFA Full loot.. let them farm and then go back to collect what you need.. It's like your personal slave.. hahah
  10. Well the summoning capabilities of one class should be in the game if there no other fast travel.. worked in SB.. If any group allows a group of summoners get that close to your town and summon 50 people without been spotted that's your own fault.. and you should gkick your scouts..
  11. Just make sure it takes 4 times the amount of mats to craft their armor hahahah
  12. It is much clearer now.. Thanks I appreciate the response..
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