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  1. Power Trays have issues present after a complete restart of the client. I'm on a Guinecean Cleric. Selecting H for Harvesting Tray loads the Tray elements, but the title says Ranged Tray and the R icon still has a box around it. Like duranthal, it appears I cannot load the Empowered Logging passive in the Powers menu (K), but that power is indeed showing as active on the main screen.
  2. Version 5.3?

    Developing an MMO is extremely challenging work. I am very impressed with the product that ArtCraft is building and I am looking forward to continued testing. Most of all I am very excited for the eventual release of this "ever evolving" product. I'm glad a few people enjoyed the parody I created to poke fun at the current state of the game, but since it is about a very specific point in time that will pass into obscurity, I have removed it. Soon the now infamous version 5.3 will be a distant memory.
  3. Screenshot hanging out waiting for 5.3

    Very nice water flask - good to finally see one in-game. Interesting that it looks race-specific, I'm guessing the water flask crafted by a minotaur will look quite different...
  4. Confirm the behavior described by Venark. Clicking the launch button does not start up the game client. Selecting the Repair option also does not start up a process. Downloaded the new Live Patcher, extracted, ran it, it updated, ran CFLiveLauncher.exe, it is now downloading a 5 GB update.
  5. Moving items back and forth from Local Bank and Inventory has a lag time of several seconds now (about 5). This was not the case when I first started playing and filled up the Local Bank to mostly full.
  6. Howdy, I'm Teah.

    Welcome to Crowfall, Teah!
  7. First time logging in the temple graphic was about 8 feet off the ground. I hopped up and The Legionnaire statue was visible, but other statues were not. I exited to lobby and returned and the graphic was at the correct altitude.
  8. Corvus Citadel

    "The early bird gets the worm." - Grimmel, Gatherer of the Crowguard
  9. Yeah, that Balance and Chaos situation was frustrating. It seemed that after a while some hidden timer cleared and Chaos was able to claim, but there was no clue as to what was going on.
  10. packages

    You can go to an authorized reseller here:
  11. Sincere feedback - I absolutely hate the requirement to log in immediately after each "ding" to get the training clock going again. This system is one of "punishment avoidance" not "achievement celebration." A specific problem is that if you are away from your computer for a few days at a time now and then (vacation, business trip), and not around for the "ding", you have to wait days to get the training ticker going again. And any "dings" that occur during the workday or in the middle of the night mean no forward progress for numerous hours at a stretch. Yes, you can do the "start longer training cycle and then swap back trick" to mitigate the losses somewhat. I find it to be a frustrating game play mechanic. Provide the ability to queue up training tasks and my issue is resolved. It seems weak to be pushing VIP to make the game experience less painful as opposed to more fun.
  12. Corvus Citadel

    Greetings! The Rookery is an excellent resource - you can count on the Chaos Crew to gather data and actionable intel. One more decent content drop / bug fix round and the combat arm of the Crowguard should commence recon and training. The real fun begins when the 24x7 server(s) go up and the Test Campaign is underway!
  13. I arrived late but learned a lot from today's stream and I'd love to see these on a regular basis (each significant patch?) The planned discussion is interesting enough, but its the bonus bits of humor and side comments generated from player questions that add even more value. Thanks for doing the stream!
  14. Bestiary

    Did I miss this before or is it new? I would like to know more about the wildlife in the campaigns...
  15. Once you click the Launch Kingdom button, you will automatically enter your personal EK Awesome!