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  1. Rune Gates no longer provide protection - enemy players are able to fight right up to the Brieltas Rune Gate into Chaos Temple.
  2. I noticed the same bug as Nerd - the status did not change to neutral at the usual place, and at "0" a "Captured" message displayed and the camp remained in the possession of the original faction and the meter looked like it was ticking up for the enemy. Only when the ticker reached the normal spot for change in control did the guards and the camp become controlled by the attacking faction.
  3. I have gifted a few packs and this is exactly what was necessary to activate the gifted pack and it happened very quickly every time.
  4. I loaded my EK and placed some parcels and buildings and it worked great except a few times when I went to edit the map it failed to load (or was taking too long for me to wait). It looks like EKs were not meant to be seen by other players for this snap test (I could not see Srathor's Lawn for example, and I made mine public but no one seemed to enter it). The first time I entered the Campaign there was only base terrain that was very poorly lined up and had many terrain tears - no objects. I ran around and was discouraged that this build was so barren. But then I logged back in and all was fine - I saw all the buildings and trees and other players. When I came into the campaign I had the items I had foraged and crafted in the EK. The new features in the Campaign are great. Foraging is fun for me and I like how this feature works. I went to use a portal and it said "This is not for your faction" but it worked for me anyway (I don't think it was meant to be locked from me, it was from a neutral place to a neutral place. The message might have been from a different portal in that zone that was connected to Balance, but it was nowhere near me. It was slightly frustrating and confusing to not have any points to spend on Talents when I got into the campaign. I understood that I was going to have to level up to get my first points, but it would have been neat to have 5 points or so to spend right out of the gate to begin my character's existence and make that first decision between two options and see how the tree works. The requirement to earn some Talent points before slotting discipline runes is a big change from what we've been doing in builds so far, so it will take some thinking to figure out how to start up a character but I think I'm fine with how things work in this build and where things are headed. I took some outposts, took a fort, killed some critters, harvested each type of resource and did some foraging. I didn't come across any enemies, I did see a few allies, performance was great at all times. I did not notice the "jumpy screen" others were reporting - I was running a half-elf assassin.
  5. Although guilds are not in-game yet, Corvus Citadel will be active on the Live Server during the test of Version 5.6. More information to come as the Crow Guard scours the land and our market stalls are assembled and stocked.
  6. Yeah, since Crowfall is still early in development, the in-game guidance is not strong yet, and lots of content is still under construction. However, there are a number of videos on youtube that provide info on what to do and how to do it. Check them out... Also, asking questions in chat will often get a helpful response.
  7. Grimmel

    Version 5.3?

    Developing an MMO is extremely challenging work. I am very impressed with the product that ArtCraft is building and I am looking forward to continued testing. Most of all I am very excited for the eventual release of this "ever evolving" product. I'm glad a few people enjoyed the parody I created to poke fun at the current state of the game, but since it is about a very specific point in time that will pass into obscurity, I have removed it. Soon the now infamous version 5.3 will be a distant memory.
  8. Very nice water flask - good to finally see one in-game. Interesting that it looks race-specific, I'm guessing the water flask crafted by a minotaur will look quite different...
  9. Welcome to Crowfall, Teah!
  10. "The early bird gets the worm." - Grimmel, Gatherer of the Crowguard
  11. You can go to an authorized reseller here: http://www.anshex.com/index.php?cmd=crowfall/pledgeBuy
  12. Greetings! The Rookery is an excellent resource - you can count on the Chaos Crew to gather data and actionable intel. One more decent content drop / bug fix round and the combat arm of the Crowguard should commence recon and training. The real fun begins when the 24x7 server(s) go up and the Test Campaign is underway!
  13. I arrived late but learned a lot from today's stream and I'd love to see these on a regular basis (each significant patch?) The planned discussion is interesting enough, but its the bonus bits of humor and side comments generated from player questions that add even more value. Thanks for doing the stream!
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