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    Grimmel reacted to Jah in Are crafters OK with Factories?   
    As a crafter I would welcome a reduction in the tedium involved with crafting bulk items.
    I would put guild storage ahead of factories though. A huge part of the tedium of crafting involves inventory management across multiple characters.
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    Grimmel reacted to Duffy in The Root Problem with Crowfall’s Passive Training   
    We finally got to experience passive training in a way that reflects a launch scenario, unfortunately as predicted it does not feel good.
    First, let’s get a basic premise out of the way: there is nothing inherently wrong with passive training systems. It’s a different sort of trade-off than an action grind system or a simpler character and level-based one. Some people don’t like them, that’s fine, I personally don’t like action grind systems at all and prefer a passive one. Alas some stuff is subjective, but for the foreseeable future Crowfall will have a passive training system and I'm working under that premise. The problem we face is that as far as passive training systems it feels slow and thus unrewarding, and is fairly inflexible with a lack of real choice, which makes the few possible bad choices feel particularly punishing. So what are the issues and how do we fix them with minimum coding impact/effort?
    Issue 1: Passive training feels very slow and unrewarding.
    tldr: The general audience will struggle with or refuse to embrace a system that tells them to wait weeks, much less months, before they can start having fun or at least be effective in their areas of interest.
    Training progress and noticeable returns are very slow at the current TEST speed, while it was better on LIVE it was arguably still not quite right. This is particularly noticeable for Crafting and Exploration, but at later stages of the player base’s passive training timeline also becomes particularly noticeable for Combat when comparing veterans to new players.
    When a player first starts there are only two things they can really do: limited useful gathering and engaging in combat. The longer the game is live and passive training is progressing, the worse these gaps become and feel, but the biggest offender is Crafting (as was recently pointed out in another thread). The time to effectiveness in any of these areas seems to at least be measured in a minimum of months, but it’s not even worth bothering to Craft until you can surpass dropped gear - despite spending weeks of passive training and acquiring many stats for that purpose. This is a deathblow for anyone who wants to primarily be a crafter, and those people most certainly exist. Given the amount of actual time we spent outfitting new people back when the population was booming, such players most definitely serve a purpose and keeping them in the game is valuable. The same is true of Exploration, though the impact is less severe as gathering has a better ramp-up of usefulness, however, the best stats are deeply hidden in the Specialization trees.
    The issues with Crafting and Exploration feed into the power gap issues with Combat training, resulting in new players feeling under-powered - especially if they don’t have access to veterans to supply them with well-crafted gear. Feeling under-powered for a long period of time pushes them away from the game, despite the fact that having more people is almost always better regardless of power level, and fuels the desire for catch up mechanics or an alternate training system.
    Issue 2: Lack of Choice
    tldr: Players rarely get to make choices that differentiate their account from any other account, and the few choices they make result in less flexible character choices.
    The passive training system is limited to only 2 major choices (and for most, it’s only really 1 choice) per account for every couple of months at best, and almost no smaller choices within those 2 choices. All of the real choices, small as they may be, lie in Exploration. While Crafting and Combat only have the option to make the right choice and several wrong choices.
    When an account is created they must choose 2 out of 3 areas, though ultimately if a player is ever going to engage in combat somewhat regularly they only have to make a choice between Exploration and Crafting. A purely Combat focused player will need to make no choices, they will pick Combat and Exploration.
    Each of these areas have few choices, and the further you progress, the fewer choices you get. For example, in the Combat Basics the choice comes down to which six nodes you may skip. At least three of them will be a choice between taking damage oriented nodes or healing oriented nodes while almost every other node will be shared by all builds going through combat. As you advance to the next Combat tree (Armor or Weapons) your choices quickly disappear, or are again limited, to choosing between Support or Attack nodes. Once you reach the specialization trees your choices lock you into specific builds to gain their benefits, reducing your game-play options. Changing these choices require significant time investments, which can be a huge opportunity cost if you happen to make “bad” choices by choosing poor meta options (or a future patch imbalances specific builds).
    Crafting is even worse, the only choice is which crafting you want to pursue. Then you pursue it to100% completion or fairly close. There are a few places you might think you could shortcut, for example you don’t need more than 10 Alchemy Experimentation points for Philosopher’s Stones, but unfortunately you will still need to maximize Assembly and Experimentation which will results in you taking the vast majority of the Alchemy training nodes anyways.
    Exploration has the best scenario, the middle tier Gathering trees have good general use for their areas, but some of the best stats for gathering such as crit harvest chance, crit harvest amount, and beneficial harvest requires taking the majority of the specialization trees to acquire. Resulting in any gatherer going that deep almost universally taking all the nodes, with only slight priority adjustments for more useful or desired resources.
    How can this be fixed?
    tldr: Use EVE’s progressive pip model to reduce training gaps and break up tree structures to create choices.
    The most plausible solution is to take a page from EVE’s passive training system and adapt it to Crowfall. The first major component is that each Node’s pips should have a progressive cost. At the basic level it shouldn’t take more than a few mins to reach 1 pip, an hour or two for 2 pips, and less than a day for 3 pips. Succeeding nodes should unlock at 3 pips, not 4 pips. This will become important as the 4th and 5th pip for a node should be distinctly more expensive than the preceding 3 pips, using our basic example taking say 1 day for the 4th pip and then 2-3 days for the 5th pip. This creates a more rewarding scenario where players have reason to engage with their passive training regularly and receive their perks. It also makes it “quicker” for players to reach a base effectiveness that lets them compete with veterans. While a Veteran may have picked up those 4th and 5th pips as they dedicate more and more time to that specific training, the new player is reaching ⅗ of those stats fairly quickly, reducing the gap.
    This also allows the ability to stretch the overall training times out longer, without restricting the feeling of getting a reward. For example, you could make maxing a specific craft take 6 months, but you could reach 40% effectiveness in a few weeks, 60% in a month, and 80% in 3 months. But that last 20%, which is primarily picking up the 5th pip in all the nodes, stretches out to 6 months while the gain for doing so is much smaller compared to the player that might have stopped at 80%, only resulting in 1% or so to each stat affected for spending the extra time to maximize.
    The second component is to break up the trees into more linear options. Some tree structure can still work, but related nodes need to be more linear with multiple lines to pick from to create actual choices. Damage options should be related, but not pre-reqs, for support options and vice versa. While general options should be completely separate lines. This creates many more choices and differences between player accounts as the specific spread of nodes and pips used to reach a deeper tree could drastically vary between two accounts building to the same role. This also gives players more control over which stats to prioritize and should something change in the future due to patches, pivoting has a much lower time cost thanks to the progressive pip changes above. This may require breaking nodes into more incremental options, but as long as the overall times are not drastically elongated the net effect is still fairly positive.
    The one weakness to this change is that there aren’t that many nodes to train overall. The current trees don’t currently have enough breadth of choices, or many interesting choices, and arguably too much depth. However, if they plan to add more sub systems and thus more training options to the game over time, the breadth problem could be solved and the outline above would make pivoting to new additions less dramatically time consuming to get a reasonable effectiveness level.
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    Grimmel reacted to Duffy in CF covid-19 impact?   
    I’ve yet to see a single statistic that shows coronavirus is less dangerous than the seasonal flus, as far as I can find it’s not even close. Every number I’ve seen ranges from 1-4% (based on location and healthcare access) compared to average flu’s less than .01% fatality rate. That’s a huge difference. 
    Ultimately the goal is to slow its spread down so we can hopefully get useful treatments, protect some of the at risk population, and importantly prevent strain on our limited healthcare resources. While there are short term reasons for the distancing and quasi quarantining, we’re really playing a longer game to ultimately save lives not just today, but months down the road.
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    Grimmel reacted to Sadic in A few quality of life improvements I'd like to see.   
    Hello everyone, first post here so please be nice!
    I recently got the game and started testing, been loving it and I see a TON of potential, which makes me happy; but I would like to point to a few quality of life improvements I'd like to see:
    1) The launcher should have an option to remember my account name at least, and an option to "trust this device" regarding the 2FA.
    2) The talents tree could have better UI regarding what the new powers and abilities each new talent unlocks, it's not so clear or intuitive.
    3) And not sure if this is even possible, but could we get the option to zoom out a little more? Something like twice what we currently have, or a 50% more would be nice... it's really difficult to have a decent spatial awareness as it is.
    4) An option to "auto-order" the inventory would be nice, being able to chose by "name", "size" or "type" would be even better.
    Thanks for reading, hope this things weren't posted a million times already.
    Edit: having a web based "talent's tree planner" would be glorious.
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    Grimmel reacted to Jah in 5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19   
    We need Guild Banks badly. Both in-campaign Guild Banks and out-of-campaign Guild Banks.
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    Grimmel reacted to srathor in I do not like how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel   
    Ahh memories. 

    Most of the complaints that started this post way back when have been addressed over time. Or perhaps I have mellowed some too. 

    Nah.  Not mellowed, beaten down more than anything. 

    When I made the post I had gotten up early. and just wanted to hit rocks for a half hour or so. So I went to the only place on the map that had rank 5 nodes. I at the time had on gathering gear. Which was useless because the potions I drank every 12 minutes capped me, but at the time noone knew that. 

    We did not have the details page. We could only measure by results. 

    We had a camera zoom in at the time that when you held down F to gather it zoomed you in on the node. There were no weak points to track either. And the noise it made with the Dink dink dink. was so loud you could track gatherers by it. From 500 yards away easy. 

    There was no class/Race split I think back then. Memory is fuzzy on that.  Hell I don't even think we had discs back then Certainly not the combat discs we have now + harvesting discs. 

    We had 1x training speed not the 3 x we have now. And it was unrefined, still very raw. 

    So much has changed. 

    But I still think the risk of the wolves does not nearly match up to the risk of the gatherer/sheep.

    I do know over 2 years later that when I am serious about going out to gather I do everything in my power to mitigate that risk. I do everything I can to make sure that if/when I am jumped I get the greatest chance to keep my hard earned loot. Because I know I have almost zero chance of actually defeating the wolves.

    If it was a fair chance vrs a wolf then you are fighting a stupid wolf. 

    But we need the draw of the solo gather vrs the solo wolves. We need the people out in the game world, doing things. All sorts of things, we need ambushes, and ganks and squad fights, and patrols. We need the wolves and the sheep to make the game dynamic and fun.  

    That is the challenge for ACE. To give us the reasons to play and have fun doing so. 

    And I still do not like even today how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel.  It is needed, it is necessary, but it is really not fun with the effort and training required to get the tools that break so fast,  through the choices of discs that are really very little choice involved.

    For ore smalls with a maxed toon.  I use Miner and Lookout. With all bene harvest chance made gear. The nerfs to bene harvest duration and power and chance stripped out much of the  fun of trying other things at end game gathering.  

    I wish it had more of an impact when I harvested. I wish it was more fun. I miss the days before when I had the freedom to make a few different sets of mismatched gear to tune down to the exact stuff needed to make a GREAT harvester.  I really miss the epic ore doober moneyshots of the early game with the +10 Crit amount potion when people could see what popped and would freak out.

    If I could change harvesting here is what I would do.

    Harvest on enemy controlled lands would be worth x2 points to the scoreboards. 
    Harvest on contested lands would be worth x1.5 points.
    Harvest on your guild/faction controlled lands would be worth 1x points.

    More varied more powerful gear, coupled with training so that you can "build" on your skills like a combat spec. 
    Bene harvest effects should last longer. When duration was bugged and capped at 3 minutes it was quite a bit more fun. Also that made skinning MUCH more palatable.

    Action harvesting buffs would affect your group. Making different people do different roles would make that interesting. 
    Loot would come from multi bucket stats of the different people in your group. Not the person with the most damage to the node. Making people in a gathering group all have useful trainings. 

    Hitting weak points would have an effect on the node destruction table. Each one hit would add to crit chance and crit amount. Making that minigame really add some excitement back into the actions you do. (not subject to  player stat cap as well. Hit 5 weak points on a single node gets you a sploosh of doobers.)

    Give me an ability to hide some of my loot. Stashes with a treasure map.  Locked chests buried in a hillside, advanced chest/storage/bag that only shows half the loot to be looted. (50% of that bags loot is shown when you are killed. Mats only.)
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    Grimmel reacted to Thimble in [RP] Corvus and the Fist   
    The corridor was adorned with tapestries depicting past battles. Thimble always loved walking through the Hall of Battle. Busts of vessels wielded by heroes of the Citadel dotted the walls as well, each one placed carefully on a pedestal that Stoneborn had shaped and grown out of the walls themselves.
    Coming to a large set of doors, Thimble pushed them open and entered the chamber beyond. The War Room was large and circular, with several cylindrical tables that were designed to be moved around the room to mimic the configuration of one of the many worlds they visit before the Hunger destroys them. Praelian, Battle Commander of a group that called themselves the Fist of the Empire, was next to one of the tables talking to Vanboozled, one of the Sergeants of the Citadel. As Thimble entered, they turned toward him.
    “Our forces will stage at the Temple in the Trial of Illara shortly,” Praelian said in his gruff voice, which Thimble noted was both strong and confident. “How many will you be able to bring to support us, Van?”
    “I’m hoping we can commit two squads to tonight’s siege. Many of our warriors have been busy with other … projects.” If Praelian’s voice was gruff, Vanboozled’s was pure gravel, coarse and grizzled, both broken and strengthened from a tremendous amount of experience leading forces in battle.
    “Great. Now that Thimble’s here, I’ll tell you about the plan for tonight,” Praelian began. He went on to describe what the Fist’s strategists had come up with.
    A few minutes later, two squads of Corvus Citadel and 3-4 squads of Fist of the Empire gathered at the Temple in the Trial of Illara, ready to move out. Suddenly, eight warriors bearing black shield crests with green triangles on them appeared. Though Chaos, they had become infamous for their past actions, and both Praelian and Vanboozled knew well to avoid them. Once the order was given to go through the portal to Aerynth, the black shields followed. The Fist broke off and went one way while the warriors of the Citadel went another, and the black shields split up as well, in an attempt to follow. Vanboozled led his two squads in a circular path, twice dodging around outcroppings, and finally one of the scouts reported that there were no more black shields following. The report came in that the Fist had managed to shake their pursuers as well, so the two groups met up in the forest named Wolf’s Cry, just southeast of the Tetuoria Taubaet Keep.
    Mere moments later, all eight of the black shield warriors showed up; they must have had a scout who was following undetected. Almost immediately following that, a horde of Balance was reported leaving the keep and heading straight toward where the Fist and the Citadel forces were gathered inside the tree line and behind a cliff. The black shields had somehow reported the hidden position to the enemy.
    There was not even enough time to pivot before the enemy was upon them. A bloody battle ensued, and right at the start the vessel that Thimble was wielding was netted and pulled into the middle of the enemy forces before he even had time to build up enough pyrotechnic energy to immolate. He managed to struggle out of the net just in time for his Elken hooves to carry him to safety - or so he thought. With one final bleat, the vessel succumbed to its wounds, and Thimble found himself in crow form at the nearby portal.
    It seemed that much of the rest of the force had met a similar fate shortly thereafter, because the order came to return to the Temple and make haste toward the Brookhurst portal. Intelligence came in that the force that had attacked them was Hy'shen Avari and that they had won despite the combined force of Corvus Citadel and Fist of the Empire outnumbering them.
    Once in Brookhurst, the Sunset Keep was only a short run from the portal they entered through. Because the order was to make best speed, Thimble immediately took off with the few who had gathered around him. His Elken legs carried him faster even than the pack pigs that the other warriors were riding, so he made the objective and met up with the Fist with his brothers in arms trailing behind him. Immediately, the Fist summoned an enormous trebuchet and began firing it at the walls. Before the rest of Corvus Citadel could catch up, though, a huge force of Order came flowing over the walls and out of the gates of the keep like a tidal wave. Thimble and his brothers and sisters fought valiantly alongside their allies, but it was impossible to last long against such an onslaught. Where they outnumbered the enemy by a small margin in the previous battle and still lost, they were now sorely outnumbered and they simply had no chance at all. Praelian gave the order for a tactical disengage, but by that time all of the Corvus warriors who were there had perished.
    Afterward, back at the Citadel, those who had taken part in the battles gathered in the War Room to discuss and learn from the events that had transpired. The next phase of Thimble’s plans for the White Crow was nearly upon them, and when he reported that to the others they became excited. Changes were coming, and as always Corvus Citadel would continue to work with their allies to defend the Chaos faction.
    Later, in his chamber within the Citadel, Thimble touched a piece of parchment in his pocket. A note, left on his vessel as it lay on the ground after the second battle, with three words: “Friendship is coming.”
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    Grimmel reacted to Thimble in [RP] The Fall of Storm Haven Keep   
    A cold wind stirred above the white snow. It swirled and eddied before finding its way to the precipice, coalescing into an invisible wave as it tumbled over the edge. Down it went, leaving the peak in its wake, flowing around trees as it descended. When it reached the bottom, it sped out from the base of the mountain, heading south, losing intensity as it ran into obstacle after obstacle. Finally, nearly depleted in strength, the last tendrils reached out before dying and managed to barely move a banner on the walls of the Sunset Keep.
    Dark eyes surrounded by fur took notice of the movement, as they took notice of everything in sight. This vessel had revealed to Thimble even the most skilled assassins with its eyes, once thought to be a curse by Gaea, the Earth Mother. Now prized for their eyes above all else, Elken had become the vessel of choice for Thimble when seeking to expose the sin of his enemies to the Flame of Truth.
    He had wrestled with the White Crow for what seemed an eternity. Finally it had begun to struggle less, tiring from the constant fight against the magical energies harnessed deep within the Corvus Citadel. Soon the Citadel would control its powers completely, strengthening their forces, further solidifying their victory on the battlefield. Already Thimble had been able to siphon some of the power of the White Crow, giving the Sergeants of the Citadel the real time combat intelligence they needed to command successfully. Soon, he would be able to infuse the Citadel’s Artificers, greatly increasing the efficiency of their operations.
    The present suddenly rushed back to him as Duffy gave the order to move northwest, skirting the mountain on the way to the portal to Calinor. Without hesitation, Thimble leapt from the walls of the Sunset Keep, landing with the agility only an Elken could achieve, immediately transitioning into a sprint. The order was unexpected; the baneful trees hadn’t even spawned. Duffy was taking a risk with this move, but being bold was often necessary when fighting Balance. And, truthfully, Order had in recent weeks shown itself to be quite formidable as well. The Death Alliance leaving the freedom of Chaos for the rigidity of Order made no sense to Thimble, but as adversaries they had earned the respect of the Citadel, and it felt like that respect had been returned in kind.
    Bounding up the rocks below the portal to Calinor, Thimble caught a brief glimpse of Grimmel as the scout stepped through. Immediately the report reached them that the Free City was clear of enemies, and the order was given to proceed. They waited only seconds on the other side; the army of Corvus Citadel, for that was what it was becoming, had practiced squad movements and had become efficient at force projection. Grimmel had already reported the all clear on the other side of the portal, so when Duffy began giving the order the entire force was through the portal before he could finish.
    Swiftly they raced as one cohesive unit along the road through Thracia toward Storm Haven Keep. Stilling their breaths while positioned behind a hill near the keep, the forces of Corvus Citadel managed to remain hidden only a hundred yards from the walls. While looking for the flat ground necessary to perform the summoning ritual for the mighty siege engines, Duffy noticed a breach in the wall and quickly consulted the Sergeants to devise an attack plan. Mighty Vanboozled, grizzled veteran of the Citadel, suggested an immediate attack without waiting, to try to take advantage of the boon presented to them. The order was given, and five full squads of warriors streamed into the breach, pivoted left and flowed into the corridor inside the exterior fortifications. Emerging from the ramp at the top into a hail of arrows and seeing their desired avenue cut off by a ruined bridge, Thimble and Duffy, brothers in arms, ran along the top of the wall toward their secondary objective: a bridge, still in tact, to the left of the inner keep. The order was given for a small group to break off at the back to distract the Order defenders as the main force cut down guards left and right. Unfortunately, the enemy was not so easily fooled. When Thimble and Duffy reached the end of the bridge, with their brothers and sisters streaming across behind them, they ran headlong into the bulk of the enemy force. Worse still, Order had the high ground, and with great defensive positioning. Thimble could only assume that Chroma, who had shown his tactical cunning, was leading the defense.
    In an attempt to avoid total annihilation, a hasty retreat was called. Their numbers cut in half, Thimble and the remaining warriors of Corvus Citadel maintained discipline as they retreated down another ramp, taking shelter inside the fortified walls. That allowed Chroma, or whoever was leading, to order the defenders to advance across the bridge and attack from the top of the ramp, while splitting their force and attacking simultaneously through the courtyard into the chamber below. Performing the incantations and required movements as fast as he could, Thimble summoned tornadoes to toss the enemy left and right, granting a momentary reprieve to the now very small attacking force. That reprieve lasted only a moment, though, for the heavy hitters of the enemy were within their ranks. With a mighty bleat, Thimble charged, using his antlers to knock three of the enemy away. Instinct took over, his movements faster than his mind could even comprehend. He summoned a blast wave, blowing several of the enemy away and lighting them on fire. He then leapt into the enemy, pivoted on his hooves, and immolated an entire group as he teleported back into the chamber.
    It was a last ditch effort, however, and ultimately proved to be futile. Despite valiant efforts by Thimble and his brothers and sisters, they fell to the overwhelming forces of Order. At Duffy’s command, they flew back as crow spirits, recovered control of their vessels, and formed up on the other side of another hill close to the keep. Once all forces had been accounted for, they began an ordered retreat.
    Then, suddenly, Duffy received intelligence that the powerful forces of the Winterblades had been spotted near the keep, on the other side. Immediately the Corvus Citadel forces turned and advanced hastily on the nearest baneful tree. Arriving in moments, they found a squad of Order hacking at it with all the effort they could muster, clearly hoping to destroy it before anyone could interrupt them. It didn’t work. Five full squads under the banner of the Citadel quickly overwhelmed the squad attacking the tree, and then the healers began immediately healing it.
    Before they could bring the tree back to full health, word reached them that the Winterblades had done the same thing at another tree, and that the Death Alliance had retreated back into the inner keep for a last stand. Grimmel, who was able to use the shadows to stay hidden, relayed information as the Winterblades streamed into the keep, killed off any remaining guards that got in their way, and ran straight to the inner keep. He described a quick battle in which the defenders of the lower room were overrun almost immediately, then gave the recommendation Duffy was waiting for: if Corvus Citadel were to attack again, it would be at that moment or never.
    With a mighty roar, minotaurs and half-giants running in front, Corvus Citadel’s attacking force charged through the breach and straight into the inner keep, behind Balance. They ascended the ramps swiftly and saw an unbelievable sight at the top: the Death Alliance had repelled the Winterblades assault. Hesitating only a moment, Thimble began firing tornadoes at the small groups of Order left in the room with the Tree of Life. He charged with his antlers, blew up the enemy with blast waves, and summoned more tornadoes. Over and over, his pyrotechnics and antler antics forces the enemy off the edge and into the courtyard below.
    It looked like Corvus Citadel was going to be victorious in the pitched three way battle. Until, of course, the Winterblades streamed in, having regrouped from their earlier defeat. Corvus Citadel was able to hold them off for awhile, but in the end the Winterblades and their vassals were able to destroy the Tree of Life and plant their own Golden Apple.
    Corvus Citadel’s attack had failed. The Death Alliance, and the rest of Order, had lost their keep, but not to the forces of Chaos. For the first time in the Trial of Illara, the Winterblades controlled two of the three keeps. Still, even though Duffy’s plan was bold, Thimble knew that it was better to have tried and failed than to have not shown up at all. After all, Corvus Citadel had earned a reputation for not backing down from a fight without good reason, and they had proven that again today.
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    Grimmel reacted to Thimble in [RP] Corvus Citadel Rallies!   
    News from the front had reached Thimble mere moments ago. He had been busy helping run things at the Citadel and had been unable to help the war effort aside from the occasional flight into the Trial of Kane to quickly craft armor before he had to return. Raising the White Crow had proven to be a more difficult affair than anticipated, but the results would be worth it.
    As for the news from the front lines, it had been good, to say the least. In the face of overwhelming odds, three small groups of Corvus Citadel forces had managed to secure two keeps from the Winterblades and their vassals through the use of cunning tactics and swift decision making.
    The Balance faction began the night with three keeps, so their defenders were spread thin. Duffy Swiftshadow, Commander of the forces of Corvus Citadel, gave the order to the small group to assault Umbressa Keep, which was particularly light on defenders. Within minutes, the warriors of the Citadel overran the token defense and were able to destroy the Tree of Life and plant their own. Immediately, the band pivoted and marched at best speed to Rose Knights Grove Keep. The first to arrive were the scouts, and they reported back that the forces of Balance and Order were fighting over one of the Bane Trees outside the keep. Quig, Sergeant of Corvus Citadel, and Dirty, one of several Crowguard involved in the operation, quickly devised a plan while Duffy was commanding from the rear, helping the several recruits in attendance to catch up to the main force.
    It was a bold plan, and a risky one. Once Duffy and the recruits caught up, the small group of warriors began creeping along the wall of the keep, careful not to draw attention. Twice Grimmel, Corax Councilmember and forward scout, motioned for the force to stop all movement and cover their armor with their cloaks as they waited for a distant enemy scout to pass, hoping beyond hope that the scouts' attentions were always directed outward rather than inward toward the keep. Their luck held, as they were able to enter the keep through the breach without being discovered. Immediately they broke into a run, Quig leading the attackers in a glorious charge, straight to the objective: the Tree of Life. The brave warriors knew that they would only get one chance.
    Within seconds, Grimmel reported that the Winterblades were on to them. They must have had their own scouts watching the Tree of Life because their entire force turned on a gold piece as one and began streaming back toward the keep. The order was given to the warriors of the Corvus Citadel to throw everything they had at the Tree of Life in an attempt to take it down before they were overwhelmed. They grouped up, packing themselves tightly together, to maximize the effect of the beneficial magics of their clerics and other casters. The Tree of Life was nearly dead when the vanguard of the Winterblades slammed into the small force, but the phalanx held, though not without heavy loss. Zerst called out that he would begin the Resurrection Ritual, to try to save as many Corvus Citadel vessels as he could, to allow them to continue to fight. He was able to bring four of them back to life before he was knocked out of the ritual, more than anyone could have expected. Quig gave the order to blow novas, and one after another of the brave warriors gathered their energy and released it explosively, knocking the Winterblades off of the building. Finally the Tree of Life succumbed to its wounds. Quig and Grimmel, each with one hand on the same golden apple, dropped to their knees simultaneously, smashing the apple into the ground, causing a new Tree of Life to sprout, this one attuned to Chaos.
    The small band of warriors, half of which were green recruits wearing bits and pieces of hastily made armor, had done the impossible. Corvus Citadel had taken two keeps from the overwhelming forces of the Winterblades and their vassals.
    Thimble leaned back in his chair, taking two puffs on his pipe, the sun streaming in through a window illuminating the smile on his face.
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    Grimmel reacted to Angelmar in Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!   
    Due to the expansive nature of the Undead Alliance structure, Pest UDL has starting to hire contractors to help with his admin.
    For those looking for the primary guild experience theres the core of the 10 year old alliance:
    Undead Lords (70+)--the Knights of Myrkul, a death cult RP! Lords of Death (70+)--Another death cult. and Sinister (50+)--vaguely brooding folks that missed the memo on the naming scheme. For those seeking a more unique experience, UDL offers a full range of subguild options:  
    TheBalance (not to be confused with the faction) for the discerning roaming killer.  Obsidian for the stealth obsessed Screeling  Mostly Harmless, for the un-ironically named.  Mithril Warhammers for the dwarvishly inclined For the more independently minded Chaos member there is always Lords of the Dead (30+)(LotD, not to be confused with LoD)--another death cult not quite ready to make the jump to Undead Alliance. 
    Any Elves, Former Elves, and Wannabe-Legolases  wishing to join the Undead Alliance may contact @nerion and @MarsJust, UDL Chief Ministers for Elven Re-education and Immigration. 
    @Ginko's door is always open for any new guilds that have yet to hear about a Death Cult near you!  Preferred communication is through multiple PMs and spammed discord messages.
    Join the Undead Alliance Today! 
    This-Message-Paid-For-Jointly-By-Ministry-of-Elven-Re-education and Zerglings-for-Chaos-a-limited-liability-advocacy-group.
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    Grimmel reacted to KrakkenSmacken in QUESTIONS NEEDED - Zybak interview with J Todd and Blair   
    What if any changes to vendors are coming?  Specifically are there plans to allow for setting up buy orders?
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    Grimmel reacted to srathor in Second test Campaign - Official discussion thread   
    Looks like no more crafting in the EK.

    So no more crafting, unless crafters have guards.
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    Grimmel got a reaction from Rasabox in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 11/20-23   
    I loaded my EK and placed some parcels and buildings and it worked great except a few times when I went to edit the map it failed to load (or was taking too long for me to wait).  It looks like EKs were not meant to be seen by other players for this snap test (I could not see Srathor's Lawn for example, and I made mine public but no one seemed to enter it).
    The first time I entered the Campaign there was only base terrain that was very poorly lined up and had many terrain tears - no objects.  I ran around and was discouraged that this build was so barren.  But then I logged back in and all was fine - I saw all the buildings and trees and other players.
    When I came into the campaign I had the items I had foraged and crafted in the EK.
    The new features in the Campaign are great.  Foraging is fun for me and I like how this feature works.  I went to use a portal and it said "This is not for your faction" but it worked for me anyway (I don't think it was meant to be locked from me, it was from a neutral place to a neutral place.  The message might have been from a different portal in that zone that was connected to Balance, but it was nowhere near me.
    It was slightly frustrating and confusing to not have any points to spend on Talents when I got into the campaign.  I understood that I was going to have to level up to get my first points, but it would have been neat to have 5 points or so to spend right out of the gate to begin my character's existence and make that first decision between two options and see how the tree works.  The requirement to earn some Talent points before slotting discipline runes is a big change from what we've been doing in builds so far, so it will take some thinking to figure out how to start up a character but I think I'm fine with how things work in this build and where things are headed.
    I took some outposts, took a fort, killed some critters, harvested each type of resource and did some foraging.  I didn't come across any enemies, I did see a few allies, performance was great at all times.  I did not notice the "jumpy screen" others were reporting - I was running a half-elf assassin.
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    Grimmel got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 11/20-23   
    I loaded my EK and placed some parcels and buildings and it worked great except a few times when I went to edit the map it failed to load (or was taking too long for me to wait).  It looks like EKs were not meant to be seen by other players for this snap test (I could not see Srathor's Lawn for example, and I made mine public but no one seemed to enter it).
    The first time I entered the Campaign there was only base terrain that was very poorly lined up and had many terrain tears - no objects.  I ran around and was discouraged that this build was so barren.  But then I logged back in and all was fine - I saw all the buildings and trees and other players.
    When I came into the campaign I had the items I had foraged and crafted in the EK.
    The new features in the Campaign are great.  Foraging is fun for me and I like how this feature works.  I went to use a portal and it said "This is not for your faction" but it worked for me anyway (I don't think it was meant to be locked from me, it was from a neutral place to a neutral place.  The message might have been from a different portal in that zone that was connected to Balance, but it was nowhere near me.
    It was slightly frustrating and confusing to not have any points to spend on Talents when I got into the campaign.  I understood that I was going to have to level up to get my first points, but it would have been neat to have 5 points or so to spend right out of the gate to begin my character's existence and make that first decision between two options and see how the tree works.  The requirement to earn some Talent points before slotting discipline runes is a big change from what we've been doing in builds so far, so it will take some thinking to figure out how to start up a character but I think I'm fine with how things work in this build and where things are headed.
    I took some outposts, took a fort, killed some critters, harvested each type of resource and did some foraging.  I didn't come across any enemies, I did see a few allies, performance was great at all times.  I did not notice the "jumpy screen" others were reporting - I was running a half-elf assassin.
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    Grimmel reacted to Hi. in REWARDS AVAILABLE FOR GIFTING   
    I saw this thread title in the recent threads and thought it was a giveaway thread, but then saw it was a new player question thread, which is also good but not as exciting
    just in case anyone else clicks this thread thinking the same thing though: I'll gift the first two people to quote this sentence a VIP token
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    Grimmel got a reaction from Xarrayne in Combat Tray hotkeys should NOT go to Survival Tray   
    I completely agree with this suggestion.
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    Grimmel got a reaction from Jah in Combat Tray hotkeys should NOT go to Survival Tray   
    I completely agree with this suggestion.
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    Grimmel reacted to Jah in Combat Tray hotkeys should NOT go to Survival Tray   
    Please change the Tray switching keys so they do not send you to Survival Tray if you are already in the Combat Tray you are hitting the key for.
    Z, U, and V should never take you to Survival Tray. They should only take you to the Tray you are hitting the key for.
    Only H should take you to Survival Tray.
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    Grimmel reacted to MJayed in Let's Make Forts and Keeps Cool   
    *I understand that the current implementation of forts and keeps is not the final product*
    My understanding is that forts/keeps will be places to spawn, craft, and accumulate victory points. I would prefer that these structures have more of a use.
    Allow forts/keeps/other territory control structures to grant buffs to either the parcel or the structure's zone of influence. Buffs could be acquired through upgrades. For example: Upgrading the defensive capability of your fort gives every friendly in the zone of influence a 5% incoming damage reduction buff. While upgrading the fort's harvesting capability could increase the ranks of all nodes and/or decrease the respawn timer of all nodes in the zone of influence. Grant the ability to socket relics for specific buffs. Pretty self-explanatory. I don't know how relics would be obtained, but I heard they will be added to the game in the future. Passive production of victory condition items I think the current plan is to have forts/keeps give some imaginary victory points. My idea would be that a guild/faction would have to create and upgrade a castle like the one that appeared in the live stream. To prevent guilds/factions from non-stop farming to create the castle and win, territory control structures(forts/keeps) would be used to passively generate victory specific items. These unique items as well as other materials would be required to finish the "victory castle". The potency of the buffs/victory point production could be directly tied to the type of structure Keeps would have the strongest buffs while forts have the weakest. Structures could be captured or razed after a siege. Similar to city captures in turn-based empire games. My thought behind these suggestions is that guilds would want to establish multiple forts/keeps(all of which can be sieged) in order to grab significant harvesting buffs and to start working towards the victory condition. They will have to be careful because they will potentially have to stretch themselves thin defending a wide network for forts and keeps. I think a victory condition is better than an arbitrary point total. Let's say a guild dominates the server and controls 30 forts uncontested. That server will end earlier because they were able to generate an absurd number of victory items and completed their castle. Now in a contested campaign guilds can destroy/capture each others forts/keeps and destroy the enemy guilds castle.
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    Grimmel reacted to Jah in Let's Make Forts and Keeps Cool   
    I'd also like to see some way to add player-owned vendors to forts and keeps.
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    Grimmel reacted to blazzen in Let's Make Forts and Keeps Cool   
    I like all these ideas. 
    A really easy way to make forts/keeps important would be for ACE to set imports and exports to zero. Biggest reason they aren't important is because you can craft in EK's due to high levels of imports/exports. 
    Guards would need to be improved a bit to make them a bit safer though. 
    The keep needs guards within the throne room area to protect crafters. The forts already have this. 
    Both the keep and the forts needs guards on the wall towers that shoot at enemies AND alert the faction via toast message that an enemy was spotted at the fort/keep. This would give people inside a little bit more of a heads up and also give people outside more of an opportunity to respond to the assault. 
    Sieges need to give a zone wide toast message the minute a banewood tree is dropped. 
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    Grimmel got a reaction from Kraahk in 5.6 Snap Test Today (Fri, Apr. 27)   
    Great to see the EK functions coming online!
    Nobles can add parcels, and remove the parcels they place, but they cannot remove the EK owner's parcels (as it should be).
    Nobles can currently rename any parcel, including EK owner's parcels (probably should not be able to do this).
    Adding a vassal and assigning tokens worked, but without knowing the size of buildings and what is allowed in a parcel so far I have not placed a building as a vassal.
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    Grimmel reacted to PopeUrban in World-Building Pt. 1 - Official Discussion Thread   
    Re: Bridges
    Mortal online had a lot of problems but bridges was one thing it did right.
    Every bridge in the entire game was a hippo with drop points on both sides of the bridge. At the time of a server coming online you walked up to a bridge and it was unbuilt. You would have to supply it with wood in order to build it, and if it served you you had the ability to destroy the bridge again as well (to return it to hippo status)
    This was used in multiple levels of severity.
    Some bridges just went over little rivers you could swim across, so they were only truly inconvenient for people riding horses (as you had to dismount and lead the horses across) so if you're hanging about in the forest for a day or setting up an ambush it was in your best interests to take out the bridge. If you were running a bunch of stuff between two towns and needed to cross the river, it was a good idea to check if the bridge was up first, and build it again if it wasn't.
    Other bridges were multiple hippo things that spanned huge fall-to-your-death chasms that literally locked off areas of the world.
    Bridges, walls, rockslides, moongates, collapsed tunnels, and other neutral choke point control mechanisms as destructable unowned hippos can help pace and direct exploration as well as serve as interesting tactical wrinkles. When building these systems, please consider the tactical utility of destructable and rebuildable hippo POIs for these kinds of terrain features.

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    Grimmel reacted to ledeir in Vendors and buy orders   
    Very much like the idea of being able to set up buy orders.
    My ideal world would be to utilize a barter system instead of gold, but at least we can pretend to have that with buy orders... 
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    Grimmel reacted to Jah in Vendors and buy orders   
    Yep, ACE has said we'll get that functionality.
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