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  1. The ability to chose is power. I'm sick of Artcraft saying that they want to give vip players choice not power, it's oxymoronic. I strongly disliked that archetype training was 3 to 1, vip to non-vip. This is new system is far worse. On average a vip player will have FOUR times as many options when it comes to race/class combos... but the situation can be so much worse than that average. If you want to play the original Nethari Confessor then as a Non-vip player that will be your only option... but as a vip player you can pick human,elf,arcane,rouge and have EIGHT options. Eight times as many options... that's nuts. If Artcraft wants to get my money beyond what I've already paid then they will need to give 2 sets of concurrent training to EVERYONE. At that stage I would be happy to play such a game and the benefit of the 30day timebank alone would make me want to pay. Not to mention the various other bonuses that they could give VIP players.
  2. Yeah that's the most obvious issue, however I think Guin Bard will be a given when bard is added, it suits they're racial themes well. Hopefully Stone Born get it as well, as strange as that might seem, that would make the space a lot more appetizing.
  3. If your happy to stay VIP then try Half blood, Underfoot, Barbarian and Divine. That way you have 8 options with at least one option for each one of the 4 races and classes.
  4. Firstly thanks to Tinnis for his chart that helped me confirm the groupings. https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/18170-visual-guide-to-new-race-and-class-tree-layout/ On to the main point, I present to you a sorted race and class combos table The thick black lines denote the tier two split (Man/Sylvan/Monster, Fighter/Mage/Rouge). The thin grey lines denote the teir three split. Now while moving through the basic skill trees (which I'll refer to as tier one) you will have a total of 40 possible race class combinations that will all be equally viable to you (ignoring balance issues that may occur). This is the case for both VIP and non-VIP players. When you move into tier two this changes dramatically. Presuming he's going for maximum depth and power in the skill trees a non-VIP play now can only use 2 to 8 of these combinations as his best options. Depending on his exact choice in trees. From most options to least options the color code is purple > blue > green > yellow > orange > red. Meanwhile a VIP player has far more variability at this level, at worst they have 13 options (mage,rogue,man,monster) and at best they have 21 options (fighter,mage,sylvan,monster). Then we move onto the current final level of specialization, the tier 3 split. At this level the Non-VIP player only has 0 to 3 peak options. (though only 0 if he's a real idiot) Green: Three options, Yellow: Two opposite options, Orange: Two options but both of the same race or class, Red: one option, Grey: ... Similarly to last tier the VIP has more options... but this time not to quite the same degree. At worst they can also have 0 options (Human, Elf, Barbarian, Scoundrel) but at best they can have 9 options (Elf, Fae, Arcane, Mercenary). TLDR: Good thing Minotaur Rangers are awesome because otherwise the trek to being a master Duelist would be pretty bland. Hopefully the eventual addition of bard will change this. Hope people will find this helpful, I'll try to upgrade the post as more combos are added to the game.
  5. Again, even the most money laundering "Free to Play" games understand that VIP should never give you more than double, most give mere 50% exp buffs and so on. VIP being able to queue what is effectively 5 pips a login while standard players only get 1 is crazy. Not in a good way but "crazy" as in "this insane idea will drive away players with self respect". A much better standard:vip ratio would be say... 3:5. (bonus points if you can queue pips from different nodes, that seems a lot better).
  6. I find melee abilities are really hard to hit with now. I thought the lower ping from the new Aussie server would help but it has don little to alleviate the issue. I'm watching my sword pass through my enemy again and again with no actual damage being dealt. I have no idea why this is but it's a real nightmare.
  7. It's us making judgments that force positive iterations. If something is broke you can't just stand to the side and say "It'll get fixed later" forever. I don't mind if this is put behind everything else in "things to do" but we've got to make sure it is added to the queue. I find the Dev's stance of Features and Bug Testing first, Balance later... problematic. Bad Balance leads to a bad testing environment, gonna be hard to find all the bugs in the other major disciplines when Field Surgeon is taking up one of everyone's two slots. I agree with ignoring fine balance but ignoring massive balance issues isn't helpful to testing.
  8. Heals WTF

    Indeed I really hope we don't end up with horses just for transport like most MMO's... I mean what's a Throne War without epic cavalry charges. But... I think we're a bit of topic here. Let's talk about how a Centaur went from 25% to 100% three times in one battle with me. Fire hose healing is bad... fire hose self healing is worse.
  9. Heals WTF

    Indeed, I'd like the Centaur and Standard Cav (looking at the knights warhorse skills here) to have Slow and powerful single hit side swipe attacks so as emphasis the attack and keep going of cavalry. Not to mention they should have an awful backpeddle speed and a maximum turn speed.
  10. ViP benefits @Devs?

    VIP only campaigns would work. Not with greater rewards or anything... but perhaps a greater chance of cosmetic rewards perhaps such campaigns have new or beta rulesets / parcels. For example a campaign with a lot of magical floating islands. You don't gain anything special for playing in it... but you'd sure as hell pay the $15 bucks to be in it, that map would be awesome.
  11. ViP benefits @Devs?

    The majority of ideas on this thread are so ridiculously Pay to Win I'd rather have a required sub. Extra AT training is only even a consideration because ATs are mutually exclusive, however the universal skills are not. Universal skills stack and apply all the time. There are exploration skills that notably benefit combat for example. Those things stack and if VIP players can train both at the same time... they are basicly gaining power twice as fast as all non-vip memebers. Additionally one of the main points of this game is to make people rely on each other, if you allow people to train combat and crafting at the same time a lot of that goes out the window. Any VIP effect that allows you to train universal skills faster is Pay to Win. I'd rather just pay a monthly sub, then at least I'd know everyone was on the same playing field.
  12. Also, remember that it's the Ranger... not the Archer. A pair of hunting knives is sensible for anyone who's going to spend most of their lives in the wilderness and on the move. Anything bigger would be unwieldy, it's already bad enough that she has to carry round a bow while... climbing trees? I presume rangers spend a lot of time in trees, not for any practical reason, they are just that kind of person. Then why two of them?... redundancy. Anyone who does wilderness survival will tell you a backup knife is a good idea, not critical but still a good idea. Stop thinking of her as a frontline warrior and more as a glorified poacher.
  13. To be fair Raizex... this game involves platemail with the defensive values of warm butter. And without the relative imperviousness of real platemail there ain't no one who should be using daggers. But you know... Legolas rules.
  14. [Discussion] Re-designing the Passive Skill Tree

    Do they still intend to force non-vip players to only train one AT at a time? With the Vessel system this could be very punishing, there will be a lot of "Waaahhh pay to win".
  15. Let's make the Knight great again

    I'd like options from the block back into damaging combat, for example canceling it into the various shield attacks should be super fast. Even have shield slam charge up while blocking. The 1 ability? You should automatically block while you charge. Or more simply... while blocking replace LMB with a single jab attack which doesn't break block. Not being able to attack while blocking is purely a game trope and very unrealistic, it would be nice for the class called the knight who is all about shield usage to have at least a passable attack option while blocking.