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  1. Ranger with stealth(brigand) (lacks the in-combat stealth escape )...can equip poison with disciplines
  2. as soon as it gets 'good' they go ahead and make it better....and we wait...
  3. Big Question: Who is that guy behind jtoddcoleman (amazing photobomb) and what is he doing?
  4. The best thing about Darkfall was owning a city. The best thing about Darkfall was attacking and defending the cities.
  5. To Everyone outside of your group, that will split up guild groups, allow smaller guilds to compete and you don't have 200 people in one room spamming area effect heals and damage. It would raise the tactics 1000% and you would have roaming 'squads' instead of zergs.
  6. I'm finding that you invest in cities, they eventually go away, imagine if you hold the city when the campaign ends, then that money is refunded if it wasn't destroyed. I actually hate the campaign maps changing...I know its a feature, but it doesn't feel like the land is yours.
  7. warden is usually all traps, ALOT of traps and effective(CC stuff/bleeds/etc), usually good for chaos and larger groups. Archer is better at taking down single targets.
  8. "Make assassins disappear again" - campaign slogan
  9. jokerj, Wait a week or three, until the new build is on LIVE BETA, right now everyone is playing TEST BETA...actually testing the game and not playing it. When it hits live, you will have people all around you and that will a blessing and a curse. A whole new character build is coming soon.
  10. A guild would only need one slot in their ally to add a merc guild. It wouldnt help a lot of small groups, unless you had all your alliances open. So either chose alliances or merc guilds for help.
  11. Will you also be doing the race and class disciplines?
  12. Silverback


    I'm dealing with a lot of unknowns, poison use to do 400 damage...but I don't know what it can do now. 1. what if you can do area blackmantle poison at range, which would be terrible 1 v 1 but a castle fight it could work well. 2. I'm looking at the vandal stamina drain and how many area effects CC can you add to that. Does area root or slow count as CC? 3. How do you make a character that can't be caught. anti-CC + best movement discs. It would be a mini game on how many fights in a row you could survive. 4. How many hp can one character (tank) have? Can you get to 14-
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