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  1. Silverback


    The hp loss with hurt the blackguard , but also your opponent, so its relative.
  2. depends on the bow and your disciplines, as a ranger, you should be able to equip everything if you wish.
  3. Those are your options, which now take a discipline. Its no longer worth it (In my opinion)
  4. they lied, we are missing a lot of the abilities from masteries, like vandals use maces, but without mace mastery and those special attacks, it makes no sense.
  5. A solo casual is limited to a stealth class when you can 1 on 1 someone to get their supplies (sell for money and buy nice gear).
  6. I think the "Store" on the front page means that you can buy tokens or in-game items. I would rename it to skip the confusion of needing to purchase things in game. Instead it should be a tab that 'purchases the game'
  7. I thought Crowfall was just like game of thrones soap opera without all the sexy time.
  8. so the moral of the story is that everyone should be a crafter.
  9. I was pointing out that the first days of the game(when it goes live) will be rather boring, without great combat skills, no crafting yet and just trying to get basic supplies, there really isn't much to do. I plan to just harvest, gather skins or whatever until I can some skills under my belt. some will get supplies from their EK, some will fight spiders, some will skin pigs.
  10. I was a bit off topic, and referring to the launch of the game when everyone is at 0 everything.
  11. My guess is this is what most people will do just to waste time the first 3 days getting xp (since you not get xp from harvesting)
  12. Did this change, because I had a guy on my team steal the iron or popping out of 'my' node, and it got testy. I thought you could run and steal someones resource loot.
  13. If you look next to the character stats, you will see what they each modify, usually 1 or 2 other stats
  14. Another option would be to add 'expansion packs' that you would have to purchase.
  15. Yea, now I could keep track of everyplace I've died to fall into a deep depression. On a lighter note: I like the idea.
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