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  1. The UI is clunky, but I think the assassin is the only one able to 'poof' from combat with their 'Q'. everyone else must wait that second or two to switch.
  2. These wells make glass and seal the water up for you....they are special.
  3. wood elf lost camouflage ability by picking up a major discipline (illusionst invisibility) but never got it back after the discipline is removed.
  4. Warhammer online had this and it was great. Basically Q-up until you get 5, the other side gets 5 and go. Took 2 min. to get in a battle, so you could be harvesting or farming and a quick break.
  5. The EK will probably be used as a guild hub. Vendors, castles etc and wouldn't start over. The EK will probably be the place everyone goes right before the campaign to gear up. I'm against it. I think we could probably get rid of EQ's and add housing in gods reach, in the back area with the level 1 mobs running around.
  6. I am waiting for this very single event. I use to do this in Champions role playing. (about 1987) This could specialize people with serious strengths and weaknesses.
  7. What dark fall did right was have limited ‘keeps’ that served as bases and could be taken and owned. Then imagine having mother nodes only inside the walls. singles would jump the fences to mine, guilds would team up to help take forts. i loved the idea of the campaigns but raids seem superficial and I don’t see a future. Take a fort just because your looking for a fight.
  8. Silverback

    Max archer range

    I've seen 42m in a recent video..I know there is also carrot juice with +3m
  9. I'm finding if you want to go blackguard, then Ranger is an upgrade. It has a better heal....40% heal which you can use multiple times, it already has range so that saves you disipline. You can pick up stealth (Although not as good)...plus rangers with stealth get ambush (the biggest opener) I'm having trouble staying with blackguard because of that.
  10. you can find R7 resources in the campaign ...use the back gates over the bank
  11. This characterizes it perfectly. No burst like the cuthoat, no sustain, but even blackguard's sustain heal/armor isn't good. I've trying to make a ranger (with their sustain heal) into an assassin.
  12. Silverback


    I just tried Blackguard again and thought i would try and craft armor with extra lifesteal, added poisoner disc and I was still getting the 13 points back every attack, sometimes up to 36 or down to 6 so its still the trickle unless they really raise the poison damage. With the mail armor and added 1k hp's...I thought I could focus on area damage and get multiple attacks (dagger spins/multi arrow shots and cone attacks) to make it a strategy in large combats. (like a myrmidon) Nice but what do you lose? You lose the assassin focus, the big hit single target stuff. The generic backstab that everyone gets is doing 2-300. Vandal gets an suppressing backstab and un-defendable stun from stealth (so you can stack damage)and cutthroat gets Ambush (the single best attack in the game) plus 30% bonus damage from behind.
  13. yea thats odd, since people are spamming guild recruiting in the game.
  14. Silverback


    The hp loss with hurt the blackguard , but also your opponent, so its relative.
  15. depends on the bow and your disciplines, as a ranger, you should be able to equip everything if you wish.
  16. Those are your options, which now take a discipline. Its no longer worth it (In my opinion)
  17. they lied, we are missing a lot of the abilities from masteries, like vandals use maces, but without mace mastery and those special attacks, it makes no sense.
  18. I think the "Store" on the front page means that you can buy tokens or in-game items. I would rename it to skip the confusion of needing to purchase things in game. Instead it should be a tab that 'purchases the game'
  19. I thought Crowfall was just like game of thrones soap opera without all the sexy time.
  20. I was pointing out that the first days of the game(when it goes live) will be rather boring, without great combat skills, no crafting yet and just trying to get basic supplies, there really isn't much to do. I plan to just harvest, gather skins or whatever until I can some skills under my belt. some will get supplies from their EK, some will fight spiders, some will skin pigs.
  21. I was a bit off topic, and referring to the launch of the game when everyone is at 0 everything.
  22. My guess is this is what most people will do just to waste time the first 3 days getting xp (since you not get xp from harvesting)
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