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  1. Maybe the problem is that we need a gold coin sink into something useful, forts, declarations of war (made up), name changes, give it to the gods for buffs etc.
  2. Isnt the first build of a fort the hard part? then people only break down a part of the wall that needs to be repaired? I think its good for the opening guild rush for a campaign
  3. They should have 2 passives that you can toggle one on, and two actives that you can only do one at a time. Passives: Health regen (def) or Attack power (off) Actives speed boost (non-combat) or Damage reduction (combat)
  4. No one will harvest for the first several months, they will passively gain, and fight npc's. It doesn't make sense UNLESS you can put both skill tickers into the same thing. For example, you can skill gain two skills? Why not the same tree? Pvpers can do both offense and defence, or double up on all offense (have one ticker get 2x gains) This will let people specialize and be more dependent on others.
  5. I like what DarKfall did....pve gave you enchanting ingredients SWG pve gave you bone/leather etc to craft
  6. In SWG we had them and they were great!....It was more about the creative process of making 1 really good piece which was more fun. BUT...the armor was more complex with armor layers and additives. People went through armor fast!
  7. um, you're testing things...experiment and test drastically.
  8. some will bring higher tools, depends on what you want.
  9. The game needs to start with 25k points or something.
  10. everyone wasnt running a frostwearver?
  11. I would like to see disciplines have DISADVANTAGES upgrade to plate -3% run speed Arcane Archer - 5% melee damage Blade master +5% ranged damage taken
  12. "Increase the amount of slots in your ore inventory bag" .....interesting
  13. The guy with one post says yay...I saw we go with that.
  14. yea 'soon'.... soon is defined as 'who knows, but we all have guesses'
  15. I think item drops are meant to be 'usable' while not being the best or perfected to a characters style/skill. But if you don't have cash or items, you can go kill some npc and get good enough gear for a fighting chance.
  16. The UI is clunky, but I think the assassin is the only one able to 'poof' from combat with their 'Q'. everyone else must wait that second or two to switch.
  17. These wells make glass and seal the water up for you....they are special.
  18. wood elf lost camouflage ability by picking up a major discipline (illusionst invisibility) but never got it back after the discipline is removed.
  19. Warhammer online had this and it was great. Basically Q-up until you get 5, the other side gets 5 and go. Took 2 min. to get in a battle, so you could be harvesting or farming and a quick break.
  20. The EK will probably be used as a guild hub. Vendors, castles etc and wouldn't start over. The EK will probably be the place everyone goes right before the campaign to gear up. I'm against it. I think we could probably get rid of EQ's and add housing in gods reach, in the back area with the level 1 mobs running around.
  21. I am waiting for this very single event. I use to do this in Champions role playing. (about 1987) This could specialize people with serious strengths and weaknesses.
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