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  1. They should have 2 passives that you can toggle one on, and two actives that you can only do one at a time.


    Health regen (def)


    Attack power (off)


    speed boost (non-combat)


    Damage reduction (combat)

  2. No one will harvest for the first several months, they will passively gain, and fight npc's.

    It doesn't make sense UNLESS you can put both skill tickers into the same thing.


    For example, you can skill gain two skills? Why not the same tree?

    Pvpers can do both offense and defence, or double up on all offense (have one ticker get 2x gains)

    This will let people specialize and be more dependent on others.

  3. The EK will probably be used as a guild hub. Vendors, castles etc and wouldn't start over. The EK will probably be the place everyone goes right before the campaign to gear up. 

    I'm against it. I think we could probably get rid of EQ's and add housing in gods reach, in the back area with the level 1 mobs running around.

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