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  1. Two stoneborn and one centaur for the glue...Advanced crafting!
  2. Forts and keeps should be 'owned' by a guild. Gates should be able to be controlled by the guild settings. Make it a trading hub and set up vendor or guild hall for your group (because you don't trust anyone!) Tax the gate for 10gold per entrance pay for more guards for the walls. Re-inforce the walls? Forts and keeps should be a guild task not a squad task to take.
  3. the servers are down atm and they are working on it. FYI, i tried to log into the game with a gaming laptop and it didnt have a full 3-D card and would crash before i could log in. Hopefully you have the specs
  4. You actually lose ALOT of dps including ambush and 20-30 % positional damage (from behind) compared to cuthroat talents
  5. Silverback

    8% lifesteal

    Is this 8% of the poisons damage or each attack?
  6. Talents should be tied to the vessel and not the campaigns...but I'm not sure what they will do if you upgrade your vessel with crafting.
  7. All disciplines should come with a negative impact. bonus to healing gives a negative combat bonus to range, give a negative to melee bonus to speed gives a negative on speed Etc. It should be a tough choice, especially for someone wanting to be really good at one thing...because they will be really vulnerable at another.
  8. we find BarriaKarl one of our most helpful members
  9. Isn't the first 3 days going to be tossing things in the fire or killing boar for xp?
  10. crowfall is teaching us patience
  11. Having the same problem, working with support right now.
  12. The 8% lifesteal seems to work best for the solo assassin picking of single targets, maybe a player that like to go solo, roaming around without a group or healer, otherwise they lose a bunch of combat abilities. I think the big question for me is how good will poison be?
  13. Silverback

    Ranger stealth

    Stealth in 5.8 Guineacian (burrow) limited to burning stamina, guessing about 2 minutes. Out of Combat Wood elf (camouflage) limited to burning stamina, guessing about 2 minutes. Out of Combat Assassin class, unlimited and stealth can enhance healing or pips plus a in combat stealth Ranger talent, unlimited stealth out of combat
  14. I like the premise, the downside is that you could only have one, and not a couple. I think if you pushed it to a (major/minor) stone to be slotted. For example, major stone in your weapon spot for mining and minor (normal) stone in the regular slots.
  15. If dust was smelted into coin... PvPers get money from hunting harvesters crafters get money from pvpers buying stuff harvesters get money from crafters ...and most people can do two of the three
  16. I like all of these, especially splitting the blacksmithing into weapons and armor. mail and plate could also be split within the 'armor' tree so that it takes double the points to master both and yet it would still be optional.
  17. This is pretty amazing, it's a skill based game similar to UO, but the skills and stats almost define the character. For example, a character with good rifle skills plus high int. makes a good sniper since the int gives the rifle user a higher/closer view.
  18. From what I've seen, the HUNGER adds a second layer of harvesting, so that a harvester is vulnerable longer to clear an area before they can HARVEST. Essentially having to clear an area first which goes with the idea of controlling an area. + : Hunger encourage more pvp focal points, you will have less solo harvesters running around in hidden areas on the edge of the maps. - : Harvesting is already the biggest grind in the game, and this only adds to it.
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