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  1. From what I've seen, the HUNGER adds a second layer of harvesting, so that a harvester is vulnerable longer to clear an area before they can HARVEST. Essentially having to clear an area first which goes with the idea of controlling an area. + : Hunger encourage more pvp focal points, you will have less solo harvesters running around in hidden areas on the edge of the maps. - : Harvesting is already the biggest grind in the game, and this only adds to it.
  2. I would argue that the game is about player created fun compared to game created fun (Sandbox vs themepark). Like I tell my 10 year old when she's bored. Make your own fun. It looks like the developers are adding more and more things so that players can expand on fun.
  3. For god sakes people, totally different. Check your eyes. It made me sad when they put sparkles around them also. I say that jokingly, but honestly wish they made them harder to find.
  4. is there a chart to tell us which animal gives which hides? (Hard leather vs flexible leather etc)?
  5. I wish food worked more like SWG - spice or doctor boosts. It would feel more like a craft than work. In SWG, you could take 'spice' which worked like a drug to boost certain stats then need some recovery. People would sell food as buffs.
  6. Its totally unfair that you 'orderians' or whatever you call yourselves, are more organized and have more players.
  7. mine is 10-20, tough but I figured it was my laptop I was playing on. Told the wife I'll need to get a new computer this year. She said "what for?"...I said, "What do you want for dinner?", she said, "How about Mexican food?....dodged a fast one.
  8. This limited stealth is tied to your stamina, I'm trying to figure a way to boost that stamina and/or increase the regeneration. This is what I have so far. 5 spirit raises stamina 1 point. Eating apples gives a stamina boost (for a certain discipline) While harvesting, hitting a tree with 3 pips will give you stamina boost, but not enough to continue harvesting while hidden and running around. new vessels with spirit and tossing junk in the fire can add spirit, but that would gimp the other stats. Is something craftable that raises stam regeneration outside of combat?
  9. Nice work, should make the game more fun.
  10. I'll pony up for my daughter who is waiting for the fae and has a small head.
  11. I am hoping for some new stealth disciplines.
  12. I use my fingers as counters.
  13. If you did that, every item crafted would be amazing, with just a different durability. Therefore, all gear would be the same.
  14. and maybe a searchable icon that would indicate the vendor types. "alchemy badge" or whatever and so if you were looking for healing potions, you could look for open EK's with alchemy vendors.
  15. I think a lot has to do with finances, if they run out of money, they must launch, if they still have funds and people continue to sign in then they may continue to develop/polish the game. I'm sure they've talked to the team, created some whiteboard drawing in some boardroom with the things that must be in for launch and what the time frame is on those elements....and those time elements seem to change.
  16. Divide the progression skills into 3 categories. Harvesting(exploring), crafting and combat. A normal subscription gives: One fast progression One normal progression VIP give you twice that (so two fast and two normal) This makes you specialize and a VIP can either build a single character or create two separate characters going down two totally separate skill trees. VIP would give a character equal skills to another character in two categories but never better. On a side note (I'm not sure how the race tree would fit in). I would really like to separate harvesting and crafting from the same category. Thoughts?
  17. One thing I liked about crowfall crafting was that each harvesting skill was a little different. Hides you needed combat skills (great for harvester/combat types) mining mothernodes needed a group (good guild/social aspect) Woodcutters needed to 'find' the wood. (explorers) Nodes are on the map anyways, so finding them takes a tiny bit of skill for the ignorant. Now they are just WoW nps's visually yelling "click me, click me". Just visual trash.
  18. Its very playable, but content/features are being added to 'fill the world'.
  19. If your vendor isnt making enough for your upkeep then the system is broken or you're prices are broken. If the upkeep was connected to the amount sold on a vendor, that would work also. So casually build one item a day and put it on your vendor as soon as the other single item sold. You would be a terrible vendor but your upkeep would be low.
  20. Silverback

    Ranger stealth

    Rangers should have an option to either go down the perception route and become a hunter or go into Stealth and become the prey. The only way to do this is with disciplines only available to some classes. Ranger camouflage -Grants stealth - 25 perception - Shadow arrow does 1/2 damage but doesn't trigger combat on the target Keen Senses +25 perception In touch with nature - nature gives you warning signs if a stealthed person comes within 15m Guided by light - Arrow attack that hits a stealthed opponent in the direction you are facing (in a cone)
  21. A lot of us got in pretty early so we are now paying the price of waiting...
  22. I remember my time as an armorsmith, running a shop with a buddy of mine and the stories of buying votes to overthrow a player city, creating a shopping experience and my buddy and I still talk about that game in a way that no one could understand.
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