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  1. The thing I like about skinning is that its very different from the rest. You will probably need to train combat and skinning, compared to the blacksmith with crafting and mining. This would lead to less people doing it and getting more for your time. My guess is that the boars are like a lvl 1 node compared to animals on a different campaign setting.
  2. loggers and skinners get food, some get dust and others get more rares. It adds to the exchange of goods.
  3. What would you still need in the game for it to soft launch? I would need: Finish the classes/races Finish the Crafting system including the vessels (but not alchemy or harvesting plants) server stability Other than that, I could live with the dev's working on things, even things like advanced crafting which we won't get to that soon. What else would you NEED?
  4. Door rings, an important phone call, etc is why recall is important. You can always log out and log back in when needed but its not exactly the same. The boring part of an adventure is the return trip. I like the recall from UO, and the stones you could mark.
  5. I would prefer nothing be on a map to start but instead, you would have to label your own map. They talked about no-mini map for players, and this is just a pain to bring up because its a total another screen when you're running around. Now cartography is not in the game yet, so who knows how this will develop.
  6. The devs have stated that wanted to get durability in the vessels but they also wanted them to be permanent fixtures for a character. (Or something to that effect). Imagine if the vessel you start with has 100 - 500 durability (or souls). Every time you died, you would lose a soul. Now, like a repair kit, you would have to replace those 'souls' through some type of crafted system. Poor quality - 1 soul replacement blue quality - 10 soul replacement This would give those flesh dealing slime some way to replace or continue with their craft. thoughts?
  7. You're crazy, I can't stop playing the game and its in Alpha.
  8. blackmask has a buff "All attacks count as if you are attacking from behind your targets while active"...then you can spam backstab (just one more thing on your toolbar.
  9. Off topic 'meatheads who stick their chest out and talk about how good they are'
  10. Davjen, My guess is that your first point about marking enemies would be done through voice chat. Most guilds will have a 'caller' during a fight. I love your second suggestion of marking a map, similiar to SWG, but also personal use. I don't like the giant map with everything already on it. Instead, people should explore and 'flag' parts of the maps with labels. We're still in Alpha so even the guilds don't get chat right now. Lets see how this plays out.
  11. I'm suggesting a SWG 'nest' type mother node for boars and cats. Single harvesters can kill the solo mobs roaming around, but it would take a group to attack a nest which would spawn a group of irate mobs. We also saw this in treasure maps in UO. The nest would hold the gold and have a higher chance of rares.
  12. The guy stealing materials is probably the solo menace without a guild. This eliminates the guild war ability if he has no guild. If someone in my guild did this to their own faction they would be gone. If a guild of these types of players banded together they would quickly be flagged for war by many other guilds. my guess is that this will happen at the beginning of the game close to a beach head during the initial scramble of materials.
  13. I'm not convinced that gatherers will NEED to be protected, but obviously gather together for protection. I also think that pure combat classes could live off of killing those solo gatherers for materials. If you remember SWG, the mobs had a nest with 4-5 mobs roaming around it. The solo guy could kill the mobs but imagine it would take several people to kill the 'nest' similiar to mother node. This nest would then have collectibles like gold coins?
  14. Gold must come from a non-crafting area. Crafters need customers and there must be rare drops or gold for combat people to sale/trade for goods. Otherwise the economy is one sided. Right now it seems to come from skinning (gold, shards and crafting materials to sell)
  15. It would be good if "logging" (which is a major) would become a minor and drop from a lvl 9 spruce. That the minor had a connection to the item it dropped from. Combat related would go to npc mobs types, but 'thorns' would be connected to harvesting. They could also make all runes in minor abilities, so minor axe mastery compared to a crafted major axe mastery.
  16. I got a great taste of the new campaign opening up yesterday when I decided to head out to Mire (from Chaos side) and mine that rare ore. Turns out a couple of guys decided to take my ore and pound on the same node I started. We were all just half naked miners starting out, and since we were both on Chaos, nothing we could do. Competition will he heated when the games begin. I love it when you hear "These are our ore" along with a few "F" words. It turned into a ore greifing night. It was enjoyable.
  17. Its written at the bottom right and left how many you have.
  18. The crowfall team is carving them from stone as we speak. Unfortunately their skills are on a timer and someone forgot to raise their crafting skills.
  19. Masonary should be in the main building and runecrafting should be in a small house next to it. (This is for the forts)
  20. Silverback


    The assassin ability "recon" gives a debuff of EXPOSED to an enemy while in stealth. How long does the exposure last? Does it also stack with the major discipline PLAGUE LORD which also can cause the debuff of EXPOSED. Any other disciplines/skills create exposed?
  21. Have we figured out of Support power is equal to attack power, meaning +350 support would be +35 healing per 'tick'?
  22. That's what I thought, so no real help unless you add healing or some buffing power from a discipline. Thanks
  23. The minor disc. "matching leather" gives +350 support power. Since assassins are on a 'pip' system, how would that help anything?
  24. I'm just impressed that James Goblin speaks French.
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