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  1. The minor disc. "matching leather" gives +350 support power. Since assassins are on a 'pip' system, how would that help anything?
  2. I'm just impressed that James Goblin speaks French.
  3. We should struggle for a week or two for some crafter/harvester to start putting them on the market or trading them for resources. Intermediate tools for intermediate skill levels to make
  4. I think the spirit harvesting tools are only achieved through advancement to the rune tree. (Guessing)
  5. ... so your saying we can play trolls?
  6. squishy yes, but in a fray of combat, my guess is that the assassin will have to take themselves out of the fray (with stealth)... get position on someone hanging in the back or half alive to finish them off..... and go for the kill. This will take time out of combat for a time and put pressure on the visible group members.
  7. Crafting would be a great way to solo since the skills are time based, then just go out and harvest whenever.
  8. Wow, the only thing they are missing is stealth. With damage, range, healing, sprinting, blinds and stuns they seem.... ....hard to eliminate.
  9. I played a dice style D&D type game called Champions (superheroes) in the 80's that had advantages and disadvantages and it was the best part of character building i've ever seen.
  10. The allocation for skill points is unfair. Assuming there are three types of players:(knowing that a person will have a focus and pick up tertiary skills also) Crafter Resource gatherer Pvper And a VIP account has 1 skill for crafting or gathering and 3 points for classes then all players may max out their pvp and pick gatherer or crafter, but If you are mainly a crafter then your only option is pvp. You cannot advance both crafter and gathering at the same time (even through you might of specialized in mining or woodworking). I am suggesting that you get 1 point for crafting/gathering and 1 point for classes, then the VIP gives you 1 or 2 more points to put wherever you want. Also pvpers can add combat skills if they don't craft/gather but crafters or gatherers can't add to their craft using the 3 'class' points. Its weighted so that everyone (no mater your playstyle) gets a fighting character and then either crafts or gatherers. One option would be to bring the explorer/gatherer down to the classes or eliminated the separation of points for a max of 4 to be placed anywhere you want.. Thx.
  11. Blair has said they have hidden in little tidbits in the disciplines. One is something to do with casting all the bard songs in 6 sec. and getting an extra boost. Another is to get peripheral vision and it won't do a close up when you harvest a node.
  12. If I could be so bold as to add something... A final calculation of all the raw supplies needed. (e.g. 36 ore, 17 wood)
  13. I thought the devs said that the dust would be smelted into coins which will only be a trickle to the economy.
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