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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to crowfall, just became a Bronze Backer yesterday! The game looks really cool but I'm still a little confused on some topics, so if you could lend me some knowledge or link me to the answers, I'd greatly appreciate it! So first off, I'm a slight bit confused on the leveling progression. It seems to me that there are SO many different paths you can go, that your character will basically be good at 1 very specific task, and not be able to do anything else. Could someone sort of summarize the leveling system for me? Also, is there like a beginner guide to the crafting system basics? Because that looks INTENSE. I've got so many more questions but I'll just have to learn over time Thanks again for any help !
  2. Like will all of my crafting levels transfer over to the full game?
  3. Hello! I'm new to Crowfall and fairly new to mmorpg's in general! I played ESO for a while but now i'm excited to be here! I'm hoping to be a master crafter ;D
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