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  1. Well Kisuke I wouldn't necessarily say Lemonade stand to Coke...but uh maybe a Lemonade stand to a pharmacy? 10mil to 100mil is only 90 more XD And of course the graphics and physics and engines involved in SC are going to take many more moons and pizza dough to perfect. I'd speak more about it but this is basically a thread trying to convince forum mods to create sub-forums XD
  2. Well my main reasoning is that I suspect a lot of people who are interested in crowfall will most likely also be active within the star citizen and Camelot unchained communities. I want to easilly be able to find and talk with these people about said games. An important part of it is that I want it to be with individuals whose focus is crowfall. Going to the other forums means I'd have to buy into the games, and will find people who aren't interested in crow fall at all. How many different threads do you think will get started based on those two games.
  3. I know that it's interesting I always suspected crowfall had some inspiration from game of thrones knights watch. Camelot unchained comes from the fact the main guy was a developer of dark age if Camelot and the like.
  4. I know that these are the off topic games, but I believe within this thread we should have sub-forums for 2 games in particular so that all discussion on those games can take place in those sub-threads of the other games thread. Those two games in question are Star-Citizen and Camelot Unchained. These two particular games may be crowfall's main release "buddies" Specifically Crowfall and Camelot Unchained will probably end up being semi-competitors. I expect working betas and alphas of both Camelot and Crowfall to fall within the same time frame and to compete for player base. Of course personally I will pick Crowfall over Camelot, but I'd still like to try that game out. Star Citizen has a different atmosphere than these two games, but it's a project that I wont hold my breath on. While I say Star-citizen may be a release buddy in actuality I don't see a near completed version of Star citizen until December 2017. Crowfall, Camelot, and Star Citizen are probably the next big three MMO's to come much like the Guild War, WoW, and Final Fantasy 11 trio.
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