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  1. Participation trophies, really? Do you not understand the demographic of your player base (UO, SB, DF Vets)?
  2. It used to be called "the internet"
  3. I think we can all agree as a community that we would like to see consistency in moderation. You have not demonstrated that at all as our Director of Community. I appreciate you staying away from our 3rd party sites as we don't want your biases enforced there as well.
  4. Reminds me of that part in grandmas boy when they change the color of the elves between level A and B Instead of redesigning the character. Call me me crazy but it looks way too much like the hell cat (maybe that’s on purpose). They both look bad imo.
  5. I personally enjoyed watching the rise and fall of the OP confessor. The only confessors left are the ones that actually play the class well. edit: 69 posts teehee
  6. Its about to get real.... funny.
  7. The video consists of 3 fights between Order and Chaos. Its a little long, but worth every minute. Really solid PvP from both factions, well done. I hope Chaos enjoys the ending, I kept it in just for them. Crank up the volume!
  8. Guess you didnt pay enough to play. Ridiculous right?
  9. Clicked the link hoping for an update and was thoroughly disappointed. Cool pic bro.
  10. I dont want to watch you make the game. I want to play the game.
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