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  1. Participation trophies, really? Do you not understand the demographic of your player base (UO, SB, DF Vets)?
  2. It used to be called "the internet"
  3. I think we can all agree as a community that we would like to see consistency in moderation. You have not demonstrated that at all as our Director of Community. I appreciate you staying away from our 3rd party sites as we don't want your biases enforced there as well.
  4. Reminds me of that part in grandmas boy when they change the color of the elves between level A and B Instead of redesigning the character. Call me me crazy but it looks way too much like the hell cat (maybe that’s on purpose). They both look bad imo.
  5. I personally enjoyed watching the rise and fall of the OP confessor. The only confessors left are the ones that actually play the class well. edit: 69 posts teehee
  6. Its about to get real.... funny.
  7. The video consists of 3 fights between Order and Chaos. Its a little long, but worth every minute. Really solid PvP from both factions, well done. I hope Chaos enjoys the ending, I kept it in just for them. Crank up the volume!
  8. Guess you didnt pay enough to play. Ridiculous right?
  9. Clicked the link hoping for an update and was thoroughly disappointed. Cool pic bro.
  10. I dont want to watch you make the game. I want to play the game.
  11. All this showed me was 20% of our player base needs a damn job!
  12. I seem to do just fine gathering and crafting my own gear while actively solo PvPing. Ive been knocked down while gathering resources. I just get back up and kill them. Maybe you guys should just get better at the game?
  13. "dolmar and I wanted to test running a Book of Sin fessor and Focus Orb fessor builds" "melt our victims in seconds" "The nova combined with the fire wall melts them in seconds, the additional fireballs and books of sin are for the most part, overkill." I'm pretty sure I address all those things you pointed out. Lastly, I think you put a lot of effort into being negative for no reason. We were trying to show, in video, the overkill of Nova and Firewall. You were in the same stream I was where they asked us to keep making video's. You're usually a very positive person and contribute, are you butt hurt about something?
  14. dolmar and I wanted to test running a Book of Sin fessor and Focus Orb fessor builds. Sin having the fire wall spell and Focus having the Nova spell is a pretty nasty combo. In a 1v1 both these builds have their strengths and weaknesses. Together, they are a nasty nasty combo that allows us to melt our victims in seconds. Once the player is knocked down, I place a fire wall on them as dolmar rockets into the fire wall and drops his AOE Nova. The nova combined with the fire wall melts them in seconds, the additional fireballs and books of sin are for the most part, overkill. Toward the end of the video you'll see me die in a group fight (you know i dont mind sharing), then we immediately retaliate and wipe using the same combo (not bragging, I realize they were half health). I hope you enjoy the video for what it is. Keep coming up with idea's and combinations that people wont expect. I'll give you a break down of our gear and runes if anyone is interested.
  15. They literally asked us to test different disciplines on the live stream yesterday, so that they can balance out the runes and make sure they aren't under/over performing.
  16. As you can see from the chat window. Facerip was a good sport about it too +1
  17. Had to change the audio from Rammstein's Feuer Frei! Put another song on top of it, just not the same
  18. Went to Facerip's Eternal Kingdom. One thing lead to another, and OPP burnt that place to the ground. See for yourself...
  19. Came here to say this, confirmed.
  20. This is the same guy that went all REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in chat. Told me he wanted to watch me die in a car accident. I'm not joking.
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