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  1. @Gzas They tried to get test going last night but they didn't feel it was ready yet. Once they feel they have a good feeling with it, we will have the new patch to test for them. Probably won't see the dregs campaign itself for another few weeks since I believe they are just opening God Reach on test to test all the class promotions they made changes too. Especially the new class Frostweaver.
  2. Yellow is confirmed and purple is unconfirmed yet for stats We know what the half elf discipline powers are but the stats have not been confirmed yet but I am assuming they will be since almost all the other stats were the same and officially @srathor we are missing Human Nethari Wood Elf and Half elf(mainly for stats)
  3. @Goonii Currently anyone can make the blue disc for the current build we are in 5.100 I don't know if anything is changing in 5.110 for that rule but my guess would be a hard no on needing a dedicated crafter for major discs but if someone did buy a extra account maybe that person could use that account as a storage unit for all the souls that they farm since their is quite a few of them to hold 😁 1 Blue Disc = 1 Blue Soul & 2 Soul Essences plus some stone, blood, paper, Aurelium, Silver, & Ethereal Dust for each disc made 1 Purple Disc = 3 Blue Souls & 9 Soul Essenc
  4. @yianni Exploration souls are easy to farm. Just to need a soul gem tool, hit resources above rank 6 & above, and this list to know when soul drops from where and you don't have click over and over again. And the best part is they all come out blue discs when you make them. Currently this is the list. Rank 6+ Stone gives: Connoisseur, Villein, Foreman, & Quarryman. Rank 6+ Ore gives: Villein, Lookout, Connoisseur, & Miner. Rank 6+ Skinning gives: Foreman, Hoarder, Lookout, & Skinner. Rank 6+ Graves gives: Lookout, Survivalist, Hoarder, & Grave
  5. Here is my take on what a Dev Diary should be just a bunch of pictures of what's to come Take a look at what the cliffs will look like for 5.110: https://aaronhamiltonartist.com/world-cliff Aaron Hamilton is a environment Artist for Crowfall
  6. @Sicarious , Besides hardware being the issue, it could be another software program that is affecting Crowfall itself. The following programs have been known to slow down Crowfall so if you run any of these programs, I would try to disable them and then run crowfall again to see if anything improves. -ASUS ROG Sonic Studio 2-AMD Gaming Evolved / Raptr-Overwolf-Xfire-PunkBuster-FRAPS-Plays.TV, Razer Cortex-MSI Afterburner-EVGA Precision X-Razer Synapse 2.0-ASUS Xonar Control Panel (for this program it's only necessary to disable GX Mode by opening the Control Panel, and de-selecting
  7. Since they are coming with updated passive skill trees, wouldn't it make since for the test server to have x10 for testing purposes to make sure the new skill tree works and when it is ready to go live start it off at x1 @Jah@Arkade maybe someone should suggest that to the devs since we have all seen that some of the skill tree nodes in the past didn't work correctly
  8. Usually means they are updating the game and when the game is ready to play, you will have a patch to download. Fridays are typically patch day as well.
  9. I've been reading a lot of comments on the servers while playing about one faction having more players over another faction. I realize that certain campaign's will be one sided over the other two factions regardless of how many rule sets one puts in the campaign. Why not add a forth option to the three-faction campaign? Simply by adding a random faction button to select. This random faction button could put you in the lowest active faction to help even out the numbers so one faction doesn't dominate the field. Let's face it, if we are all on the same team how are we suppose to have any fun pvp
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