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  1. Usually means they are updating the game and when the game is ready to play, you will have a patch to download. Fridays are typically patch day as well.
  2. I've been reading a lot of comments on the servers while playing about one faction having more players over another faction. I realize that certain campaign's will be one sided over the other two factions regardless of how many rule sets one puts in the campaign. Why not add a forth option to the three-faction campaign? Simply by adding a random faction button to select. This random faction button could put you in the lowest active faction to help even out the numbers so one faction doesn't dominate the field. Let's face it, if we are all on the same team how are we suppose to have any fun pvping. Also, by selecting this random faction button gives the player some small advantage for choosing to go with the lowest population for a faction on that campaign to make it more worthwhile. Some of the small advantages may be starting off with a full set of basic gear or everyone's favorite having the ability to import / export more items from the campaign itself.
  3. I don't know if this was already suggested. Make serval check boxes (or some type of search parameter) for EK's browsing to help find the suitable EK's that one is looking for since this will be a issue down the line when everyone has his/her EK marked for public. First one for pvp enabled EK's. The second one for non pvp enabled. The third one for auction house. Fourth one for crafting/gathering house. Fifth one for just social encounters.
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