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  1. I do? I think I'm fairly consistent in arguing when people are argumentative or antagonistic in some way, generally rather than just giving their view. I don't think or feel like I'm ' mr. internet smart guy', I just have an exceptionally low opinion of your mental capabilities, no one else's thus far in the thread, just yours, mostly because it seems like you don't actually read anything, you just vomit stuff forth, though, you quote things, so maybe you read, but don't comprehend, either way... Yes, I see this is your opinion. It's also what people such as myself were looking not to happen, Shadowbane no longer exists...probably for a reason...I never played it...also probably for a reason...The term 'spiritual successor' was thrown around a lot, which was fine, but if it's going to be Shadowbane 2, then it should be called as such. But more importantly, the ideas you express about pve were exactly what backers like myself were looking to get away from, it's how they lured us in, they said they learned, they hads experience, they had ideas....but yup.. Shadowbane 2, and it makes me sadder and sadder each slip towards that end
  2. First, in every response in all the years here, you have always been thoughtful and rational in every response to every post I've seen, and I appreciate that, even if I have not used those words. The quote you used hits the nail on the head. And yet I have that hollow feeling growing in my gut... I'm not shocked, but things like gold and loot drops could have been addressed in other ways, within the framework they have already developed. I think a telling example is that chaos embers seemed to be the de-facto currency, not gold, but gold was useful, but just another grind. The logical process they were trying to follow escapes me, especially in light of, and I know I use the word promise, how about, strongly suggested, that this would be all player driven? Yes, gathering is unlikely to be this big driver of pvp as hoped, but will anything else? I posted against scheduled siege times, because it's going to lead to the same thing as every other pvp mmo. Variables they introduce may influence a win or win conditions, but that can't negate a superior force by size or strategy in the long run...and most people like to be on the winning side... I, in contrast, have never backed another idea. I have been disappointed by promise after promise of a pvp game where pvp was the focus, not an overlay on top of a pve system, which often leads to, well, I assume you've played a couple too, so..
  3. @yieldblue I owe you an apology, you absolutely mentioned the one constant, unique feature - the dying worlds mechanic, and I skipped over it, albeit not my intent, it was my failing, I was wrong, you were correct, I am Sorry. Really, what I wanted is what we were told, everything was player gathered, player made, and player fought over/protected. Yes, everything was supposed to be transient, you were not supposed to get attached to the pixels. I can literally go breast-for-tat on points with you, we disagree on things, I'm okay with rational conversation, I often use strong language. Disciplines? Not that an amazing an idea, I mean, go back to materia from FF7, or , or , or (fill in other examples yourselves, from your own experiences)... you see? A slightly different way to make you feel like you can 'customize' your toon isn't even note-worthy in my eyes. Few ideas are truly new, the dying worlds was one, perhaps the main reason I do stick around. You mention 'they' state X Y Z about keeping the meta "whatever", but again, they've said a lot of things over the years, and I can illustrate many of them are not true, and the reality is, the "FoTM/MEta" is alive and well, and I am rather dubious at this point they can break those proverbial chains. I have bluntly stated I am displeased with the direction things have progressed. I even started by saying I am trying to accept the game they developed, leaving unsaid versus the game they said they were going to make. Many are very happy with the concessions. I am not. Everything player made was "too hard"? That's all the excuses I read amount to, from literally everyone. I, mistakenly, thought that WAS supposed to be this game, STEEP learning curve, things were NOT supposed to be equal, or fair, or taught to you via some insipid NPC quest... that literally the time could have been spent on more productive development...I'll again apply brakes there.
  4. Actually, let me comment on what it's becoming...it's becoming a run of the mill MMO where PVP will become a secondary consideration, which it's already heading in that direction. It starts with the little things, an excuse why a little PvE is acceptable, even though it erodes the PVP-Gather-Craft triangle that everything was to be built on...a little pve, a little pve drops, a little gold drop...a little questing... Just like an hour glass, each small concession is a grain of sand, itself inconsequential, but over time, the accumulation grows into something much ...more.. And that's all I've seen here, it's why I'm not happy, call it death by 1000 cuts.. Call me the fool then, I believed. But I've seen this all before, I am okay with changes in development, but the lazy concessions are a slippery slope we will never recover from. Again, prime example, there is no call at all for pve drops, it absolutely could have been addressed in a more robust crafting system, but it feels like they all but gave up on crafting too. I'm just gonna stop there...
  5. I disagree with almost everything you say. - Rulesets aren't unique, their modifications of other games/styles -Eternal kingdom is a glorified housing zone, ya, it's nice to have, but doesn't make or break the game for me, and if other MMO's with housing are any indicator, it's along those lines for the majority of players. - Your descriptions of PVE scream CARE BEAR, CARE BEAR ,CARE BEAR, and are exactly what many early backers were afraid of, but that train is rolling through full steam now. - The discipline system is again a modification and/or conglomeration of existing ideas, and the implementation lead to further FoTM/Meta-ing that favors large groups who have people who will min/max test and leave those who can't or won't at a distinct disadvanatage, and since you worry about people being: ...this needs to be included too, I mean, shouldn't we have training videos, in-game classes in "safe spaces" with personalized tutorials, and someone there so you can cry on their shoulder when the 'bad people' give them 'boo-boo's'?? Because we wouldn't want them "unprepared for pvp". You make a lot of excuses, and give credit where none is due. Your opinion on what I should do is irrelevant. I am glad it's going to make a bunch of Care Bears happy with their "pvp-light", I am, I just have grown tired of being promised a pvp game, and getting..well, whatever you want to call what this is becoming...
  6. I agree, you did answer! And I appreciate that. But I also felt you were trying to convince me based on your experience, as if I had not played during those times, and I have, and I felt your blurbs were inaccurate and based on conjecture, and I explained why I felt that way. We can agree to disagree. Which you didn't answer. You stated you "didn't know" about things I am certain about, and you made excuses for their changes, when those excuses hold no water (ie: they do not need intermediate pve gear drops, the issue COULD be addressed fully through player crafting) because it is counter to the ideas and ideals they stated the game would be based upon. IE they lied. Okay? I've had halfwits like you try to make excuses for dev's and tell me why my experiences and opinions aren't correct, yet act like hurt little babies when I counter and I'm not bowing to your flawed logic, and likewise point out why your arguments are generally wrong (like people countering facts with opinions), straw man arguments, etc, to which I generally get the sort of responses as above...no productive counterpoints (except Pope), just "You bad, go away" style logic, because, again, all most of you have is an opinion which is not in line with the facts... but people can't converse, again, see above...any resistance is met with open hostility, as you displayed...
  7. You mean the 100 or so people that played? It was terrible because they were lazy, and wanted the best gear and not put any of the effort to get it. When they took away all the good crafting materials from chests and started working on the actual harvesting and crafting they said would be in the game (and you can go back and find my older, yet still relevant failings of their crafting systems, because many of those issues exist in the exact same form as they did then, but that's for somewhere else...)? Yes, I understand people want it NOW without putting in the work. So NO, you didn't 'try it', they put a weak skeletal-frame in alpha, people cried, they caved. oh, okay, so please, since multiple people in this thread alone have stated how quick and easy it is to get to cap, and there are plenty of posts how talents and disc are already meta, please , tell me how this makes an appreciable difference, examples will be required, because evidence indicates you are again stating how things are as well, as well as how they always will be when a pvp MMO goes down the path this one is heading. I call BS. Best case scenario you are exaggerating. Can't use a computer and look at the controls? Aren't willing to invest a few minutes, or hours, or days,or more to learn something? You're literally feeding into what I am saying, which makes me unsurprised the devs are taking the lazy routes. By all means, let's continue to Care Bear it up, right? If it is true, perhaps they are too stupid to play a PVP MMO? But I mean, we need fodder... You do know you still do right? Can I be a Stoneborn Confessor? no? seems locked to me still huh...and please, no one tries a new build unless something is changed, or some people might test ideas, but mostly, again, I call BS, you make a lot of arguments simply for making arguments it seems to me. Heard this before, remember when disc's came out and it was going ot be soo ...boring..there was a brief surge of testing, then people settled to their respective metas, just like...now...probably because it's a tired system that lacks creativity and just feeds into existing tropes. I'll even throw you a bone, it's exceedingly difficult to come up with an entirely new system, but they threw their hands up and gave up and tried to sell us on the shine, which clearly many of you bought hook, line and sinker. They stated no PVE, no leveling, no grinding (pve), even so, what is going to prevent that now? If you've farmed what you need, unless you're helping a friend or guildie, this is going to be the same pattern most will fall into, and I'm going to use a PVE analogy, it's like leveling and getting to raid in a PVE MMO..you work and scrape and learn to get to the point where you raid, you're excited, hungry, driven...but once you start to enjoy success, it's very difficult to keep that up, the raids become more of a grind, especially as you get BiS, apathy sets in, complacency..and this holds true in PVP as well. Especially open world PVP...just like here, there will be a flurry of activity to start, but what about a few months in? Dying worlds was supposed to be the answer, but unless crafted vessels can't transfer, etc, people will get bored. The likelihood that 3 factions will stay balanced and competitive is a near statistical impossibility. And if one team, faction, guild, etc, starts to dominate, then what? Most people don;t mind playing the underdog, but when the systems are the same tired crap over and over, and set to give advantage to those who already have it, look at other MMO's, the attrition is huge, and I assume we all know, it is very very very rare for a playre to return to an MMO once they have departed...and this is already niche, even with them trying to infuse more 'mainstream' MMO ideas. This was literally the point of the player crafted system, nothing existed that wasn't player made, so there was no, nor should there have been any 'intermediate' tier, unless they implemented it in the crafting system. What this more-so indicates to me is that they screwed up their crafting & gear system so badly, it required an external patch/fix in the form of pve gear. Everything could, and IMO should (based on what they sold us on), be player made: from newbie gear to legendary gear, and every sub-step in between. Do I even need to mention again that dropped gear has stats you can't craft onto those pieces? How about modifiers you can't achieve even under ideal circumstances? Yes, those who got in/on early, who have knowledge of the system & the VIP training would have the advantage, but not an "I Win" button. But the dev's couldn;t figure out how to make crafted gear only work? Simple laziness, or lack of imagination...I have more, but they get insulting from there. Should I even talk about the craptastic idea of re-rolls on crafting.. I mean, what's the point of a system with variables where you can basically figure out how to max them every time? And of course, no one sees this as flawed... so why not just let all crafting be 100% successful & automatically at max stats? Why make me press more buttons because they ran out of decent ideas? ========================================================= I'll be honest, as this thread progresses, the most concerning idea I keep seeing is so many of you getting behind the idea of "Well it's only this one little change, and it's not bad because..." and an excuse follows...so please, let me reintroduce one of my all-time favorite sayings: Excuses are like @-holes, everyone has one, and yours stinks more than most... I do not blindly accept the "small" changes, as they have made the game divergent from what was offered, and your excuses are terrible.
  8. You see I've been around since 2015 and the kickstarter right? I mean, did you even read anything I wrote, sure seems like an ignorant response if you did...
  9. How do you consider promising a pvp-centric game with a 100% player run economy and gear creation, with pve only being for crafting materials, not "completely gone away from what they promised."? What part of any of that original concept is intact? Yes, it still has PvP...so what other ideas did they present that they have fufilled? Because this will require concrete examples, otherwise, you're just making stuff up. So you think taking the lazy road for mechanics and reverting to rock-paper-scissors is a good thing? I not only call it lazy, but disingenuous to the concept they sold us on: they had a better idea for a pvp-centric game, with experience to make that happen. Reality has been: We've given up on any sort of innovation and have reverted to tired and re-hashed mechanics that have been done to death and back...but 5 years in development so far... Yes, I hold people to their word, and when I've financially supported a concept/idea, I expect that idea to at least be attempted, and it wasn't, and it does not appear to be heading in that direction. What I am more concerned about it the trajectory I have seen in those 5 years to head further and further away from the idea and ideals they sold us on, and yet already fanboys who haven't delved past this years updates (not you, I see that 16 obv.) trying to defend ideas they are uneducated about.
  10. Sure, IF that was my only issue, it was just the one he latched onto, here, let's review some of the issues (not a complete list): Told no quests = quests exist. Told no PVE leveling/grinding = Exists AND FORCED to do to change to pvp server - *Special note here, while I keep seeing "you can get there in 1 - 3 hours", that has not been my experience, grouping has been literally counter-productive, so while this may be true if you are organized, the day to day for someone who isn't, is a vastly different experience. Told 100% player run economy = Gold drops, not player made, MUST use vendors for things like disciplines in most cases to start Told No PVE loot drop = PVE loot is generally better than beginner crafting gear AND has stats that you can't put on crafted gear, *there are more issues here, I'm tired of talking about it at this point ....so I'll stop with those four. I feel those fundamentally alter the premise on which we backed the game, and the game only follows 2 of the original promises, and one of them I contend is only going to be half honored, at best: It's an MMO, It contains PVP (I would say the promise would be that it's PVP centric, but I can make a cohesive argument it is not.) Let's talk about things like combinignpoints 2 & 4 from above and farming Kings/Chiefs? Or that like those , and motherloads, they have tried to create an artificial air of 'teamwork',when in reality they have only gated what they feel is 'more valuable' to benefit guilds over individuals, because the only other trick they used to get that kind of "feeling" (because the game lacks any REAL reason to cooperate otherwise, different argument though) is the 'rock paper scissors' aspect I have also previously mentioned. Given what they promised and their broken word(s)? I think I'm going far too easy on them, but you know, forum rules and all. See that (K) thing under my name? Why don't you go read, and watch videos, I am simply holding the development team to their word, which has been repeatedly shown to be dubious at best. To me, the changes they have made are tantamount to abandoning the principles of the game were literally 'sold' on.
  11. Correct, with conditional modifiers, but still referring to the base fact that what was said would not be in the game IS in fact in the game. Your entire argument(s) hinge on "if's and maybe's" (hypotheticals per se), mine is still reliant on the facts at hand/empirical evidence. See the difference?
  12. HAHAH...wait, you were serious? It was simple to start, and they've dumbed it down leading up and into beta. I do not consider this complex, you and I are not the same. Now we get into hypotheticals? Look, empirical evidence: Do quests Exists? Yes. Were were Promised NONE would exist? Yes. Word broken, disappointment ensues, you can't argue around the facts.
  13. Except it's call the "Quest Journal', also indicative that it would be unlikely to be the last, as you don't add a whole tab just to do the intro line, but again, no quests, no missions, color it any way you want, some is greater than the none/zero we were promised. It's 2020, if you jump into an MMO and can't orient yourself with the basics without someone holding your hand, maybe go learn to use a computer first? Don't know how to check a settings or control window? Don't know how to read? Don't care. This was also sold to us as a non 'care bear' style game, we shouldn't need a basic instruction manual, it's not that complicated.
  14. That's greater than no quests at all , as promised, yes?
  15. I am trying to accept the game they are developing, but this is not even in the same ballpark as the game I supported on Kickstarter. So are you happy? I am not. Quest bugs for quests that should not have existed. Money where we were promised player made, or none at all. No gear drops? Eh, let's let random trash drops have stats you can't even put on crafted gear. I'll stop being coy, the game looks too cartoonish, which would be fine, I can accept almost any level of graphic IF the mechanics are good and smooth, but the game and pvp mechanics are turning up to be a re-wash of the same 'rock paper scissors' they promised wouldn't happen, the runes 're-imagining' just lead to form stronger 'metas' , and they are trying to imagine a way VIP doesn't become P2W, and the worlds design isn't what was to be either. I won't even get into balance issues...and there's more, but really, I find it hard to even log in and spend points, which now seem secondary to equipping the right runes, because this isn't even a glimmer of the game we financially supported during Kickstarter. Are you happy?
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