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  1. Today's patch was NOT the answer... A quick example...Meteor Purge ...now I have a movable target and then have to charge and cast????? Oh, and all the benefits, the reason to take the talent. GONE?? replaced with the crap-tastic 'blackmantle' of old? DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE??? When you make fundamental changes, you should AT THE VERY LEAST reset the talents and let us pick again...but wait, that's right, you talent-block the only other CC behind this... I am beyond disappointed, please get someone, ANYONE with a vested interest in a viable classic ranged caster class to consult, you
  2. Today's patch was NOT the answer...now I have a movable target and then have to charge and cast????? Oh, and all the benefits, the reason to take the talent. GONE?? replaced with the crap-tastic 'blackmantle' of old? DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE??? When you make fundamental changes, you should AT THE VERY LEAST reset the talents and let us pick again...but wait, that's right, you talent-block the only other CC behind this... I am beyond disappointed, please get someone, ANYONE with a vested interest in a viable classic ranged caster class to consult, you have repeatedly failed since day1
  3. I'm not sure how many other talents may be affected, but there is a talent in the confessor line that adds +12m range to ranged attacks, if you take the 'short range' (can't recall name atm) confessor promotion class, it negates that effect, and the minimal elemental pen. it also provides is not worth wasting a talent point on. Tool tips should reflect both on the talent node itself, as well as the promotion class talent node if a talent is going to be partially, or wholly, negated by that class (or even any other node). You can't make informed decisions if the information is never
  4. Confessor Meteor Purge does not hit target (or even the general corect area) about 50% of the time, despite notes about ranged hitting more often/correctly. Tested both as an opener & once already engaged Tested both clear & semi-obstructed line of sight (meaning I always had a red reticle within range limits, but sometimes tested with a rock or bush, or tree partially obstructing) You have a 50/50 shot of it working at anything but point blank range (< 5m)
  5. I do? I think I'm fairly consistent in arguing when people are argumentative or antagonistic in some way, generally rather than just giving their view. I don't think or feel like I'm ' mr. internet smart guy', I just have an exceptionally low opinion of your mental capabilities, no one else's thus far in the thread, just yours, mostly because it seems like you don't actually read anything, you just vomit stuff forth, though, you quote things, so maybe you read, but don't comprehend, either way... Yes, I see this is your opinion. It's also what people such as myself were looki
  6. First, in every response in all the years here, you have always been thoughtful and rational in every response to every post I've seen, and I appreciate that, even if I have not used those words. The quote you used hits the nail on the head. And yet I have that hollow feeling growing in my gut... I'm not shocked, but things like gold and loot drops could have been addressed in other ways, within the framework they have already developed. I think a telling example is that chaos embers seemed to be the de-facto currency, not gold, but gold was useful, but just another grind. The l
  7. @yieldblue I owe you an apology, you absolutely mentioned the one constant, unique feature - the dying worlds mechanic, and I skipped over it, albeit not my intent, it was my failing, I was wrong, you were correct, I am Sorry. Really, what I wanted is what we were told, everything was player gathered, player made, and player fought over/protected. Yes, everything was supposed to be transient, you were not supposed to get attached to the pixels. I can literally go breast-for-tat on points with you, we disagree on things, I'm okay with rational conversation, I often use strong languag
  8. Actually, let me comment on what it's becoming...it's becoming a run of the mill MMO where PVP will become a secondary consideration, which it's already heading in that direction. It starts with the little things, an excuse why a little PvE is acceptable, even though it erodes the PVP-Gather-Craft triangle that everything was to be built on...a little pve, a little pve drops, a little gold drop...a little questing... Just like an hour glass, each small concession is a grain of sand, itself inconsequential, but over time, the accumulation grows into something much ...more.. And t
  9. I disagree with almost everything you say. - Rulesets aren't unique, their modifications of other games/styles -Eternal kingdom is a glorified housing zone, ya, it's nice to have, but doesn't make or break the game for me, and if other MMO's with housing are any indicator, it's along those lines for the majority of players. - Your descriptions of PVE scream CARE BEAR, CARE BEAR ,CARE BEAR, and are exactly what many early backers were afraid of, but that train is rolling through full steam now. - The discipline system is again a modification and/or conglomeration of existing
  10. I agree, you did answer! And I appreciate that. But I also felt you were trying to convince me based on your experience, as if I had not played during those times, and I have, and I felt your blurbs were inaccurate and based on conjecture, and I explained why I felt that way. We can agree to disagree. Which you didn't answer. You stated you "didn't know" about things I am certain about, and you made excuses for their changes, when those excuses hold no water (ie: they do not need intermediate pve gear drops, the issue COULD be addressed fully through player crafting)
  11. You mean the 100 or so people that played? It was terrible because they were lazy, and wanted the best gear and not put any of the effort to get it. When they took away all the good crafting materials from chests and started working on the actual harvesting and crafting they said would be in the game (and you can go back and find my older, yet still relevant failings of their crafting systems, because many of those issues exist in the exact same form as they did then, but that's for somewhere else...)? Yes, I understand people want it NOW without putting in the work. So NO, you didn't 'tr
  12. You see I've been around since 2015 and the kickstarter right? I mean, did you even read anything I wrote, sure seems like an ignorant response if you did...
  13. How do you consider promising a pvp-centric game with a 100% player run economy and gear creation, with pve only being for crafting materials, not "completely gone away from what they promised."? What part of any of that original concept is intact? Yes, it still has PvP...so what other ideas did they present that they have fufilled? Because this will require concrete examples, otherwise, you're just making stuff up. So you think taking the lazy road for mechanics and reverting to rock-paper-scissors is a good thing? I not only call it lazy, but disingenuous to the concept they sold
  14. Sure, IF that was my only issue, it was just the one he latched onto, here, let's review some of the issues (not a complete list): Told no quests = quests exist. Told no PVE leveling/grinding = Exists AND FORCED to do to change to pvp server - *Special note here, while I keep seeing "you can get there in 1 - 3 hours", that has not been my experience, grouping has been literally counter-productive, so while this may be true if you are organized, the day to day for someone who isn't, is a vastly different experience. Told 100% player run economy = Gold drops, not player made, MUS
  15. Correct, with conditional modifiers, but still referring to the base fact that what was said would not be in the game IS in fact in the game. Your entire argument(s) hinge on "if's and maybe's" (hypotheticals per se), mine is still reliant on the facts at hand/empirical evidence. See the difference?
  16. HAHAH...wait, you were serious? It was simple to start, and they've dumbed it down leading up and into beta. I do not consider this complex, you and I are not the same. Now we get into hypotheticals? Look, empirical evidence: Do quests Exists? Yes. Were were Promised NONE would exist? Yes. Word broken, disappointment ensues, you can't argue around the facts.
  17. Except it's call the "Quest Journal', also indicative that it would be unlikely to be the last, as you don't add a whole tab just to do the intro line, but again, no quests, no missions, color it any way you want, some is greater than the none/zero we were promised. It's 2020, if you jump into an MMO and can't orient yourself with the basics without someone holding your hand, maybe go learn to use a computer first? Don't know how to check a settings or control window? Don't know how to read? Don't care. This was also sold to us as a non 'care bear' style game, we shouldn't nee
  18. That's greater than no quests at all , as promised, yes?
  19. I am trying to accept the game they are developing, but this is not even in the same ballpark as the game I supported on Kickstarter. So are you happy? I am not. Quest bugs for quests that should not have existed. Money where we were promised player made, or none at all. No gear drops? Eh, let's let random trash drops have stats you can't even put on crafted gear. I'll stop being coy, the game looks too cartoonish, which would be fine, I can accept almost any level of graphic IF the mechanics are good and smooth, but the game and pvp mechanics are turning
  20. In orientation quest line, I had the pack pig follow me to the NPC, which updated to have me unload said pig, held F at unload & nothing, tried again, nothing. No pig with mye, looked around, nowhere to be seen, NPC still directed me to unload the pig. Logged out & back in, same quest step, could no longer interact with unload cart. Gosh, if only I had supported an MMO that promised no quests, NPC gear drops, a player run economy..and more, so I wouldn't run into a intro quest line bug that shouldn't be there in the first place...any idea if that game will ever be made? No?
  21. Guess I'll be the old crone with the: Isn't this why there was not supposed to be a non-player made currency, or gear drops? Where people are now advocating for extra mechanics which will add extra tedium and require more 'maintenance'. Since they are in and clearly not going anywhere, isn't the simplest answer controlling the gold input into worlds, rather than trying to manufacture extra mechanics to take it out? All these things make me sad.
  22. Woodworking (uncertain if it affects other ts')- making Wooden Boards only uses my basic crafting experimentation & exp points (I am 100% trained in woodworking + disc.) - I have not tried other sub-combines as I don't want to waste more materials or time.
  23. So I feel the need to preface this with a couple of things... I am coming up on 5 years of watching, waiting, reading, testing...as are a good number of you. If you are a "fanboi", or a blind faith follower, you should stop reading now, as this will be upsetting, and your commentary will fall upon as deaf ears as my words here will upon yours. I am going to ask the question first, and list some (and please note, I am specifically being very concise thereafter, this is, not by far, a comprehensive list). I am aware this is "pre -alpha", hiding behind such a tag will not dimi
  24. It's inconvenient, sure, but there are a multitude of ways around the inconvenience. The problem still stems from a couple of facts: the system they use for skills benefits alts over VIP, and that the majority of alts will be of the crafter/gatherer variety. I also continue (as discussed in other threads) to point to the fact there is a very small subset of solutions that could even introduce the possibility of VIP being 'more attractive' over alts (without altering their core premise(s)); this is not one of them. This is not even a deterrent to the type of person who will run a non
  25. Didn't see this asked (and i didn't see it indicated either, but..): Will there be a skill wipe? Also: Is the ally for Balance hard-coded on change? This derives from two ideas, first being, if you've pvp'd before, you know there is always at least one 'derp' on your side you wish you could grief into the ground, so just because the game says Order/Chaos is my 'ally' doesn't make it so; ie can we 'over-ride' this ally for a faction that is not balance? Secondly, is it immediate? IE if we are fighting a group of Chaos and the scales tip whereby Chaos is now my 'ally', do we ju
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