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  1. My view on what griefing is was not being killed over and over, (I'm fully expecting that to happen), it was being killed and told to go kill myself, call me something racial or sexist, (although I truly would not care, it's not real life), etc. I do not view griefing as laughing about it, telling me how much I suck at the game, stealing all of my things, killing me every time they see me, gloating about it on forums or in chat....no. That's just part of the game. I took "griefing" to be going beyond any of the basic lolz. And the reason I'm okay with the latter is because when I get my revenge and kill you back, you bet I'm going to laugh, long and hard, and take everything that you have, and try again the next time I see you.
  2. The bolded I agree with completely...I don't want this to be like any other game.
  3. This thread.....overextended break at work just to skim through it really fast. I don't mind smack talking, I don't mind someone killing me, (repeatedly), I don't mind a learning curve, I don't mind PvP, I don't mind losing things, and I've said that, the entire time I've been here. What is entertaining is seeing those who lambasted me for saying that now turning around and saying exactly what I've been saying. I do not want a game that has players driven away. I've been in a game like that. Do you know what it is? BORING AS HELL. There is no fun in annihilating everyone to the point of leaving the game altogether. Okay, sure, maybe when you first win it all, maybe for the first week or two, as you grin and gloat...but then what do you do? There's nothing to do, except hope more sign up to play. Do this job big enough and get your name out there, oh yah, you can brag, meanwhile, in game....zzzzzzzzzz. Kill away. Take my loot. Destroy my character. Talk all the custard socks you want, I don't care, but I do care when too many leave a game, because then I feel like I just wasted my money, and even if I were on the team that did come out on top...it doesn't change the fact that NO OTHER PLAYERS makes a boring game, a waste of time until there's nothing left of the game. It's been done before, in several games...why repeat that?
  4. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to give up my Amber Early Bird...which hurt. A lot. A. LOT. There were two things in that early bird package that made it so extremely painful...one I'm positive will not be in the new 2015 package, but was wondering, is there any hope at all that if we had to go lower, we would still some day be able to buy the physical copy of game, or is that also gone forever? (If it is, I'll somehow manage to find the will to live...it's okay...no...really...)
  5. Had to sign in just to like that post. That's fantastic.
  6. Had I liked the post, I would have.
  7. Holy hell, why did I open this thread? Bleach, please...someone.
  8. Or you could just not use the passive aggressive approach and actually discuss why you don't like a post.
  9. You realize this is a fantasy game, right? It's not real life. I'm not trying to be an arse about that, sometimes I truly do wonder if people realize that. (Seriously, "bottom" is worse than just saying a s s)
  10. So that's what all of this is about? A wiki didn't get chosen, and now they are upset? wow.
  11. Oh dear God, not yet another over sensitive on here. You complained about the ads, the solution: adblock. Not difficult.
  12. This. Problem solved. I see no ads when I go to the Wiki.
  13. So basically this thread is about how you think sexism is wrong on both sides, but hey, whatever man, don't bully the artists, keep everything as it is. What is the point of this thread, other than to open this box all over again?
  14. I just want to get clarification on parcels and mounts, (should we get them): Are parcels able to be taken over? Are the mounts able to be taken away, stolen from you? I think I read that the mounts could be stolen from you, but not sure about the land....unless you open your EK for all to come in. Anyone know?
  15. Whenever I don my "speculation hat" in regards to crafting, I get the idea that while anyone can go out and try to get thralls, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have the ability to do jack all with it if they did not hone their crafting skills, hence making a crafter very valuable in game. Having said that, I'm usually extremely wrong when it comes to speculating.
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