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  1. Hello Crows! I am looking for someone to produce a couple of pieces of original digital art in exchange for serious Crowfall goodies. If interested pls PM with example of work and I will give you more details of scope and hopefully we can be friends! This will be for private use, so the only requirement is that the work be original and kept exclusive. Thanks!
  2. Not sure if its my PC or CF. I am able to log in and begin moving around. But at what appears 2-5 minutes later CF crashes my entire system. Power still running, but zero response from any input, black screen and monitor times out from lack of video input as well. Gotta reboot. Anybody with symptoms like these. I'm not entirely sure where to start troubleshooting. **EDIT: FIXED** I turned my SLI on and for whatever reason haven't crashed again. Dunno.
  3. Holy necropost batman! I actually really love the convo in this thread though.
  4. *21 mini tabletop figurines of Crowfall archtypes* 22 If we fund male assassin right?!? Edit: Hmmm, I recounted count 21 including male assassin.
  5. I was able to confirm this today in game [2560x1080]. Ultrawide support is a go.
  6. Was there any official response to this question? Or perhaps an early tester can confirm 2560x1080 working. (3440x1440 would also confirm). Thanks! I'm hoping to purchase an ultrawide as well!
  7. I am curious to know if people think the resolve stat values should be easily seen. Should they be posted values next to other ability stats? Or possibly a more behind the scenes statistic that we are able to infer through experiences and use? The plan for implementation wasn't explicitly spelled out, so I'm curious what more people would like.
  8. So it would be way cool if you could bring a friend to the launch party? How about it guys? Or is this only a 1 person ticket?
  9. TLDR: Each world rule set would "specialize" in a resource type. So after discussing tactical strategy with a few people, we all ended up at the same place. And after a large amount of assumption, we agreed that most guilds/players will head for the Dregs. It only makes sense if this area produces the best rewards, even at substantial risks. And even though there were plenty of argument for the need for other rule sets and "safer" (read less risk) ways to build up your empire, the main goal would be the highest reward areas. Unless...there was a significant need to win other rule s
  10. We are not investors. Unless you make a return or loss on your money, you are still just a consumer. Just my $.02
  11. I love hot wings. However I have noticed that recently many wing joints are selling "boneless wings". I was horrified to find out these are actually nuggets. In my mind, bite size breaded chicken pieces = nuggets. My friends get very upset when I correct them at the local Wing Stop. What should I do?
  12. I tried <center></center> As well as <div style="text-align: center;">{TEXT}</div> No dice. Help much appreciated!
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