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  1. what @xReLoaDeD said is right as far as i know
  2. you can get a beneficial Harvest witch means the you recover Stamina and get a buff on your critchance. the higher the power, the higher is the Stamina you get and the critchance you get
  3. Thanks to everyone, by now we found them. Will have my Pistols the next days
  4. We had Maps where we had much more Worlds, that was to big. Right now i think the Maps has a really good size. One the most important Points is how fast can you be at a specific Point. In sieges this is so important for bigger guilds, so Need to decide where they use witch force. when you have smaller Maps, the biggest/strongest Guild will just everytime overrun you and you have no Chance. Right now you have the Chance to outmanuver them or just try to be faster at some Points. the size is Pretty on Point Right now
  5. Does anybody know if they have forgooten to implement the runic Recipt for the pistols, i am not able to get any. and i don't know anybody who has one
  6. I will explain in more Detail what concern i have with the Import restriction We in our Guild, Right now 15-20 People so not even small, have farmed up the complete first Campaign and have set up all crafters, so we can craft everything at complete max, so we can fight for the win. but Right now we are sitting in gods reach havin all crafters set up and like 200 stacks of ressources. so we have the choice to craft less good gear in gods reach and Import that and are not able to Import any Crafter Equipment oder harvesting Equipment. we have to select very well wich stack and wich Equipment we Import and have to set up all the rest up again in the Campaign. that is as i think just to much of effort to put in for the Outcome you get. don't get me wrong, i like the Point of having restricted Imports and Exports, but not so hart restricted, we Need About 6 Hours just to sort up our Things in the end of the last Campaign and get it exported. in Long term i am heading for Campaign with no Imports or Exports, but i think they are set up to be like 6 months Long that a completly different set up. i would be really happy if they just set the restriction for Imports just a bit higher like About 20, that would be fine. and for the guys who counted all items a ranger Needs and ended with 12, you missed the neclace. i would highly recommend to you to use one if you haven't until now. sorry for my english at some Points, i am not native speaker Zirone Out
  7. Hey Devoloper guys, i am happy that the next campaign startet right again, but 12 exports is far to low. we have a really big problem with what to import, some guys are even thinking of quiting just because of the imports and thats not how it should be. 50 imports and exports as in the last campaign was just perfect, you have to choose but you can use them and get everything in. right now a archer isn't even able to import one complete set. hope you have a solution
  8. The runemaker Needs to make the "esoteric runestone" he Needs the "168 steps" book and the leather scroll to use it.
  9. The game is set up that you go out farming in spring and Maybe in summer. You get a lot of ressources so you prepare to survive the dieing world. Each Season the world Comes Closer to its end and the ressources you get from harvesting are getting lower. In the same time the droprate from Hungershards are getting higher and the outposts fort and keeps are giving more Points also when you conquer them. so the dynamic of the game is set up be like it is and i really like it that way. The harvesting potions and bufffood is not so difficult to get, but i admit that for new Players it is really hard between all the people like me that are fully skilled, that can easily farm in winter as in any other Season. But there is so much you can do in this world, it is not all About farming. Use the time to Level up characters and test new classes and farm some Gold from Mobs in the same time. Kill boses as a Group to get the bossdrops and more.
  10. There are no Runemaker Thralls in the Keep. (i am on Chaos EU, donno if that madders)
  11. One one my biggest concern with the actual patch is the Gold value and the loottable of Bosses 1. Right now Gold is dropped by Bosses in a Hugh Amount, so peaple that can farm them are rich af. Starters don't have a Chance of getting neraly the amount. My Problem is that as a Trader or someone who like to have Shops open you can't sell Things properly because for the "rich" guys Money doens't madder and new Players are not able to buy a single item.(i am mainly focused on selling Runetools) 2. In a Addition to the very high Gold dropp the bosses even drop a large amount of Epic Ore. Right now the only reason to farm ore is, if you wanna farm Souls or Gems, the ore itself is nearly worthless.
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