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  1. all you are complaining about is the reason why i think the game is great. Crafting takes much time and you have to learn how everything works. everyone in the guild specialises in farming specific items and the crafter split up for special items, everybody plays his part in this big machinery. there are some games where when you wanna craft a weapon it is like "ok, 100 ore pls" and you are finished, thats not how it will be in crowfall, they wanna get rid of a few clicks, but the crafting will stay more complicated than used in many other games. And once u figured out how to farm ef
  2. -First of all, wtf? leveling takes nearly no time, normally when you get a blue purple or even yellow vessel you normally should have leveling scrolls to get the character up. it never took me more than a few hours to get a vessel to 30. That's nothing. -You all wanna gank and kill guys and loot them. That's cool, but you must admin, there must be something to grind otherwise you can just play any arena game because there will be nothing to steal from other players, because than it is literally only arena, nobody would farm or harvest anything. -The "grind" you all are
  3. Just some short toughts i had when i read your text. -I think when you play a game and you are on top and get rewarded is nice. But when you are able to craft (significant) better items or hit harder, just because you won before, the one guild will stay on top and nobody wants to fight them. For factions it will be that everybody will just join the strongest faction. I have seen this before and this is not really working.(The "honor" systems is something they already announced and are working on) -The risk of loosing items that i wear...... You are not a crafter i assume, but just im
  4. Thank you very much for the answers, we will see what we will gather up. Maybe when we get enough together we can make two pools of items to win, like "Beginner" and "Advance". The newer players can not do much with one legendary weapon, but he could very well use a complete set for gathering, other way round for experienced players. I have many ideas what could be possible
  5. it is absolutly right that there are not heart lungs etc in graves. Most professions you don't get the basics and the additive from the same source. and i think i would be to easy to get everything from one source. in nearly every item are different itemtypes needed, and thats to encourage groupplay. for weapons you need hungershards, for amory you need wartribes too. juwelry and alchemy are the only ones where you get everything on once, i dont count cooking and stonemason as a full profession as long experimentation is not involved in these profession. Nobody should be
  6. as far as i understand the last Q&A's it is meant to be Guild vs Guild or Alliance vs Alliance. I don't know how exactly this will work with Alliances but that's what we have to wait for i think.
  7. I think there is no Clear answer if AoE should go through walls or not. I think this depends HOW the AoE is working. If a spell, as an example, Rains from above, it should definitly Damage behind the Wall, but not under the Wall. If an AoE spell work like "Go for Broke" and is a "shot", so a projectile that goes from one point to a flat area, i think a wall should block that. Thats my Objective opinion. I was not Involved in this Video, but have to admit, that i am playing 100% duelist only^^
  8. what @xReLoaDeD said is right as far as i know
  9. you can get a beneficial Harvest witch means the you recover Stamina and get a buff on your critchance. the higher the power, the higher is the Stamina you get and the critchance you get
  10. Thanks to everyone, by now we found them. Will have my Pistols the next days
  11. We had Maps where we had much more Worlds, that was to big. Right now i think the Maps has a really good size. One the most important Points is how fast can you be at a specific Point. In sieges this is so important for bigger guilds, so Need to decide where they use witch force. when you have smaller Maps, the biggest/strongest Guild will just everytime overrun you and you have no Chance. Right now you have the Chance to outmanuver them or just try to be faster at some Points. the size is Pretty on Point Right now
  12. Does anybody know if they have forgooten to implement the runic Recipt for the pistols, i am not able to get any. and i don't know anybody who has one
  13. I will explain in more Detail what concern i have with the Import restriction We in our Guild, Right now 15-20 People so not even small, have farmed up the complete first Campaign and have set up all crafters, so we can craft everything at complete max, so we can fight for the win. but Right now we are sitting in gods reach havin all crafters set up and like 200 stacks of ressources. so we have the choice to craft less good gear in gods reach and Import that and are not able to Import any Crafter Equipment oder harvesting Equipment. we have to select very well wich stack and wich E
  14. Hey Devoloper guys, i am happy that the next campaign startet right again, but 12 exports is far to low. we have a really big problem with what to import, some guys are even thinking of quiting just because of the imports and thats not how it should be. 50 imports and exports as in the last campaign was just perfect, you have to choose but you can use them and get everything in. right now a archer isn't even able to import one complete set. hope you have a solution
  15. The runemaker Needs to make the "esoteric runestone" he Needs the "168 steps" book and the leather scroll to use it.
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