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  1. Please let this not be so.......... really hoping that they re add a lot of things and put it into exploration: Sieging, animal hubandry, scouting etc etc........
  2. 2/15/18 8pm CST - Neither crafting Leadership nor Potions were granting PIPS - tried 2 EK's 2/16/18 7:41 am Invulnerably issue persists and Double dipping into the crafting trees are now producing 404 conflicts like if you try the same with combat.
  3. Logged in this morning and got fully logged in - I could even chop a screen but aside from the UI everything was completely blacked out - Relogg fixed
  4. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    I went back to re-read the OP and level set - because threads often do get derailed. And I IMO that within the 4 pages covering this thread all your concerns have been addressed appropriately.
  5. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    @makkon I acknowledge your perspective but think Jjohnsin summed up pretty well any reply I might have
  6. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    I would not even call it "One Shot" - Time and animation repetition to deploy the "Bombs" (Which is obvious) "THEN" have "Game mechanics ignorant player" walk into them so the Druid can then cast "blight" is hardly a "One Shot" I suck and have played regularly for over 6 months without ever dying to this obvious attack. Plus they add some Fun dynamic even when known to expect them at Choke points. Plenty of work to be done on this game but this is NOT one of them.
  7. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    Pretty much sums it up
  8. When players think...

    Big fish or new fish? And I don't worry about it - its going to take a while for some to realize this is a game of consequences
  9. I been through this way too much in 5.3. Downloaded new patch and started all training last night - this morning the first 2 clients I log into have training stopped "after first PIP" and time bank NOT started. TRAINING AND TIME BANK SYSTEM "STILL" BROKEN Edit: 1 account had 8:34 magically appear.... other acct is still missing approximately that amount
  10. +1 semantics As for the Quarries, Mills and Mines - let us not forget; it's not just about a group gathering enough materials to build what they think they need - then move on. They will not only need to repair but simply denying others the needed resources may prove more valuable than obtaining them for yourself. I still believe they will play a significant role in the bigger picture as it unfolds.
  11. +1 to the above post and how about some word specifically about the Scout and/or Tracking in general? Assassin coming in and Anti-stealth still needing a lot of attention IMO.
  12. Movement Speed?

    Friars still awesome - just need to remain aware of its limitations and time it accordingly....... but yes - there are certainly times I wish it would kick in quicker
  13. Movement Speed?

    Note: Seekers takes about 30s to kick in after a heal....... so not quite as good as it "appears"
  14. Non VIP Training time bank

    if you got 1 acct much less problem remembering but lot's of times there will be short nodes times or just short time left on nodes - Once a day is "inaccurate" to me unless your logging the same time every day. I work, play, travel pretty on the fly and bet a lot others do too where I can see this not being possible. My lost time now is NOT due to not making the loggin times because again, I am on pretty often, but because the time bank simply "stops" - /shrug - it will get fixed. Again, I am not worried about it personally - I got a ton of VIP already. But if did not and wanted to stay on top of it I would not go by the "Once per day" ...... Example: I often myself at "login within 27 hours" (If Bank working) or lose time. All good guys - glad you all like it