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  1. Cornered Walls

    Suffered a bit of this tonight but with forts.......after 3 attempts to complete basic squared walls around the lodge ending in failure I finally tried just using 4 corners and 4 wall!s to complete a tiny box........ Still off
  2. 5.3 Release Date

    Pretty happy about a lot of the new directions and stuff........ but for me It's all a bit Bleh...... until Stealth/Anti-stealth
  3. 5.3 Release Date

    I have gotten pretty pessimistic but I would still hazard the guess before T-day
  4. Thank you for saying that politely - I was sad to watch this video (Came late and started at "Forest Step) - I think you guys need to consult your Project management team a bit further......Or maybe even hire one
  5. @AnthrageConfused "again"! So I thought it was mentioned in one of the videos by either Blair or Todd that double dipping in the "combat" profession as a whole (Not just the branches) would not be allowed but ok on the others. Is this incorrect? And TBH - The only area where I area see a combat power surge is horizontally on the Defense/Offense branches. Vertically ..... nothing unless you 2-3 pip your way forward and then back fill with tomes later.....and assuming there is no "Cap"
  6. Dizzy Down

  7. Dizzy Down

    Just a bit before my time here - Thanks for the history as I can now see that a time there was a need for "something" - I hope that they read this (and others) and understand that we have moved past the way the original requirement was implemented.
  8. Roleplay Aspect of the Game.

    I think you meant "Wannabe PVP'ers"
  9. Dizzy Down

    There are a lot things I am looking forward to in 5.3 but I really wish "Dizzy Down" for OOC was looked at a bit closer. I get that @thomasblair thinks it essential but I have yet to read one person post an agreement on that - not that I have read "every" post on it Possibly a solution in the middle: Keep Dizzy down (Hope you don't) but create a Minor Disciple called "PTSD" to counter at least the "Down" effect......... some of us really never go OOC. Semper Fi, Mayhem
  10. Put 5.3 on Test this Friday

    Even when it's not an answer I was hoping to hear I always appreciate a definitive response - Thanks
  11. 76 Max damage on Amazing success white Arrows 74 Max damage on Regular Success Epic Arrows LOL - I "Hope" this is a bug
  12. Healing over time potion: Tool tip states "167" for 60 seconds - I am get getting "17"
  13. I was told in Discord that it was already reported but I don't see here: Druid "Will O Wisp" no longer grants the self heal - This is still on the East 5.2.7 server and have not tried x.8
  14. Under known Issues: Ranger machine gun bug I always assumed this meant the #1 key Rapid Fire which has been broken for me for a long long time. I was told this weekend that Machine Gun Bug was something different so please help on the Ranger #1
  15. I seem to be in the minority here: Gathering (aside from the F key) is pretty fun. For stat's I would say I/we have about an 85%+ success ratio. Both Solo and Duo (MOSTLY Duo) Just another mini game with it's own risk/reward Yes - losing your stuff SUCKS, but getting away with it is pretty COOL - Once I got a miner fully trained in the "basics" and added some decent Picks...... the RNG aspect and rewards become a lot more clearer/rewarding/fun The "Soloing" part does not make the grade on a risk management outline - Although I will do it at times. Still, 90% of the time I roll with my Son (Thorns) and we switch off being the sentry/harvester. Also, not hard to to do a /who and know pretty much what the risks are. Then when too high...... there are the Rank 9's that are easily solo-able. Early game stuff and community: My Son and I try to play this mini game pretty fair. We love this game and want people to love it as well. We seldom kill some one at the POI's that would rather run. But if they want to fight ...... thank you and we take their stuff. Lessons learned and all that. This is especially true when I don't recognize a name and simply give the "new player" the chance. @srathor - your a mixed bag in my book 2x at least we let you go simply because my son "likes" you! From playing on your EK back in the day........ From my perspective your a prime target: Why? 1. Your not new and you are most likely carrying some tasty loot! 2. And more importantly - you roll with Chaos/UDL who shows absolutely no mercy with Rolling any thing in their path (I have no issue with this, heck, I even like it - it is part of the GAME). Just means that one of us was not paying close enough attention to /who or we were cocky and deserved it) The 5v2 rolls are the VAST MAJORITY of loot we lose. Note: My Son just made me add ..... he does not "hate" gathering but would rather "Fight" more Edit: After reading past the OP: Yes ACE please continue working on this: Always good for "More Fun"! Plenty of great suggestions here...... Dropping packs and explosives especially liked!