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  1. Guinecean race exclusive to duelist?

    Pretty simple to add gunpowder to Human lore and give them assassin stealth...….. Just saying
  2. 2 Suggestions

    Suggestion 1: Unfortunately not enough info to leave feedback on it..... wish we had more. Suggestion 2: OMG yes with big plus's. Last couple of videos I actually felt embarrassed for them.
  3. Right now with pretty much exact same stats I pull about 80% more minerals vs gems when taking down an ML. Sucks right? "Mayhem - don't be an @$$hat - just make some Gem and Mineral potions!" - Hey....good idea - that might help. Hmmmmm - 50 Elk Later - No animal bones to make a potion 50 Wolves later - Same 50 Cats later - Same Back to farming R1 pigs at the beach head....ya they drop but slow and who hell wants to farm R1 Pigs? /Sarcasm over @thomasblair Can you take at look at this? This is not just my experience from what i can gather - Appreciated - Semper Fi EDIT: I have been farming on Brazil - Animal bones are now dropping on Cats and Elk at normal Rates. So maybe just a problem with the server - Will test some Gem gathering tomorrow
  4. At this time now assuming this is the Tuesday update?
  5. 4 pages already too lazy to read the previous but while performance does seem a bit better - large fights (10+ v 10+) tend to crash more then 60% of the clients. Also, there now "seems" to be a longer delay in activating powers after switching stances -
  6. Chests

    Roger That - Thx anyway
  7. Chests

    Any word on when/If these will be available for crafting?
  8. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    It's my gut feeling ACE is aware of this issue and will at some point make a move towards "Some type" of improvement before soft launch - I just can't envision ACE being OK with "This part" of character customization.
  9. Plus all this could be tied into 'Sieging" training if its still on the road map for implementation - Seriously hope so.
  10. Holy Avenger Disc: Grabthars Hammer is not hitting the Combo/Stun
  11. Nice Vid but I just hope that means 5.7 is actually very close to "live" ready - I can't see myself logging back on until then
  12. Landscape changes from Green (ish) to Orange (ish) randomly but notice most when standing around Ore nodes.
  13. Don't have it up in front of me but pretty sure last night it said until the 29th @ 10am - Could be wrong
  14. I got this debuff and took a small amount of dmg to knock me out of stealth - I immediately reversed direction away but within 15-20 meters and not more than 5-10 seconds - just "Died"
  15. Fae Glide completely broken - Way more fall dmg........ Edit: possibly not entirely ...... worked some times on different parcels. Dodge fine = 10m