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  1. VIP Training

    Prior to 5.6 your could do this in the Crafting and Exploration trees (Although not both in Basic).............. I have already sent the video via email to support but no response accept for the auto generated one. Also reported along with other bugs in testing.
  2. Double dipping still possible "sometimes" and Video already send in Need to completely quit and restart client randomly to get training to work again.
  3. VIP Training

    In one of the recent videos I saw Todd mention this ...... that double dipping horizontally would no longer be permitted but that doing so vertically should/might be ok........ so I don't really know. I just checked again and on one acct I can do this though -horizontal ......... But pretty sure it is not as intended. 2 vids sent to Ace yesterday and awaiting response.
  4. VIP Training

    Does anyone have a link to what is actually intended for 5.6? Right now I get all kinds of different training results - From the ability to Double up on Training "Crafting Basics" (Vid sent to Ace) to not even being able to train Rune making after unlocking it - Relog Fixed that. But in any case, Most of my training seems to indicate that 2x Crafting and 2x Harvesting (Double Dipping) is no longer possible.......accept for "sometimes" Any know what is actually the intention? Thx "
  5. First time I caught one of these live! Thanks @Zatch for getting my question in while figuring out verifying my acct. Thanks ACE - Great info but REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO A SCOUTING UPDATE
  6. Gotta say it - Direction is looking "Damn Fine"
  7. Pioneer pack

    @Arkade Ahhhh I missed the "Exclusives" part on the right hand side ........ much better - I kept think that there must be a mistake - Thanks
  8. Pioneer pack

    Am i missing something or are they actually charging $30 VIP in the Pioneer Pack?
  9. How is stealth in this game?

    Hopefully Tracking will get its own tree in exploration......same with anti tracking to maintain the balance
  10. Reply to Suggestion/Question

    Actually........ Invision is probably one best things I look forward to every year
  11. Edit: Was just curious what was borderline warning material
  12. Leather Armor

    Plus kill time + bad drop rates .........
  13. Mail looking especially nice...... But Frostweaver tease!
  14. Wow........ Big thumbs up for this vid
  15. Murder of Crows AMA

    52 here.....doubt I am the oldest but my son "Thorns" Started playing @ 11 and as far as I know the youngest