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  1. Fix stealth and add Scouting.......... I bought into this game to be a scout...... playing since 3.0 and keeping hear Todd say he has great ideas for it but................. NOTHING
  2. 100% - make more choices not less........ at least fix the crud already on the table
  3. LOL ...... You cook with that atitiude? ..... Naaaa - your food looks too good
  4. ^^ LOL - I would rather watch Ice melt in the snow - So boring
  5. Thorns and I have been waiting way to long for this Patch! We will be there for test and as long as uXa sticks around! Hehehhe I just thinking how Thorns started playing this in 3.0 at age 11...... Pretty sure CF's "youngest" player than will ever exist And maybe the guy @Mayhem will not play and finally release my name Going to be good to be home with old and new friends!
  6. Come on buddy.... it was actually a decent article given that I have not paid attention much in the last 6 months..... Hope to see you in 5.11 testing when it kicks in
  7. @Responses - Thx Ya..... Hopped on to check things out in game, here on the Form's and QA's...... Looks like they did the right thing on just going for the next big patch. Is the next wipe (5.11.0) in Feb the last one? I have not see an answer to that....... We will be on Test for sure to help out once the changes start hitting.
  8. Back to check out where we are...... Starting to feel way out of touch here. Quick questions: 1. Any more wipes expected between now and Soft Launch? 2. Has the leveling system gotten better over last 6 months? How long to Max a Vessel? I really disliked the process when we left. 3. I can see that it is more dead than ever but if we come back is there "Any" good PVP going on? Really want to come back and just hoping someone can throw me some good reasons
  9. This alone kept me going for about 4 moths past the time we stopped "Having Fun"...... This is not to say that others should not have fun or that there is not fun there to be had for those looking for it. We just got 'Burnt" and really hoping ACE had something to "keep us in the pocket" All good - Carry on and all that - I will continue to check in and get on 5.11 as soon as it hits test
  10. These were all my previous assumptions - After almost 2.5 years of "Playing CF" ........ not sure when it exactly happened but I all of sudden just got tired of the game and waiting for certain features. I know many think sometimes you just need a break....... I hope all this is, I got a lot invested and believed in the vision, but I can't help wishing there was something new to sink my teeth into. Currently playing a game that my Son and I both enjoy but this is a filler game...... I can feel it. Not enough "Consequence" to keep me involved for long. The guild is moving on to another game that looks like we would also enjoy quite a bit....... but it also looks like a game that if I start I may not want to come back to CF for quite awhile....... If at all. I think there are probably a lot more people sitting in the same boat as I we are. We will come back for Dregs......I think quite a few of us will - but if there is not something more substantial that the fact that we can now avoid playing factions. We will probably leave and simply not come back. Browsed the Announcements, testing, and the Dev partner forums....... everything looks as dead as when we left 3 months ago. I don't see 1 interesting update that would make me want to log in. I hope they get 5.110 out on the test server as soon as possible, if not, I only speak for 2 of us, but if not, we just may move on and get involved with something else that will be enough for us to not want to come back at all. To all you old timers hanging in there and still doing the deal - Thanks! At least your helping ACE to keep moving along.
  11. I usually try to stick to a game at at time - all in or all out given the time I can play Not here to Bash on ACE but the time it has taken and some of the direction indicators has simply made it not fun. Really hoping Dregs turns that around and to be honest I would rather have them take their time and get it right so when we come back - it's to stay! Was just hoping for some type of time frame so I don't get too involved with some thing else...............
  12. Son and I played CF for last couple years since 3.0............. Then finally got burnt and been through a couple games since and starting to settle on one - Big question holding us back into committing to anything new is being heavily invested in CF still and hoping it turns around "somewhat" into the game I thought it might be 3+ years ago.......Any new word on when a Soft Launch date is? Lot's of friends in the same boat and we all want to come back.....but everyone seems in agreement that we are not even touching it again until at least "Dregs" hit. Still hoping, Mayhem
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