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  1. Slowly patch by patch more "GrindFall" Exactly what I was hoping avoid when I first bought in. I know that not all the "systems" are in place.......wish they were not using grind times as fillers
  2. I played mostly with MV then a bit with SC on Mourning in SB. I guess they were from medium to serious RP. Thorns and I will probably do some light RP here.... Light meaning simply writing/posting from the in game view of our Crows. Heavy RP can be immersive and rewarding but requires a bit more effort..........feeling a bit too old and lazy for that now a days ........ But Who knows - Thorns might end up liking it - he wrote a back story a couple days ago. Wait..... Just realized whom I was replying and remembered I thought you to be your in one of the few RP (ish) guilds OP, Nice - Thanks for sharing!
  3. There are certainly issues in the Talent trees and especially with Druid ........ I don't remember them addressing this in the last QA and if not, I assume it was because it's so obvious that it will soon be addressed.
  4. OP, I think you have some valid points but time will tell...… and after a couple years of "Pre-alpha" I understand people getting tired of hearing it - but it still rings with a lot of truth. As for Participation, eh.... it will happen from time to time. My Son has exams and I had some extra work and the timing of the CW 4 day downtime plus the 1 week CW actually made an excellent opportunity for a "Break". We have both been active participants (More so my son) since 3.0 and this "break" was more needed than realized until I actually got into it. We will both be back for the next CW well rested and ready for more "FUN" because of it. Fun being the goal anyway ….. Also, gave us a little chance to look at finally creating a little back ground to our RP stories and possibly participating in #warstories with light RP as well - Can't let @Jah have all the fun
  5. Yes! I have not tested but trust Pope has.... and Yes - HUGE QOL FIX! Thanks!
  6. Nice - it will be good to catch up on this as it seemed a missing part of the experience and was starting to despair it would never be a taken very serious.
  7. That too.....but not as "dead" - personally I am still looking forward to not only what they are showing us to come soon but a lot of things I am "personally guessing at and hoping for" And while I can't speak for all guilds.....Sh!t, can't even speak for mine. But pretty damn sure a "Dregs/Guild Ruleset" will Change everything A LOT on its own independent of what whatever other features are at play at the time.
  8. Been a while I since Posted - Winning is nice, competition is better........ FUN is a MUST. Gorilla tactics, hit and run, suicide missions....... all is fair as long as it's FUN. A very wide range of players here. 52 year old Jarheads to 13 year killers (2 year CF Vets - CF's youngest OG) that bring the heat without the drama.
  9. This game will most likely remain pretty dead until a "Dregs Ruleset" gets applied
  10. Still waiting on the "Good News" - 86 Sacrifice shards and 1 green Fire Pen - 5 pips 8%
  11. I think in most ways CF is still going in the direction I signed up for and the issues I do have with current direction........ I still have hopes of them getting course corrections again as well. One thing I don't really see changing though is my need for all the EK Assets I currently own. I have heard NOTHING in a long time on anything EK related at all. I missed out on the EK asset swap out too that was like 18 months back. I guess if I could "Risk" my assets by putting them out there to be destroyed in PVP in return for having my parcels produce "resources"........ Then yes, I would probably look into "Building a Kingdom" and let the fun - and probably "Loss" begin - but that would be FUN. If they are truly just "Player housing"......... then I personally don't have any reason for so much. Simply give a small Castel to son to play with and look for a way to recoup on the rest. Has anyone heard mention (And it would have been quite a while back) if there were any plans for in-game store/trading of assets? If I could swap out my assets for VIP - Then that is simply SOLO BEUNO....... if not, I hope there is "Something" I can do with them.
  12. Then I will carry "Hope" - thanks for Clarifying
  13. Not good to hear that test is even worse off than live.......... Between Leather, Shards, and a known bug creating too much dmg on weapons that must certainly lead to a wipe......... been rough lately
  14. I was thinking about 80% the same thing before I even hit the discuss button
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