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  1. Same - Hopefully we can just gift it. I will try when I got a little more time for the 2FA
  2. Oh I am glad we finally got this........ better than nothing - just not sure about it as the long term term solution
  3. true enough.......and I not have played much lately.......Just a "feeling" I got when I ran i through my head............. Hope Thorns does not read this as I am not supposed to have feelings
  4. Too bad...... I think small guilds just died
  5. Got you..... but they were suggesting having subguids and I was wondering if they still planned on it since they are putting limits to alliances........ subguilds would still allow "small guilds" a chance to partake in a large alliance if they still went through with them and yet might disrupt the alliance balancing they seem to be shooting for........ Honestly don't know what they have in mind anymore - but Son just told me there is the October QA right now. Maybe info there 🤔
  6. Are thye replacing "sub Guilds"...... if not, any chatter on when this might be implemented?
  7. Agreed.......playing since 3.0 and only took one patch off and still not participating as much as I would like due to this. At same time, when they wipe the passive tree....I hope they bring it back almost completely revamped. It remains the last and only part of CF I have bet on with my son they would completely redo before launch and have yet to do. SO Much potential to drive choices/sacrifices of vessel creations...... stealth trees, Scouting trees (I still pray it happens) Mounts trees, sieging ...... lots of ways to make truly unique vessels aside from gathering and crafting and to
  8. Canceling in itself i think is rarely intended..... so no big loss. BUT WAY TO MANY of the animations are too damn long...... I am all for letting a person see you wind up but it is almost done in slow motion and feels like it really "slows" down combat ..... blight a perfect example.
  9. Noble Chest counting as XS pieces severly limit their usabilty. IE a large Keep Lodge will max out at 10 XS's and I could really use 16 to keep things seperated properly for Crafting. And what happened to Forts? Now it is a lodge that you can not add crafting stations in? I think I am missing something....... these are from the free test copies, maybe our actual Purchases are like the old ones - I will test later today.
  10. Not sure if bugged or super bad streak of RNG. But i been went though 5 hammers yesterday and not a single soul stone drop. Going to try Skinning today and hope for some better "Luck"?
  11. I got lots of them spread accross the family accounts but unfortunately some are not on the accounts i need them to be .....like Kane for Crafting. Has there been any word from ACE on getting these ingame? PuraVida!
  12. You had me a "Red Elk" - uXa For ever and ever and ever
  13. @GrandMarshalNoah Don't worry about that 12 hours of day playtime ............. a couple do but most are working professionals that play when they can. Basically, due to my Job and my son's school; we try and prioritize our time for Guild events like sieging and He and I try and play during our lunch breaks either Crafting, Gathering or just 1:1 Scrimming/Testing - It works out fine! Mayhem_
  14. Just a bump for my favorite Guild in CF. Way over do! My Son and I have been playing since Dec 2016 regulary really only taking a break on 5.9 becasue.....well anyone who plays knows why - just a good time for a break. We started off in what is probably considered "the Dominate CF Guild today" and while it can be considered fun for many to be in a guild like that - it lacked the freedom to have and make our own fun like we do in uXa. uXa is a very diverse group, most of the core group is former "Shadowbaners" including myself. My Son (Thorns - Pretty well known) started
  15. Fix stealth and add Scouting.......... I bought into this game to be a scout...... playing since 3.0 and keeping hear Todd say he has great ideas for it but................. NOTHING
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