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  1. Bump just to test my new Sig
  2. New players - Son and I (Thorns) have been playing since 3.0 (2016?) and found our home here; very diverse group but Non Toxic BS! Good times for the young (Thorns - CF's Youngest OG) and old (Me!). With that said and launch finally happening, we will be putting some time aside to help new players learn the game, building teams/Class Creation. Hit up Thorns on Discord if interested (Thorns#6629)
  3. I backed the game on the idea of a passive skill tree with hopes of reducing "grind". Still not bad but the passive Tree could have worked and worked well if properly implemented IMO. I think one of the reasons they changed it is because players felt they needed multiple accounts for Crafting/Gathering -not sure. If they tied the Passive tree to the Vessel and not the account I think it could still work? The more choices, especially hard ones is better IMO.
  4. Good Thread; I was always kind of on the fence about an "Auction House" but I don't think so any longer, please add. And make so Kickstarter Items like Forts and VIP tokens can be sold as well........... I bought too much junk that will not play out like I thought it might back in 3.0 (EK wars) 2 Cents -
  5. I only replied because no one else did - thanks for CC' info, I have been out of the loop for awhile. Interested to hear someone's rational on why this "works" in the current state of the game.
  6. I have not played in a like 3 months and only a little in previous 3, but have played every patch since 3.0 - I know this was a subject of debate in our guild at one point and was pretty surprised that people were actually defending it; personally, I think it is pretty stupid and while I think it is fine to do while in Combat, it should be "Interruptable" on a single hit. Yes, I realize this is not RL Combat but even in game it just feels wrong to "me". my 2 cents Edit: But don't let that along throw you off the game, at least find a guild first and play the game in that environment - it truly is way better when playing with a good group!
  7. Semper Fi - Been watching the news from down here in Costs Rica (10 year Xpat) - Dammmm Keep it Kool Brother!
  8. Delete - I did bite and respond then reasilized responding to someone that has less game time than my Son did at 12 was probably not worth it
  9. NICE to see some options that Google did not pull up recently - thanks for options. CF is not 100% lost IMO......... I ALWAYS tell my son to stop repeating the trash being spread around by the community........ 90% of which have no idea how to build, market, and execute a project like this. At the same time, "I" do have a pretty fair knowledge and have personally done projects larger than CF.......... and it's those items that have me frustrated. I think this is my very first "negative" post. Honestly, a lot decisions look like they were made with a "dart board". We are heavily invested, already in with a solid group of guildies (uXa - very good guys at the core leader level) - So we will give the game a chance no matter what. At the same time my current motivation for it is down from 90% to like 10-20%........... Honestly, at 12 years old @Thornsa better better method of using the passive tree. Not just for fun, but for retention, and customization as well. It just kind of seems the devs have given up on making this the game they started and just "settled".......and I don't hold them in contempt for that - sometimes poorly made dergs happens and it has to be done; I just don't see me following along. If we are already getting easy with cutting corners.......just going to get easier
  10. Removal of the skill tree (Which I new they would at least "Change") becasue it "sucked" so bad - but it made it a more "grindy" game that I am looking for now and was back n the time when I started. I work at least 50 hours a week I have been pretty much the positive guy though most of the changes - but I think I have finally fallen into the camp where I think this game might end up going from "Niche to just bad" VIP - lol.....really - let's not go there. It also took away account uniqueness - it removed alot of limitations and choice Should be adding - bring back weapon mastery disciplines and strengths and weakness. I heavily invested during Kickstarter and 2015 and paid a lot of $$ for some pretty lame housing. I was hoping that we could at least put up our assests to go against others (Call them Private campaigns) who willing to do the same Tracking was supposed to part of this game and I have not heard anything now in years........ and This type of Play was the "Main" reason I signed up for it...... that and minimal grind. RISK,REWARD, Hard Choices, little grind, Full sandbox economy, vast chr devolopment through hard choices etc (Shadowbane was better from what I remember)......... all seems to be disapearing from what I signed up for. Of course, not all bad, I am betting a lot of the change will bring in more players than it loses (hopefully) I was hoping for more branches of the passive trees: Tracking, stealth, mount taming, seige specialist etc etc................ I was hoping to see all these come in ....... of course you would have to invest in them a lot to offset "Power" or something......... but that was what I wanted - "Tough Choices" - I don't feel it all anymore and not feeling anything here has a reason to keep me playing. I keep looking and the only reason I am even remotely still here is because my Son still likes it and there really is not much anything better out there better for a MMO RPG PVP Sandbox Game. My Son jumps on the community "Hype of the week" stuff all the time; wich I continously have to re-level set expectations. Actually already too long and would need a speperate thread easily here. Sorry, This was not very well thought out, so probably set myself up for a lot of trolling (Lucklly I don't care) I just figured I should post this as I did not see anything like it easily viewable but know through the years a lof of us were discusssing a lot of the above. I have not given up 100% but I am looking for something else that has to better than this. Mayhem
  11. Same - Hopefully we can just gift it. I will try when I got a little more time for the 2FA
  12. Oh I am glad we finally got this........ better than nothing - just not sure about it as the long term term solution
  13. true enough.......and I not have played much lately.......Just a "feeling" I got when I ran i through my head............. Hope Thorns does not read this as I am not supposed to have feelings
  14. Too bad...... I think small guilds just died
  15. Got you..... but they were suggesting having subguids and I was wondering if they still planned on it since they are putting limits to alliances........ subguilds would still allow "small guilds" a chance to partake in a large alliance if they still went through with them and yet might disrupt the alliance balancing they seem to be shooting for........ Honestly don't know what they have in mind anymore - but Son just told me there is the October QA right now. Maybe info there 🤔
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