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  1. 4 pages already too lazy to read the previous but while performance does seem a bit better - large fights (10+ v 10+) tend to crash more then 60% of the clients. Also, there now "seems" to be a longer delay in activating powers after switching stances -
  2. Chests

    Roger That - Thx anyway
  3. Chests

    Any word on when/If these will be available for crafting?
  4. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    It's my gut feeling ACE is aware of this issue and will at some point make a move towards "Some type" of improvement before soft launch - I just can't envision ACE being OK with "This part" of character customization.
  5. Plus all this could be tied into 'Sieging" training if its still on the road map for implementation - Seriously hope so.
  6. Holy Avenger Disc: Grabthars Hammer is not hitting the Combo/Stun
  7. Nice Vid but I just hope that means 5.7 is actually very close to "live" ready - I can't see myself logging back on until then
  8. Landscape changes from Green (ish) to Orange (ish) randomly but notice most when standing around Ore nodes.
  9. Don't have it up in front of me but pretty sure last night it said until the 29th @ 10am - Could be wrong
  10. I got this debuff and took a small amount of dmg to knock me out of stealth - I immediately reversed direction away but within 15-20 meters and not more than 5-10 seconds - just "Died"
  11. Fae Glide completely broken - Way more fall dmg........ Edit: possibly not entirely ...... worked some times on different parcels. Dodge fine = 10m
  12. Performance increase confirmed and much appreciated!
  13. Stuttering problem

    This ^^
  14. Agreed but would suggest actually 7 man groups. Cross healing is must. 7 man groups would make for much more interesting group builds and potential to reduce TTK - I dont "think" that at that number groups would would move towards 3 healers. Just something to chew on. Really happy to see the Stoneborn finally in game but wish you would have stuck to some of your earlier designs. Can't stomach them now but they could grow on me..... I used to HATE the Guini pigs but more than 18 months later they are slowly growing on me
  15. "Explored" quite a bit of the map - found quite a few bugs but already caught in the "Known Issues section" so good there. It's been awhile since i have a had chance to say "Damn fine job ACE - 5.7 is a great step forward" Not sure if true or not but I thought that this map was one of the new random generated ones - I did not see much randomness in terms of resource displacement - All the the high resource ML nodes appear to be center mapped/Keep/adventure zones - I don't think I saw more than an R3 ML on any parts of the outer map. Saw some R6 trees but ML's Seem to have gotten the shaft. Oh...... I think I found 5 of the grave yards so far and nothing above an R3 yet. All this is leading to a feeling that a SB wipe may be coming which I thing would be mistake as the player driven economy seems to be just starting to get some traction. All in all very happy with 5.7 - Especially performance - thank you. Mayhem_