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  1. 90% sure that if you have accounts logged into a keep that gets taken you will lose the local inventory on it - Including Gear. Acct 1 lost 32k gold which I noticed right away when I went to level a new Crafter and Just this morning I Noticed that my WoodCrafter lost his local inventory and the 5 pieces of Jewelry that was on him. Both Accounts were logged into the EU/Choas Keep that was recently lost. Both ended up at the newb zone naked and empty.
  2. I have not posted much over the last couple years as most people say what needs to be said already. Most of the big bugs we find go directly to support in email as to not perpetuate the faulty systems. But I think this case is special and needs a bit more attention - As I really "dislike" the current direction. I read that this whole thing came about because a few spoke out for the need for some type of Achievement satisfaction - I find it VERY difficult to believe this is satisfying in any way to anyone. So I just started framing out everything I would like to say about the leveling system and the current nerf and the total waste of time to try and even get a green vessel to 30.......but it would turn into a book and 95% of it has been stated in this and/or other threads. One thing i did not see mentioned though was the fact that this "Created Uncle Bob" or at the least a bigger divide between the haves and haves not - Those that had the logistics early on are all now running in Epic Vessels already and those that would like one will either "fail" or grind themselves into oblivion. My son and I will be fine but I really feel for the new guys taking a look into the game. If I was new, I guarantee that I would not play this game past lvl 15. This is not to say that that others should not…… just not “Me”. I would simply call the investment a write off and move on. I "heard" it mentioned that ACE/Blair thinks that now people will need to fight for the Leveling areas and creating this conflict is a desirable method to encourage PVP. Do I even need to explain how impossible it will be for a person to "PVP" without even having skills? The idea of a talent tree is fine but I honestly the full kit should be acquired by level 10 and rest some new gravy. For "Me", even aside from the recent 5.8.2 sacrifice nerf, I have not had any "Fun" at all with the talent system. To be honest, I think it is a joke and feel sorry for whom ever planned it out. Luckily, I believe ACE will see the foolishness of all this and fix it soon and if not soon – “We” will simply take a break until someone pulls head from @$$. I know ACE gets tired of only negative feedback so let me say – “My son and I are still with you and believe you are creating something quite amazing that we plan to enjoy for A LOT OF YEARS”. But recently, every time I see the “CF” acronym in my mind I think – Cluster Fudged. Just honest “Personal” feedback -
  3. LOL - All squirrels will find a nut eventually Semper Fi
  4. Thanks for the follow up!
  5. My Son and I just joined the ranks - Thanks for having us. Impressed with leadership and Son (Thorns) is looking forward to having a few younger people to actually 'Go kill stuff with" FUN Scrims last night - great way to feel "Connected" and create some "synergy"
  6. Exact same issue: @thomasblair Contact QA? Is there any other Email aside from "Support" Chr has not been deleted.
  7. Well Truth is that it's kind of unfair to get upset about Re-purposing work: Great - but IMO probably not the greatest strategy when that is applied so many times in a row "Any Nuggets" about 5.8 would nice..... no matter how small. With the anticipation of a wipe plus the first CW to have win conditions left me pretty desperate for "some news" (Only speaking for myself)......... Not asking anyone to do anything that takes away ANYTHING from getting 5.8 to test - but Simple updates..... even the one you just left is better than the basic nothing of Oct! And of course - better if some one attempts to point it out nicely before the "MOB" starts getting really restless I have and I get the impression that many in community have worked start-up projects before; I absolutely appreciate the "hard work" - always thanks on that! Simply telling the community (Me) "Expect no updates in Oct - we are too busy working" - heck - I would have been disappointed but respected that LOL - with that said, anyone whom assumes responsibility gets a /Thumbs up Thanks - "For Something" True that!
  8. I wanted to wait until today to respond again. Still pretty disappointed. Honestly , I try to give all the positive assumptions I can for the dev's and JTC - But the inability to simply "Level Set Expectations with the Community" is well....... there is no good way to put it. The fluff is just that and it has it's place but underwhelming as an update. Personally, I would be fine with less updates as long as they were actual updates. This is a pretty positive, dedicated and loyal community and I am proud to be a part of it surprisingly. I honestly think we deserve a bit more "Expectation Level setting" about "Updates" Just an opinion from a nobody Smiley Face and Semper Fi
  9. Been here dang close for 2 years and this month seems the most dead I have ever seen it.......... "Dead" - please no Halloween excuses. What's up ACE? I mean, I know you can't sustain a super high level of content commitment for the Tuesday/Thursday updates ALL the time......... but this month has been not spooky - just BORING. Mayhem
  10. Pretty simple to add gunpowder to Human lore and give them assassin stealth...….. Just saying
  11. Suggestion 1: Unfortunately not enough info to leave feedback on it..... wish we had more. Suggestion 2: OMG yes with big plus's. Last couple of videos I actually felt embarrassed for them.
  12. At this time now assuming this is the Tuesday update?
  13. Mayhem_


    Roger That - Thx anyway
  14. Mayhem_


    Any word on when/If these will be available for crafting?
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