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  1. @Xarrayne Nice Vid - As usual :)
  2. @Ble Thx..... I think I just stop "again" for awhile...... Too much work to put into a leveling another vessel while waiting on the current grind issues to fix themselves........
  3. Already posted in the Dev Forum on how hard it is to get back into testing...……. To start over "again" with another vessel to create a "Cleric" is just another push away, I want to get on and at least help my guild that is trying to hold on t this game. @Ble Have you actually level'd and experienced what the play is like with these changes?
  4. Slowly patch by patch more "GrindFall" Exactly what I was hoping avoid when I first bought in. I know that not all the "systems" are in place.......wish they were not using grind times as fillers
  5. I played mostly with MV then a bit with SC on Mourning in SB. I guess they were from medium to serious RP. Thorns and I will probably do some light RP here.... Light meaning simply writing/posting from the in game view of our Crows. Heavy RP can be immersive and rewarding but requires a bit more effort..........feeling a bit too old and lazy for that now a days ........ But Who knows - Thorns might end up liking it - he wrote a back story a couple days ago. Wait..... Just realized whom I was replying and remembered I thought you to be your in one of the few RP (ish) guilds OP, Nice - Thanks for sharing!
  6. There are certainly issues in the Talent trees and especially with Druid ........ I don't remember them addressing this in the last QA and if not, I assume it was because it's so obvious that it will soon be addressed.
  7. Yes! I have not tested but trust Pope has.... and Yes - HUGE QOL FIX! Thanks!
  8. Nice - it will be good to catch up on this as it seemed a missing part of the experience and was starting to despair it would never be a taken very serious.
  9. That too.....but not as "dead" - personally I am still looking forward to not only what they are showing us to come soon but a lot of things I am "personally guessing at and hoping for" And while I can't speak for all guilds.....Sh!t, can't even speak for mine. But pretty damn sure a "Dregs/Guild Ruleset" will Change everything A LOT on its own independent of what whatever other features are at play at the time.
  10. Been a while I since Posted - Winning is nice, competition is better........ FUN is a MUST. Gorilla tactics, hit and run, suicide missions....... all is fair as long as it's FUN. A very wide range of players here. 52 year old Jarheads to 13 year killers (2 year CF Vets - CF's youngest OG) that bring the heat without the drama.
  11. This game will most likely remain pretty dead until a "Dregs Ruleset" gets applied
  12. Still waiting on the "Good News" - 86 Sacrifice shards and 1 green Fire Pen - 5 pips 8%
  13. I think in most ways CF is still going in the direction I signed up for and the issues I do have with current direction........ I still have hopes of them getting course corrections again as well. One thing I don't really see changing though is my need for all the EK Assets I currently own. I have heard NOTHING in a long time on anything EK related at all. I missed out on the EK asset swap out too that was like 18 months back. I guess if I could "Risk" my assets by putting them out there to be destroyed in PVP in return for having my parcels produce "resources"........ Then yes, I would probably look into "Building a Kingdom" and let the fun - and probably "Loss" begin - but that would be FUN. If they are truly just "Player housing"......... then I personally don't have any reason for so much. Simply give a small Castel to son to play with and look for a way to recoup on the rest. Has anyone heard mention (And it would have been quite a while back) if there were any plans for in-game store/trading of assets? If I could swap out my assets for VIP - Then that is simply SOLO BEUNO....... if not, I hope there is "Something" I can do with them.
  14. Then I will carry "Hope" - thanks for Clarifying
  15. Not good to hear that test is even worse off than live.......... Between Leather, Shards, and a known bug creating too much dmg on weapons that must certainly lead to a wipe......... been rough lately
  16. I was thinking about 80% the same thing before I even hit the discuss button
  17. Mayhem_

    Zone Caps

    It resonated when it popped into my head.... unfortunately I get ACE wants to keep this about "testing"...... but made it kind of hard when 'Wins" and "Prizes" came into the picture.... not to mention JTodd's post. All these little things were bound to start what we all knew would come sooner or later. Hopefully, an external site gets it right and the Politics can start there - "Here" - even if more lenient seems to be a bad choice If I had the"time" - I would do it - but simply don't
  18. Mayhem_

    Zone Caps

    To be Transparent- I played with "W" for over a year and a half and when the conversation of the HoA alliance came up - I gave a thumbs up. No longer with "W" - My Son and I moved over to uXa. Simply a better fit for both of us..... and the details why are ours alone. But we are happy with the change and still have a lot of respect for many of our former Guildies. We had some really good 2v2's with Mal and Myst this weekend ........ We were completely out geared but never the less had a great time. "W" has a GREAT Logistics setup that they have been working on for 3+ years. They have earned it through dedication and hard work. At the time we (W) had just gone over to Balance because recruitment from Order had been rough. "At the time" .... "IF" the Chaos undead alliance decided to actually put some effort into "Winning" they had the means to do it. W, in my opinion, has always claimed to want to "Play to Crush" - and they are following through on that goal. Whether the timing is correct, good for the game and certainly some the "Tactics" being employed are just good old "Play to Crush" or something else is creating a lot the fun political drama. And for the record - I disagree about the timing of the Alliance - In "My Opinion" it was no longer needed at the time it actually happened - But by that time I was no longer a part of W and the "reasons" could have easily for reasons that make sense that I am completely unaware of..... .and I am sure that they don't feel the need to share it. I Love this part of the game. It is also kind of funny to see so many people react to things that have to be total assumptions on their part. If you are not part of the leadership or have an active role in the decision making of your guild the chances of you having the needed information to form a decent realistic opinion is pretty tough. That is why we hopefully trust the leadership we decided to interact with as players. I am pretty happy with uXa Leadership - WeaponsX and Dolmar have a LONG record over the course of a couple of decades to be reviewed and what I have learned about them on a current and personal level in the last couple months tells me they have "Integrity" ....... and they are FUN as hell to play with - Win/Lose - we have FUN All the Drama - I don't care, and Honestly, I have never heard anyone in uXa care beyond the point that we need to "catch" up logistically - which is tough when already so far outpaced. The timing of ACE's vessel leveling NERF's did nothing to help that ...... and added to Uncle Bob. The Politics stuff has been fun to watch..... more fun when you actually know more of the "truth(s)" than most. Not going to reveal any of that since they have already been said and the spin has begun....... BUT THIS IS PART OF THE GAME! The part that I really do have an issue with is ....... We got some guilds "Playing to Crush" while at the same time the Forums have turned into a "Play to Hush". Can't have it both ways ACE - Figure it out please - there is no way you could not see this coming To OP: Sorry to further along the de-Rail Zone Caps: Yes - I think they should be increased - I don't think it will solve many of the issues but I would hope it helps. I think we all also need to remember the current state of the game too. This massive bridge between Gear is only an issue at the beginning; whether at the start of a CW with Rules or after a wipe or come launch time. Guilds and Solo players "Will Catch up" with time. The guilds with the current logistical leads will eventually fade in that advantage. Also, Faction play. Currently, we are much more limited in options of aligning our selves. This will change as well with Dregs. Yes, Alliances will replace a lot of the faction stuff but midstream betrayals will occur too - then the fun really begins. And in all this...... still consequences for actions. Perceived actions will play a lot in future alliances..... Hence why ACE needs to find a way to let the Politics play out. This Play to Hush stance may be the biggest detriment the game currently has. But that is just "My" opinion".
  19. LOL - I got an EK guy too and still did it! 2x for sure and "Possibly" 3....... 1 might belong to my son. And... ya ya ya .... I cheat at work and get little things done during the day and sometimes have unexpected people walk in my office....... like what happened an hour ago. And once I hit that CW button I was like NO NO NO NO NO please stop....... right in the middle of a crafting session that I had to log out of real quick Just looking for an easy solution to protect me from self
  20. OUCH on the number of hours lost accidentally deleting items when moving my vessel from one CW to another - Sucks but I have only to learn that one once - so far. BUT - When moving a vessel from an EK to a CW there is no need to unlock it - YES, totally my fault and own it- but damn..... it is so easy to accidentally select a CW since it is the more natural flow of selection. Twice "I" lost the entirety of my Crafting gear and local storage and both times I noticed it before I even loaded into the CW. Unlocking it at least makes you think about it. And if not need to unlock it why do you "Lose" it? Please help the feeble minded out - namely me.
  21. Mayhem_

    Age limit

    @PannCould not find anything in the terms when doing a search on "age" @OP My Son (AKA Thorns) Has played since 11 and active since the release of 3.0 Now and Fore ever Crowfalls youngest OG
  22. I have not posted much over the last couple years as most people say what needs to be said already. Most of the big bugs we find go directly to support in email as to not perpetuate the faulty systems. But I think this case is special and needs a bit more attention - As I really "dislike" the current direction. I read that this whole thing came about because a few spoke out for the need for some type of Achievement satisfaction - I find it VERY difficult to believe this is satisfying in any way to anyone. So I just started framing out everything I would like to say about the leveling system and the current nerf and the total waste of time to try and even get a green vessel to 30.......but it would turn into a book and 95% of it has been stated in this and/or other threads. One thing i did not see mentioned though was the fact that this "Created Uncle Bob" or at the least a bigger divide between the haves and haves not - Those that had the logistics early on are all now running in Epic Vessels already and those that would like one will either "fail" or grind themselves into oblivion. My son and I will be fine but I really feel for the new guys taking a look into the game. If I was new, I guarantee that I would not play this game past lvl 15. This is not to say that that others should not…… just not “Me”. I would simply call the investment a write off and move on. I "heard" it mentioned that ACE/Blair thinks that now people will need to fight for the Leveling areas and creating this conflict is a desirable method to encourage PVP. Do I even need to explain how impossible it will be for a person to "PVP" without even having skills? The idea of a talent tree is fine but I honestly the full kit should be acquired by level 10 and rest some new gravy. For "Me", even aside from the recent 5.8.2 sacrifice nerf, I have not had any "Fun" at all with the talent system. To be honest, I think it is a joke and feel sorry for whom ever planned it out. Luckily, I believe ACE will see the foolishness of all this and fix it soon and if not soon – “We” will simply take a break until someone pulls head from @$$. I know ACE gets tired of only negative feedback so let me say – “My son and I are still with you and believe you are creating something quite amazing that we plan to enjoy for A LOT OF YEARS”. But recently, every time I see the “CF” acronym in my mind I think – Cluster Fudged. Just honest “Personal” feedback -
  23. LOL - All squirrels will find a nut eventually Semper Fi
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