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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from baconbaconbaconbaconbacon in War Story of the Week: Xarrayne   
    @Xarrayne Nice Vid - As usual :)
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from Angelmar in War Story of the Week: Xarrayne   
    @Xarrayne Nice Vid - As usual :)
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from Xarrayne in War Story of the Week: Xarrayne   
    @Xarrayne Nice Vid - As usual :)
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    Mayhem_ reacted to PopeUrban in Population imbalance ideas for PvP   
    This isn't a think we should really address until Dregs is available. At which point many of the organizations swinging faction balance will have moved to their natural environment.
    At which point, we use the same population balancing mechanism as most competitive games: You don't tell the game what team you're on, the game tells you.
    Stop letting people choose their faction.
    Que people to the lowest pop faction on joining, count the first member of a guild that joins a faction as the entire guild joining that faction, automatically join whichever faction your guild has already joined if in a guild.
    People can not stack factions if they lack the ability to even try.
    People that want to form long term alliances with other guilds should go play Dregs where that is the point of the game.
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A warmer welcome - Official discussion thread   
    Sad face
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    Mayhem_ reacted to Ble in 5.92.0 Feed Back Reports for 5/31/19   
    I get it.  They don’t seem to be listening to the things people are saying are important (more pvp, less PvE, less grind, less tedium) and instead opt for the opposite.  Coming back once they have more direction and control is not a bad idea.
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from Ble in 5.92.0 Feed Back Reports for 5/31/19   
    @Ble Thx..... I think I just stop "again" for awhile...... Too much work to put into a leveling another vessel while waiting on the current grind issues to fix themselves........
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.92.0 Feed Back Reports for 5/31/19   
    Already posted in the Dev Forum on how hard it is to get back into testing...……. To start over "again" with another vessel to create a "Cleric" is just another push away, I want to get on and at least help my guild that is trying to hold on t this game.  
    @Ble  Have you actually level'd and experienced what the play is like with these changes?
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    Mayhem_ reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Change Character Discipline slots into separate combat &...   
    This is the 4th revision I believe to the passive system, disciplines, races/classes and its relation to vessels, and quite frankly is the best one so far. 
    The changes slated to happen are locked majors, with having to spend talent points into the individual powers within the majors. 
    It has always been a goal, that you can screw up your vessel, and have to make a new one. And that you must make a choice between crafting and combat vessels.  
    Many of us happen to like, and backed because of that approach.  It is not going to fundamentally change at this point. 
    EDIT: (Bold)
    The crafting system and economy is supposed to run by discrete individuals, and groups of individuals, trading the skills and abilities they have focused on, with other individuals, and groups of individuals, that have different skills and abilities, just like any other real economy does.  It's really rather simple.  
    The AVERAGE player should be discouraged from the crafting system if it doesn't interest them.  It's supposed to be driven by the achiever players who are bent on achieving crafting and economic dominance in the game. 
    You have 6 slots currently.  You can be capable at one crafting skill in a reasonable amount of time, become an "expert" in a few months, and maximise through gear and vessel upgrades in that time.   You can use a single vessel to do two crafting skills moderately well if you pick the right race and slot two disciplines.  That leaves you 5 slots for building a variety of combat vessels. If you happen to really NEED to devote all your time to crafting, and being good at it, then buy a second account.  But at that point you are far past being the average player. Even with a multitude of accounts, one human simply won't have the time to do everything.
    What is not supposed to happen, is for individual players to be able to do everything for themselves.
    That again, is a different game.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to Lanie in Because I hear people are bored of waiting for sieges   
    So I've found a lot of debate about the current clock idea for sieges.  If people want something more than a generic clock that ticks the same time every day, then what about this idea.
    We have access to a ton of material features and crafting in the game already, why not switch something around enough to have a Siege Trench (temporary name) constructed that has to be within a set distance of the Keep/Fort/Outpost (farther for bigger targets) that takes a bunch of materials (more for bigger targets) and a lot of time (more for bigger targets).  The special material (I don't know, sand?  Maybe more than one, materials is a thing that would need ideas) needed can't be stored, has a small maximum carrying capacity, and dissolves on vessel death (maybe even dissolves for other reasons too, like time or distance or something).  The setup should be designed so that completion is inevitable, but if a ST under construction is being harassed, it's going to be rough to finish.
    Once the ST is completed, an announcement is called, saying that faction A is preparing for war against faction B.  This means, even if the whole project was done in stealth, at this point people know about it.  The completed ST can no longer be attacked, and works as a temporary base for the attackers.  This is when you get a publicly visible timer going (more for bigger targets).  Once the timer goes down to zero, you get an actual battle.
    With the battle started, the winner will either be faction A or faction B, depending on who can hold out the longest.  Faction C can totally still crash the party and mess up both sides.  In fact, if they get their own ST done soon enough in the timer process of the last step, they can even join in for a nice three-way fight.  The last one standing wins.
    After a battle is finished, there is a cooldown period (more for bigger targets) where a ST can not be started in that area.  This gives people a chance to relax before the next big fight.
    A fair value of this idea is that, during the ST construction phase, you get a ton of tiny skirmishes going on all around the clock.  This means you can always have something to fight or fight for, but you still get a lot of time where your hard earned reward is still your's.  Once construction is done, the minor skirmishes might stop, but the bigger preparations will begin, and people will be pushing to get people online.  After the war ends, you've got some time to rest once again, then the cycle starts over.  Cooldowns and construction times thus can be a lot shorter than the wait times we've currently got for a fight.
    So for people who want to have a lot of ongoing fights, this gives a phase that promotes a lot of fighting just to make the big fight start, and you can still have a big fight occurring at variable times (instead of preset times).  For people who like to enjoy their rewards, this gives a lot of time where you can enjoy it properly, with still a nice warning when you're time is running out.  For people who want to just jump on a quick steal, this has nothing because you can't quick steal with this much setup.  Even possible with this idea would be a creative configuration for the ST and Keep/Fort/Outpost regarding siege weaponry or other neat constructions, which could be added during the preparation phase after the ST is constructed (which would give people a lot to do during that preparation phase).  Only the cooldown period truly would then count as a rest period.
    Another great part about this idea is the number of siege skills that could be added to our skill list in compensation for it.  Faster ST component construction, higher material capacity, special configuration choices.. and that's in addition to any of the siege skills you could already invent with the current configuration.  A win for everyone (as long as you aren't someone who expects cheap victories).
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    Mayhem_ reacted to VaMei in why Multi Accounting becomes Pay To win (passive skilling)   
    I don't disagree with your premise, players with multiple accounts have some advantage over players with only one account. That said, players don't win, guilds win. Guilds win by getting the work done and putting well geared bodies on the field.
    Loyalty issues aside, who do you think will do better, a guild of 10 players using 5 accounts each, or a guild of 50 players using one account each?
    Critical mass is about 15 players, that's enough to cover all of the professions without overlap. Less than that and someone must be working on this rather than that. With more players than that, you have extra hands available to be farming wartribes, joining harvest groups, or harassing the enemy, without pulling tradesmen away from whatever they need to be doing.
    If that's not convincing to you I'd have to wonder, how would you stop it? Anything you might do to stop one player from playing two accounts is easy to get around, and would get in the way of family/friends that want to play together.
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Is this what crowfall has become?   
    Slowly patch by patch more "GrindFall"
    Exactly what I was hoping avoid when I first bought in.
    I know that not all the "systems" are in place.......wish they were not using grind times as fillers
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from Marth in Is this what crowfall has become?   
    Slowly patch by patch more "GrindFall"
    Exactly what I was hoping avoid when I first bought in.
    I know that not all the "systems" are in place.......wish they were not using grind times as fillers
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    Mayhem_ reacted to DocHollidaze in The Trial of Illara - Official Discussion Thread   
    Well, it is certainly safer than talking sht in-game.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Alchemy live stream Thursday - Official discussion thread   
    Have you considered alchemy as a avenue to what the "classic" term for alchemy was, transmutation of materials from one to another? E.G. Iron to Silver.
    Is this maybe where we could see conversion of dust and metals into gold coins?
    Why not cook up a bunch of recipes that make things out of currently unrelated mixtures instead of making new things to drop/gather.
    Alchemical recipes like mandrake + granite + iron + oak = Resolution potion with the same effect as resolution minor rune.You could make Alchemy the gateway to experimentation with the now drop gated runes, and may get away with just reusing a bunch of existing powers and materials.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to Soulreaver in Quiver and Arrows   
    So I revisited this subject this morning..
    Testing (How it was done)

    I took a level 30 Ranger - Archer. Removed -all- passives. Stood 10 m from the target dummy.
    I then got a : 
    Basic Bow (21 max damage) Basic Arrows (21 max damage) High Tension Bow (79 max damage) Quiver (73 max damage) Making sure that I -only- used the 1st LMB full charge shot I took 10 shots with each combo.  Starting with : 
    Basic Bow + Basic Quiver Basic Bow + Advanced Quiver Advanced Bow + Basic Arrows Advanced Bow + Advanced Quiver. These are the results
    Quick Summary : 
    Basic Bow + Basic Arrows : (21 + 21 = 42)
    Normal : 379 Crit : 589 Basic Bow + Advanced Quiver (21+73 = 94)
    Normal : 420 Crit : 652 Advanced Bow + Basic Arrows (79+21 = 100)
    Normal : 585 Crit : 934 Advanced Bow + Advanced Arrows (79+73 = 152)
    Normal : 592 Crit : 909 Source Code (damage)
    Straight from the code   (weaponDamage + ammoDamage + skillWeaponStatDamage + attackPowerStat) 
    Weapons and ammo/quivers contribute equally.

    Thoughts : 
    If the argument is that weapons and quivers/arrows contribute the same to the code, then how can there be such a huge difference between : (basic bow + advanced quivers) vs (advanced bow + basic arrows)?  
    Repeating that thought, then how can there be such a -small- difference between : (advanced bow + basic arrows) vs (advanced bow + advanced quivers)?

    Note : 
    -Yes- I know the Advanced Bow and Quiver do NOT have the exact same damage but the difference in 6 damage that these two items have shouldn't produce these -very- noticiable difference.
    Also : 10 shots it's a -lot- to base proof off, IMO though it's enough to show that there is a problem/issue here that has been present for a long time and that many people have been talking about for a very long time.  So _please_ can you relook at it, or at least acknowledge that what we're saying seems right/wrong.
    My conclusion and thoughts : 
    If an ability says 100-200 damage + 150% weapon damage, for ALL other classes that means the weapon damage is higher, cause they have not SPLIT that damage with a quiver.  Since a Ranger -split- their damage with the quiver that 150% weapon damage is much smaller, and since that doesn't -include- quiver damage the outcome is that the ranger is falling behind the later the game evolves.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to Thimble in [RP] Corvus Citadel Rallies!   
    News from the front had reached Thimble mere moments ago. He had been busy helping run things at the Citadel and had been unable to help the war effort aside from the occasional flight into the Trial of Kane to quickly craft armor before he had to return. Raising the White Crow had proven to be a more difficult affair than anticipated, but the results would be worth it.
    As for the news from the front lines, it had been good, to say the least. In the face of overwhelming odds, three small groups of Corvus Citadel forces had managed to secure two keeps from the Winterblades and their vassals through the use of cunning tactics and swift decision making.
    The Balance faction began the night with three keeps, so their defenders were spread thin. Duffy Swiftshadow, Commander of the forces of Corvus Citadel, gave the order to the small group to assault Umbressa Keep, which was particularly light on defenders. Within minutes, the warriors of the Citadel overran the token defense and were able to destroy the Tree of Life and plant their own. Immediately, the band pivoted and marched at best speed to Rose Knights Grove Keep. The first to arrive were the scouts, and they reported back that the forces of Balance and Order were fighting over one of the Bane Trees outside the keep. Quig, Sergeant of Corvus Citadel, and Dirty, one of several Crowguard involved in the operation, quickly devised a plan while Duffy was commanding from the rear, helping the several recruits in attendance to catch up to the main force.
    It was a bold plan, and a risky one. Once Duffy and the recruits caught up, the small group of warriors began creeping along the wall of the keep, careful not to draw attention. Twice Grimmel, Corax Councilmember and forward scout, motioned for the force to stop all movement and cover their armor with their cloaks as they waited for a distant enemy scout to pass, hoping beyond hope that the scouts' attentions were always directed outward rather than inward toward the keep. Their luck held, as they were able to enter the keep through the breach without being discovered. Immediately they broke into a run, Quig leading the attackers in a glorious charge, straight to the objective: the Tree of Life. The brave warriors knew that they would only get one chance.
    Within seconds, Grimmel reported that the Winterblades were on to them. They must have had their own scouts watching the Tree of Life because their entire force turned on a gold piece as one and began streaming back toward the keep. The order was given to the warriors of the Corvus Citadel to throw everything they had at the Tree of Life in an attempt to take it down before they were overwhelmed. They grouped up, packing themselves tightly together, to maximize the effect of the beneficial magics of their clerics and other casters. The Tree of Life was nearly dead when the vanguard of the Winterblades slammed into the small force, but the phalanx held, though not without heavy loss. Zerst called out that he would begin the Resurrection Ritual, to try to save as many Corvus Citadel vessels as he could, to allow them to continue to fight. He was able to bring four of them back to life before he was knocked out of the ritual, more than anyone could have expected. Quig gave the order to blow novas, and one after another of the brave warriors gathered their energy and released it explosively, knocking the Winterblades off of the building. Finally the Tree of Life succumbed to its wounds. Quig and Grimmel, each with one hand on the same golden apple, dropped to their knees simultaneously, smashing the apple into the ground, causing a new Tree of Life to sprout, this one attuned to Chaos.
    The small band of warriors, half of which were green recruits wearing bits and pieces of hastily made armor, had done the impossible. Corvus Citadel had taken two keeps from the overwhelming forces of the Winterblades and their vassals.
    Thimble leaned back in his chair, taking two puffs on his pipe, the sun streaming in through a window illuminating the smile on his face.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to Kraahk in What are the benefits of owning parcels?   
    I would usually send you to the EK FAQ page ... but it seems it has been removed - to be updated i guess.
    Basically, Eternal Kingdoms are the player housing areas of Crowfall. They can be used to build community hubs, market places, crafting centers and such. For campaigns with no imports, EK's don't matter. For campaigns with imports, they can become useful base camps for preparation and secure crafting. It is also planned that monarchs will be able to set things like taxes.
    Parcels can be used to add land to an Eternal Kingdom (like a city or hills). Environment Parcels can provide a lot of basic resources. Stronghold Parcels can provide building tokens, which will allow you to place buildings or building parts of a specific size and type on it (like a villa or a castle wall). Buildings can provide connections slots for smaller building parts (like a work station or a vendor stall). Which again can provide connectors for even smaller building parts (like a vendor).

    The current max size of an EK is 20x20 cells (so 400 cells max), with 1 cell being 128x128 meters, which is the size of a farm parcel.

    Since you can place parcels in other peoples kingdoms too (if you got granted nobility in them), there is not really something like "too many" you can own.
    So, wether you can take benefit of a parcel or not purely depends on what you do with it.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to VaMei in AFK timer   
    They need to set the AFK timer to be higher than the capture timer for an outpost.
    You know circle standing is bad, when you're playing as intended and it logs you out for inactivity. 😜
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    Mayhem_ reacted to Toadwart in The way of the CAREBEAR   
    See, this is how I know you aren't exactly telling the truth.
    Ultima Online was only PvP for the entire time I played it and I couldn't even play it for the first 9ish months that it went live because my computer wasn't good enough. There was no PvE area (Trammel, I think it was called, came way, way later...like years later and I was done playing before then because Everquest 1 went retail and I moved there)
    Also, you may be be as old as you say, but your choice of words, spelling and sentence structure suggest otherwise.
    Lastly, I didn't mention anything about soloing. My post was in reference to how important it is to have an area and a system in place to let new players get acclimated to the world of Crowfall so they can eventually become veterans while supporting the game financially along the way. Not chasing people away before they have a chance to settle in because they are just going to take their money with them.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to KrakkenSmacken in What One Feature of Crowfall Stands Out to You The Most?   
    I would say the Campaign system, but not just what others have said above about resets, although that is a really good feature. I think it's more that when they reset they can try/have different rule sets.  I don't think that aspect gets as much notice as it deserves.
    I look at it this way. Maybe the whole "Zero imports" is a total non-starter for certain kinds of players.  Great, don't join those, join other ones. Maybe your more casual, only have a couple of hours a week and you hate the feeling of being behind and want a world of whites only you can buy quickly in an EK before the world starts and know your opponents don't have much over you on gear variation.  Great, there will be a world for you as well. Maybe you don't even want the RPG permanent progression and grind aspects so much, so ACE eventually builds a world with huge drop rates but zero exports, because you really want it to feel like a longer battle royal.  
    The ability to iterate on the game models to possibly find one that is really fun, that nobody even expected would work but ACE tried anyway, is to me the best aspect of the game.
    I see quite a bit of "the game should DO this" or "ACE needs to accommodate that because it's a 'better' play style". So many people seem to miss, CF has the potential to be all those things at the same time.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to mystafyi in A little constructive criticism   
    Its hard to provide examples of something not happening. I understand what you are asking though, but without access to paid subforum and a working devtracker it really is too much effort to break it down and would be flawed. 
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Minor Archdruid Feedback from a new player   
    There are certainly issues in the Talent trees and especially with Druid ........  I don't remember them addressing this in the last QA and if not, I assume it was because it's so obvious that it will soon be addressed.
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    Mayhem_ got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Eternal Court live stream - Official discussion thread   
    Nice - it will be good to catch up on this as it seemed a missing part of the experience and was starting to despair it would never be a taken very serious.
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    Mayhem_ reacted to moneda in Vessel solution   
    The vessel items have durability stats, as once vessels were going to degrade like armor, but once used to create a character it does not degrade.
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