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  1. There's a difference between hand holding, and someone being forced to pick a class with enormous consequences despite probably never seeing a minute of gameplay, nor any idea the implications of the balance of the classes. And rerolling can be a huge penalty in a lot of MMOs.
  2. Choosing a class at the beginning of the game is a bad choice. It's asking the player to make significant choices about how they want to play the game, without them knowing anything about the playstyles of the characters they are picking. I know that in just about every MMO with characters I've played, I've decided that I made the wrong choice, and rerolled my character, and in some of those I've ended up deleting the original character and never played it again. I don't think it's fair to say that I was at fault, either: does playing an MMO necessitate hours of research beforehand?
  3. If you think that choices are insignificant in MOBAs, I don't think I don't think you really have the experience with them to trash talk them. If you make the wrong choice in a MOBA, you'll be punished. Maybe not for hours, such as picking a class that's incompatible with your playstyle in an MMO and having to restart (and that's good game design), but getting caught out of position because you decided to take a risk is more punishing than a lot of the "choices" I've made in MMOs.
  4. Vessels are not a MOBA-like system. MOBAs do not allow you to switch characters mid-game. Neither is MOBA-like a bad thing, nor is there a spectrum with MOBA on one side and old-school MMOs on the other side. MOBAs have been doing strategic PvP right for two decades. MMOs could stand to leave their comfort zone for a few minutes and look at other genres.
  5. But there is a bug with run speeds currently being the same between ATs, right? I mean, if you watch that video, while it's hard to tell because of the slight perspective shifts and they don't start at exactly the same time, it's still pretty clear that they're covering the same amount of ground at the same speed. I mean, if you just look at the very end, they clearly are at the same place at the same time, despite covering the same distance at what should be different speeds.
  6. Well, the biggest difference is that potions will be more difficult to acquire. What makes potions so valuable right now is not just that they are effective, but also very cheap. I like it. Adding in something that, while not required, enhances your abilities, is a good mechanic. Still, they obviously have to be less powerful than they are right now.
  7. I dunno. I don't feel like this system is every going to really add much to the game. I mean, will I be able to recognize someone's weak points and target my attacks? Not really, most people will probably go all or nothing on sets of armor. Full mail, full plate, or full leather, for example. Will I be able to anticipate someone's strongest attack, and shift around my armor to compensate? Not really, because no class will be centered around only attacking feet or the head, and I can't really even expect to only be fighting that class. So why is developing this system worthwhile when it isn't going to really change how I use my gear and abilities?
  8. In reality, there aren't many (if any) mobs on the servers right now. AFAIK, their pathfinding algorithms are too intensive for the game to handle well right now.
  9. I trust the word of god on how it looks now, rather than how they wanted it took look years ago.
  10. Well, it might not be unlimited. You can only import x value of goods per day or week, and have to give up a certain amount of goods in exchange, either to be taxed into nothingness, or sent to your EK. It'll also almost certainly be part of campaign rules, so at the highest tier, we can see very limited importing to give room for newer players to run around without worrying about older players clubbing seals, and at the lowest tiers, we could see a subset of players not wanting to play with any imports at all. Well, that's not how they phrased it. It seemed to me like the spirit bank was going to be kept mostly the same, with limitations on how and where you can use it. That doesn't seem to be a guild vault, at least not to me. That isn't saying they aren't going to be in the game, but that's just not what I picked up.
  11. Interesting thing they mentioned is that you'll be able to take stuff out of your import/export box mid campaign. I wonder if this is going to be "you import things once and then have to slowly take them out over the campaign at a specific location" or a "continually import/export things based on the rules of the campaign.
  12. You said it's stupid for enemies to trade with each other, and I agree. And in the lowest two tiers, guilds and individuals are the smallest groups. Alliances will occasionally happen, but aren't going to be frequent or reliable enough for an economy to rely on them. And guilds probably won't be able to sustain a currency economy all on their own.
  13. I think you underestimate how big of a deal it will be that 2 tiers of the game just won't have an economy.
  14. Why do we have to trade? The systems of Crowfall don't seem to encourage it, at least not what we've heard. There's no currency, so we'll have to work out exhaustive barter deals for large scale transactions. There's no higher power to ensure that one side doesn't turn on the other and just slaughter them and take the goods. It can be very dangerous to move around large amounts of goods, with people constantly preying on each other. There's a lot of risk and no reward, if my guild can get all the resources we need ourselves. Why risk trading away our excess for goods we already have? A lot of the time game designers assume that if they put players in a sandbox, they'll trade and ally with each other. That's just not true. Alliances can occasionally happen, but that's really quite rare, especially in an adversarial game like Crowfall. There's nothing gained by working with my enemy, if he's ahead of me, if it's an equitable deal, since I'm just pushing him closer to victory. When you look at board games, the best alliance and trade mechanics come from rules that are specifically designed to encourage alliances and trading between players. You cannot just expect multiple groups of people to work together, when one of them is a winner, and the rest are losers.
  15. Is this functionality guaranteed to exist in the campaign world? Worries about non-existent economies are very justified, imo. I mean, if I can attack you, and take all your inventory, why should I trade? If you can use the sword I'm trading to you to kill me and win a campaign, why should I trade? This assumes that we'll be able to bring more than a handful of items into the campaign world - it doesn't take more than 10-20 minutes to craft what you will be able to take into many EKs, and again, this doesn't impact the Dregs, and probably barely effects the GvG tier. Some players. GvG and dregs will likely see almost no importing, at least from the few impressions we have right now. Others will have almost no value in trading in EKs if they're only there to get items for importing into the game. This game is supposed to be built on crafting and gathering. The game has to be designed around a sound, functioning economic model, and if Crowfall doesn't get that right, it's going to fail. It's never to early to be talking economics.
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