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  1. https://fracturedmmo.com/?refcode=3d64909957a6 This one looks interesting. Action combat, no grind, survival, MMO. You can build settlements, PVE, PVP, check it out. I think they aren’t in ALPHA yet as far as I know.
  2. Can't seem to find the "ignore feature" for you.
  3. It's nice to see this poorly made socks still going on.
  4. Make another post, you might get an answer.
  5. CF draws comparisons, but it isn't a moba. When do subscriptions determine niches? From my understanding a niche is a subsect. In this case, a subsect of mmorpgs. The length of time, in comparison to mmorpgs, is laughable. MMORPGS brought about MOBAS. You have a knack for skewing the argument in your favor before the arguement even begins. However, this isn't a MOBA and your pvp history (real or otherwise), like mine, is irrelevant. How bout that beer, jack?
  6. The proof that you're a "good pvper" remains to be seen. Your word means jack in regards to that. We should get a beer sometime. Ever in jersey? EDIT: FPS =/= MMO pvp, sorry. The fact that you might be ranked 1st in CS:GO, which you aren't, means hooligan to me and gives you absolutely zero credibility regarding pvp. If you play these games for 20 years you have no choice but to gain experience. MMORPG experience. This MOBA fad BS is a niche, and if you want to hang your hat on it, then stick to it.
  7. caledon


    Lol Hater Oooo, some sass too! You aren't from Jersey are you?
  8. caledon


    How do you know I was asking you? I like a girl with some ego.... Private class?
  9. caledon


    Have any pictures? For educational purposes....
  10. Ellie, and most of us who have been here a bit, were led here with the PLAY TO CRUSH motto. However, since that time, we've been beaten back by some overzealous mods, and consistent pleas for more pve. Although ellie might not have played SB, it really doesnt matter as her intent is to preserve the concept that we (the old pvp/SB crowd) were led to believe this game was going to be. Although ellie by no means needs anybody to defend her, please understand where she, and we, are coming from. BTW, I'm enjoying your posts Amaryllis. Welcome. Which server did you play on?
  11. I remember your name from the forums, played on Vindi. Good luck posting here...
  12. I think people are overreacting a bit. Does aim assist take less skill? Sure. Will it help to level the playing field between the different skill levels of gamers? I think so. Will that cause a greater number of players to stick around? Probably. Does anybody else find irony with the tears coming from a few of the toxic avengers, who just recently railed against toxicity in PVP games in an effort to attract, and retain, more players? Yet, now that aim assist might make it in the game, favoring a broader demographic, they slam their feet screaming. It's gonna be what it's gonna be.
  13. Get over myself? Maybe one day? The struggle is real. The point of "what if" is to determine consequences to reasonably common PVP occurrences...? Gotcha! Whatever you say Chief.
  14. If only the forums were less toxic...
  15. Congratulations on the new addition! Thanks for posting
  16. The "what if" game is great... What if the stealther automatically drops stealth on looting? What if a member of the party has track? What if a member, maybe the same member, has reveal? What if injuries automatically drop stealth, so every person IG throws down some AOEs once they have a stealther OT? What if, what if, what if... It's not devils advocate, it's preschool for PVP.
  17. Looking back, and even now, experiencing the train wreck of the wiz101 and SB communities collide. Trammel 2.0 inc.
  18. Looking forward to this game, I've (naively?) held the belief that we, the players, will be the "meaningful monsters," and the "mobs dropping useable items." Yeah, yeah, there needs to be some mob population to drop discs and such, but not overwhelmingly so.
  19. Good point, Jah. It would be interesting if loot rights fell in line with the CW's ruleset. Dregs = FFA loot, Shadow = non-guild members can loot, Infected = different deity factions can loot, God's Reach = the other two factions can loot... Mechanics would be in place to maintain the integrity of the CW rules, but the possibility of somebody ninja looting would still be there.
  20. FFA loot promotes PVP. Enough of a reason for me.
  21. caledon


    I wonder if JamesGoblin is GassyTheGoblin from ToA? Back when I followed that game, I remember him being a good poster. Even if he was a little too amiable for my liking. EDIT: He's not Gassy
  22. @Scree I was referring to your comments here: People going to EJ are looking for the best and brightest in theorycrafting minds (or they were back 8 years ago or so when I last played). I don't see that same caliber and targeted audience coming to the official Crowfall forums, you have a much more diverse audience here. Nothing to do with moderation in your two sentences above, so my response was also absent moderation in regards to theorycrafting. What wasn't absent from your paragraph, and I may be mistaken, was the passive aggressive remark about CF lacking the same intellect of these "best and brightest." With SB vets being a large portion of this "target audience" I used that as a rebuttal. Did I break it down enough for you? Again, I may be mistaken. Enjoy your night
  23. It would be ironic to get warned by quoting 7B's famous rant. What is ironic is the second portion of your post. I wrote a thread consisting of roughly the same frustrations as you, and yes, it was deleted with a verbal warning. @Scree Have you ever experienced building a toon in SB? If not, allow me to reassure you that the caliber of CF's members are without reproach.
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