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  1. That's interesting. I would certainly want some way to get my mount back if a stranger jumps on it. Even if it's just a quick command to get the mount to throw them in the dirt it would be enough. But I won't lie, I'll be really butt-hurt if someone kills or steals my only horse. In a videogame you are extremely limited on how you can deal with a thief. In real life you can do all kinds of terrible things to them and they can't just respawn. So Hopefully the Devs will come up with a way to stem the trolling. Like if someone does steal your horse you lose your mount for an hour or so before you can call it back. My only real concern about it is losing it permanently and deterring people from having mounts at all.
  2. I've always liked the idea of not knowing who is who in a game. Being distinguished by your garb and what you look like is a big thing now with more advanced customisation options. I don't think early games even had the option to see a players name/level/guild/info and it doesn't really make sense to keep the trend going, especially in a PvP game. If someone walks up behind you and stabs you to death you will learn to look for that person. Perhaps ask around about their clothing and what they look like, see if they do that kind of thing a lot. Maybe catch them talking to a guild-mate, or shanking one of your buddies. Put them in the ground, take their stuff, find their information, stalk and kill again. Maybe if they are part of a Guild/Clan/Coven whatever they carry a signet, broach, necklace or some sign they are with a faction. That would be identification enough.
  3. One option that was used in a game I played was Global Chat was only accessible in Major Cities, Towns and Settlements. Outside those zones you only had local. Speech bubbles are funny, but considering how much sneaking around you'll have to do, it would make it too easy to find players. Local Voice chat might work with heavy restrictions. but in a game this large I think it would just be a toxic mess. Everybody knows at least one person who would AFK for ten hours with their Mic blaring the theme to power rangers...
  4. I gave a good deal of thought to why mounted combat isn't included in most games and it's primarily because it's a game changer. If the game isn't based around it, it's almost impossible to balance. That's why I settled on asking for mounts to be made more pliable for travel and being generally useful. I really want something that goes beyond "Breed the fastest thing on 4 legs" since in the real world, different horses do different things. I didn't put much stock into animal husbandry because in most games it just means you can breed pigs that yield more bacon or your animals have a lower RNG to get sick/injured. In our case, if it taps into horse/mount breeding at all it will likely just give us a higher RNG for faster offspring. Summon VS Persistent mounts is a tough one. Most games don't bother with it for various reasons. From Server Performance to Client Performance. Most computers people have now support the GPU and CPU requirements to have 50+ Actors and Players on screen at one time. (Its usually particle effects and shadows that kill computers, anyway) Archeage chose to have toggle mounts that could be given commands to stay put or follow. That was nice, I got really spoiled. BDO's horses were permanent but stupid. Nice attention to detail, but annoying when they let a level 5 bear chew their legs off. Tera Had Instant Summon, moving or not, but they went poof if you got looked at funny. Personally I liked AA's approach to mounts. But it could use some tweaks for Crowfall. A toggle summon is nice, with a cool-down of a couple minutes if someone cripples it. It could de-summon or just lay on the ground for that period. (Leaving it out could heal it faster at risk of being attacked again and crippled even longer) Some Dumb-AI to make the horse run away from things that attack it, but stay within a certain radius of the owner. (otherwise we will have rogue horses all over) A whistle call of some kind. But if it's just a summon then none of this really applies. Having to keep track of your mount is a pain, but adds a subtle level of depth. Primarily I just think horses in current games are boring to ride and borderline useless when you fall off because a level 4 mob farted at you. They can be a big part of a game just as an escape option with bursts of speed and agility. (Unless you come up against a pikeman, then kiss your steed goodbye) I also thought about Horse Theft. Someone will bring it up, but in games I always hated it. Especially when we are responsible for breeding the horses we ride. In one game I played, people could steal my horse, but if I spotted them and whistled for the horse she threw the thief and came back to me. Then I killed them. But If I died, they got my horse so I had to be quick. I think horse Theft would just encourage trolling more than anything. I'll have to ask all those Albion breeders what they think of it...
  5. Roojie

    Autorun hotkey

    Why are people arguing over Auto Run. It's Auto RUN, we can't fly so we can't just float over everything and our characters won't AI around trees so I don't see an issue... It's a quality of life improvement, people. Saves me the effort of remapping my arrow keys and using a rock.
  6. So I'm going to start this off by saying that I'm not entirely sure what the Devs have planned for this game as far as mounts. I wanted to say something constructive before they are finalized into that lame summonable speed boost we all hate just a little. Humans bred horses for war, for travel, for pleasure. We wouldn't have done any of these things if they were as useless as Videogames make them out to be, so let Crowfall be the one game to make them better. This thread is NOT about Mounted combat. This thread is about mounts, specifically horses, doing what they do best. Getting you the Hell out of Harm's way. Fast. Or just being useful. The common misconception is that horses are bulky animals who only move in one or two directions and can't turn worth a damn. A little research shows they are so wrong it's laughable. Here are some searches to demonstrate the agility of a horse: Steeplechase Racing (Not always pretty, you have been warned) Mounted Bullfighting (If you are squeamish, don't look that up) Equestrian Cutting Endurance Riding My suggestion is to add a few things to horses to make them more fun and useful. Sprint: Obviously a speed boost based on the animal's stamina that is faster than their natural locomotion. Jumps are lower at this pace and maneuvering is tougher but not impossible as the cost of some speed. Strafe: Ever seen a horse gallop sideways? Because they can, and they do it a heck of a lot faster than you! Spin: Horses can spin on the spot, or at speed, no guarantee you'll stay in the saddle, but the horse has it nailed. Jump: Basic, but people commonly underestimate how high a horse can jump. It's harder to do at higher speeds, but the average steeplechaser is asked to clear 4 and 5 foot fences with 7 foot spreads at 30mph. Think about that. Rough Terrain: Some horses are more surefooted than others. Look at Endurance Riding. Those can climb rocks, gnarled trails, rock-bed rivers and navigate steep terrain. Acceleration: Your horse can go from 0 to 45 in 4 strides. Can you? Standstill Jump: A horse can leap from a standstill in just about any direction. Whether or not you go with them is up for debate. Especially if they spin and jump. Rearing and it's uses: A horse can stand up on it's hind legs. Depending on your collective balance they can walk around like that for a short period. If they have armor on their belly, you could deflect a strike (Horse Block LOL). Or just lose your balance and let your horse fall on you. That's always classy. Standing on the Saddle: Yeah. You don't actually need that bridle at all if your horse is good. They can learn voice commands. Duh. That said, players could stand in the saddle and/or leap off it while standing or moving. So you can pick an apple from a tree, or climb a ledge you're too short to reach otherwise. I don't know if horses will be as persistent/immortal as players, but it would be nice if your steed could get better at their basic skills over time. Either by just existing, or constant use. Because you have to remember it's as much about the horse learning to carry you as it is about you learning to ride. You are cumbersome and can set your horse off balance.Riding a horse is all about team work. A player could customize a little bit. If a horse is a summon, they could teach it to summon running and swing up at speed. If they are a static mount that is always around, whistle for it and it's up to the player's training if the horse gallops past for a pickup or stops beside you to let you step up. Both have their uses. A mount is more than a glorified speed boost. There's so much you can do with them in games and they always get squandered. It's all little things that people don't realize were fun until it's not there. Not to mention, you can apply it to centaurs. P.S. Please don't use draft horses. Draft horses are for farming. Not war. Try a Lipizzan or an Arabian, Quarter Horse, or an Andalusian or Friesian, Trakehner or Frederiksbord, or a BARB. (Barb horses are fine animals) Not Shires and Percheron horses. Who rides a plough horse to war?! THATS NOT WHAT THEY ARE FOR.
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