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  1. I’m sure it has been brought up but I’d like to make a suggestion. When Logging, Skinning. Etc could you make the materials auto inventory like other survival type games. Take rust or rend for example. I love how their harvesting system works. Just something to consider
  2. Getting an error that says "HTTP Invalid Response" when hovering over the progress bar. Anyone come across this or know a fix outside of reinstalling the whole game? It appears I'm the only one with the issue, Havent seen anyone else complain about the servers being down or unable to patch.
  3. I just gained a new found hype for this game. AWESOME changes. I cant wait to see them =) Very pleased to see class/race combos, Especially with all the disciplines. No longer feel as if you're playing just another cookie cutter character. Can actually diverse yourself from other people far more than you ever could before. So the character truly feels as your own. The graphics overhaul has me in awe, Those Trebs that you are showcasing are truly beautiful. Fantastic work guys
  4. Anyone know if ACE is offering refunds? Im severely regretting my decision
  5. Anyone know if ACE is offering refunds and if so, How do you start the process?
  6. Game is way to far from being complete. Not a chance.. Way to many missing key factors to be realistic thought. Combat for example is quite lack luster at best. They have A LOT to implement let alone polish to make this game remotely enjoyable. As it stands they don't hold a candle to Camelot Unchained. They will be crushed
  7. My suggestion would be to create a landmark esq style harvesting system. Each swing rewards resource. Each swing shows interaction with the resource. And last the auto vacuum or auto inventory would be very nice (like rust or landmark) The harvesting where it stands is flawed on many levels. The animations are very lack luster mostly with the interaction between the tool and the resource (you can't see it damage the resource. You just swing and swing. Hear some sounds then half the resource disappears). It's very unrewarding even with potions. Then having to run around and pick up a bunch of random blocks after you're done makes it even more tedious.
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