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  1. Those were some nice fights, h8 this long downtimes
  2. Yes, I used all the option following your web,none of them work, it says wrong combination. This is on test server actual patch.
  3. On the leatherworking station any leather combination turns out wrong combination while trying to craft stitched leather.
  4. That was some adrenalin, took me by surprise.
  5. Is Nazgul still playing and the guys that split from NoCry to Furia in DFo?
  6. In my opinion they should remove all AoE CC abilities from DPS promotions, xcept single target stuns. All AoE CC should be put on CC promotion classes.If you want to do CC pick CC promotion class, you shouldnt be a beast in dps and at the same time do the same amount of CC as a CC promotion. All tank promotions should get pulls and slows/dodge pip removal. CC can be added on disciplines but picking a dps promotion locks you out of that discipline. All CC abilities should drain Stamina when affected by it. Retaliate should be also on CD and after a player is affected by CC he should get imunity
  7. Got ported 500m north every time I stepped on wooden part N of Zelig fort while kiling mobs there.
  8. Can't wait to play with you guys,counting days now!
  9. Man watching all those videos brings me down the memory lane, enjoyed every moment of it.
  10. To bad I missed the training,after watching the video I started to drool,miss playing with you guys.
  11. Balathan was using Epic bow with insane penetration,Archer with comon bow against comon armor hits for 500-1.7k dmg,and if u count that archer needs to draw every basic attack for 2,5 sec archer is not op,rapid fire could be tonned down a bit.Any other range class (Stormcaller/Inquisitor) can just press LMB and hold to dish out same amount of dmg in that same time window. Every class in epic gear is op compared to comon/green gear.
  12. Order only sorry,and you would have to send her a letter via pigeon. But you are to green for her,she doesn't like greenis.
  13. After a day spent in the infirmary,had to miss the battle yesterday, assassin stabbed me in the back. Couldn't let my brothers go in the battle without me. While riding my steed to our meeting place I felt like my armor is gonna fall of, that is the price of not maintaining my armor after battle. Even though I know I wasn't even close to my full strength,I knew that even 1 well placed arrow can turn the tide of battle.That redhaired nurse did a fine job patching me up, but her her smile and view of her behind brought me to life. I knew that if balance wins today she wouldn't be safe, balance s
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