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  1. Wood elf Ranger Archer -none of aoe ability show targeting circles -after getting knocked down or stunned I use retaliate but I still can't move or cast anything xcept ultimate -dmg boost on trickshot doesnt give more dmg -aiming directly into mob on first basic attack and shooting does nothing,arrow goes through mob,next attack counts normally,same is with rapid fire,have to aim little to the left of mob to be able to hit it -mobs see traps and avoid them -traps should be invisible same as druid orbs untill ur extremly close or on activation,thats why its called a trap,whats the point of trap if anyone can see it from 50m away.
  2. This one was so much fun,ppl flying all around,gf Caldera.
  3. Endles loop After every recall I get endless loop :"Awaiting for avatar".Have to restart clint every time I use recall. Last time I waited it took more then 30 min,then I closed the client and reloged,I was in starter area.
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