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  1. Not going to get into this further as you are just trolling and have no interest in facts.
  2. Did you? " There are some keys that are off limits (Esc, Enter, and the Windows key), but these changes allow for every in-game action to be freely and uniquely bound." "As mentioned, like any game, there will be a few keys that are off limits. These include Esc, Enter, and the Windows key. Everything else is up for grabs! "
  3. I know i'm a minority but i'm left handed and don't use WSAD and use the enter key as one of my keybinds, so this kinda sucks. Any reason why you have decided to hard code keys? Honest question since i've seen a few other AAA devs do this and this has never been the case for the last 25+ years in gaming. Hard Coding keys seems to be a newer thing and I honestly would love to know the technical reason for it. I'll just have to use a third party program like autohot key, its just annoying that i have to do that for such a basic function.
  4. AMD 8350 16GB RAM R9 280x 8GB 128GBx2 Samsung SSD - OS/VMs 128GBx2 Toshiba SSD VMs 512 Muchskin SSD -games mostly 1TB-5200RPM -backup random crap Lots of SSDs as i Run a bunch of Virtual Machines on the same box for work.
  5. Review embargo lifts March 2nd I believe so wait till after that at the very very least. The one positive for everyone is that if the new RYZEN chips are decent it should bring prices down on the Intel side as they have gotten completely out of control over the last 4-5 years since AMD hasn't been competitive at the high end. On a personal note I'm excite for the new chips because i own stock in AMD that i bought a long time ago when they were sub 2$ haha .
  6. I too like to have a 5 page discussion about balance in pre-alpha....lol. Guess this is what happens when people get bored inbetween play tests.
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