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  1. The world is in fact an inverted pyramid, but only the initiated can shift their gravitational orientation to explore the other planes of the world. Everyone else just falls to their death when they try to walk around the edge of the world. It is known.
  2. It is kind of boring at this point. It has mediocre PvP combat and very poor PvE combat for an MMO. Outside of combat the exploration, resource gathering, crafting and base building range from decent to poor compared to other sandbox base builders like ARK and Conan. The game just doesn't do anything well in practice or concept at this point.
  3. I would like them to follow a consistent design philosophy like Warhammer online did with their classes. Major Focus Minor Focus weakness Tank: Mitigation Damage Mobility CC Healing Stealth Support Range MDPS: Damage CC Healing Mobility Mitigation Stealth Support Range MDPS Assassin: Damage CC Healing Stealth Mobility Mitigation Range Support RDPS: Damage Mobility Healing Range Mitigation CC Stealth Support Healer Healing CC Stealth Support Mitigation Damage Range Mobility
  4. Everyone I talk to agrees we just don't want to get burned out on the game before it even launches. Log in now and then to try things out, train and find a bug or two, but nobody wants to go HAM in alpha.
  5. I always just assumed James Goblin was a Valley Girl. "Like like, totally like you guys, like like Crowfall, like totally." - James Goblin
  6. Now I know you've been trolling the entire time. WoW was "esports" for about 5 minutes and only then because Blizzard was sponsoring their own tournaments and trying to make it a thing. Top WoW players couldn't even make it in GW2's floaty split body combat, and quit after a few days of getting dominated by hotjoin heroes who are afraid to even queue for ranked.
  7. Sad to hear that melee combat is now about as skill intensive as WoW. I guess the bad players whined long enough and loud enough that ACE finally caved and dumbed the game down to their level. Might as well get it over with and make the game Tab target so that ranged can be played competitively by the lowest common denominator too. Go ahead and toss in RNG hit/miss too to even the playing field. Wouldn't want the most skilled person to win every time; it wouldn't be "exciting" enough.
  8. Really. http://princessbride.wikia.com/wiki/Bonetti%27s_defense
  9. In Eve cloaked ships have tons of penalties. You need to give up a high slot (these are weapon slots for you non-Eve players) for a cloaking device that eats CPU, move 75/90% more slowly, suffer a large penalty to scan resolution plus sensor recalibration delay making it impossible to jump someone without warning, can't cloak near enemies, can't cloak while targeted, decloak when coming within 2k of an object or ship, can't reactivate cloak for 30 seconds after leaving cloak, and probably some more that I'm forgetting off the top of my head.
  10. How long did you play Shadowbane? Scouts and Thieves pushed everyone else out of solo roaming PvP because you couldn't get away from them and you couldn't catch them if they wanted to escape. Relying on one class to spot stealthed enemies for the other 21 was a terrible design. It can be forgiven because it was made in an era where stealth mechanics hadn't been fleshed out, but it certainly isn't something that should be heralded as anything close to an ideal model for future games.
  11. This is everything I was hoping to avoid in stealth all jammed into one obnoxious class. Vanish before your opponent's eyes, teleport away (even teleport through walls or terrain so you can't be followed), deal damage in stealth, and high burst coming out stealth. It's everything that's wrong with stealth in MMOs. Many people warned against this and they went ahead and added everything they were told was bad stealth design by experienced PvPers.
  12. Campaign worlds are going to need to be massive to hold thousands of concurrent players. Archeage felt suffocating with even a few hundred people logged in and you couldn't walk 10 feet without bumping into someone.
  13. Yeah, I agree that what we have now is clunky and doesn't feel good. But it was my understanding that they wanted to move toward TERA style melee combat and just haven't gotten there yet. If they thought the current system was good then I would be more on board with moving to a split body system, but they've said they're not happy with where things are and intend to continue improving it.
  14. I don't understand why people like split body. It always ends up the same with people running around slapping each other constantly instead of setting up their abilities with skill and timing. The complexity of a TERA duel is 10x higher than split body games like GW2. In TERA you're constantly looking to set up and land big damage and avoid getting caught in a bad spot, while in GW2 you just spam crap non-stop because you really can't avoid it when your enemy moves just as fast as you do and can attack while moving. Crowfall's system does need work and it's not going to feel good until they get closer to that ideal but that's not a reason to abandon it and implement a crappy split body system. Well implemented 'root motion' combat is simply better, more skillful and more fun. Dark Souls, TERA, Dragon Nest, and so on are good examples. Try them to a reasonable level (that means not quiting at level 10 when you have 3 abilities on a class that has 30 at high level) and I think you will see why ACE is going the direction they are instead of settling for a just a mediocre system.
  15. It was very easy to make a garbage build in Shadowbane and at launch most people had no idea what they were doing. You had people who didn't know you needed INT to raise your skillcap, didn't know that your weapon skill was part of the chance to block formula so they would get their attacks blocked 95%+ of the time, wore stat gear instead of resist, didn't bother to buff everyone, and for months didn't even have access to trainers capable of teaching their high level abilities or raising their focus lines to high levels. Beta guilds would roll up with spec groups of dwarf warriors sporting 65%+ damage resistance to most damage supported by priests and bards. A well built, geared and fully buffed r6 warrior could churn out 6-8x the damage of a crap build without buffs, and the health pool, damage resistance and healing output made them almost unkillable for the garbage builds newbs were running. A lot of guilds bragged about winning fights like that, and then promptly fled the game when people started catching up.
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