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  1. Agreed! Ignore the haters and come get to know us. My guild members are some of the I have been involved with, and that is saying a lot with my double digit years of playing online with people.
  2. I can not wait for them to open up a castle siege test again. With all these new charters to test it should be a blast to get a big guild play going.
  3. I am hoping each will get a bonus in a collection or crafting, but that might be seen a pigeon hole. If you want to do this you have to play that or you will not be the best.... Who knows.
  4. Azhdada, I think a similar app would be spot on. We will see what they give us. I was able to log in this morning and update my skilling I was only late on one of my Avatars so no loss on my main skill :}
  5. Due to the lack of testing servers this weekend I was unable to log in and update my training. I hope they put in a queuing system or a phone app for edits to the training.
  6. I was not able to test much this weekend ether. There is always next weekend! I am just happy we have a large group of great gamers. We always have someone in testing and working on something! This group is going to rock on release!!!
  7. I think there was two reasons. One to give a taste of the new stuff they just talked about to everyone, but more over I think they wanted to see what major bugs could be found and fixed before Friday thus keeping more players happy. There were several major bugs that I ran into on the flash run that they fixed on the Friday release. I must say I am impressed as several of them I am sure were not easy fixes. Someone must have pulled an all nigher. We are happy to have you on board!!!
  8. The new crow was a lot of fun. The system is full of new bugs to find. Come out and join us in our quest to help make the best game!!!!
  9. We have a great group here ready to hit the servers running. Our crafters have already started the research and planning. We have had several in game group meets. I can not wait for the next one!
  10. O well. With all the time it will take to skill up any one track I was hoping that the early backers would get a bit of a head start on the this part....
  11. I am trying to give you more money but there is an issue. 1) You have American Express listed but it is not a payment option. 2) When using paypal it drops out with an error after selecting the card. I will call Paypal to see if they can help, but the error page on your site stated that if it keeps happening to open a support case. I tried but can not open one. The site payplussupport.zendesk.com only gives me the option to log in or reset my password. I do not have an account with them yet. There is no way to create a new account on this page. Any help would be nice. I am trying to upgrading from amber to sapphire.
  12. Since our character is independent from the worlds and seems to be persistent right now, I am wondering if it will stay that way? Will you be clearing and resetting our skills at some point or will we keep them and this will be a benefit of contributing early?
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