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  1. dpad


    resources are already going to be so valuable from campaign to campaign. why even have a money system...just to homogenize?
  2. "diminishing returns" - yea....but how diminishing. tomes do make this game step into P2W with more than just a toe. there will be a market for tomes, but most everyone who backed this game will have 30 days VIP. although i don't see why i would make a tome to sell as the deeper down a skill tree, the more time is needed. i would gladly buy tomes.
  3. it still sounds like whining, tho. if you're fine being casual then don't complain for lvls of playstyle above you. accept that it's not on your path.
  4. most testers/people in this forum have at least 1-month of VIP. that is enough time to dive deep into a specific skill tree path for general, or lvl up a bunch of initials. most people know after 1 month if they'll stick with an mmo longer or not. i don't understand why you think we are different social beings...
  5. hail ms yaga, meine broheim. may our deaths be true
  6. who knew sadness made you breathe fire from your nose
    closest to a dragon i've ever |f|ucking felt
    all the while my heart hurts -- burns

    being plunged down into what i reneged
    or maybe just neglected...that's certainly what it feels like
    remembering pointlessness - it's not even graspable

    and then there's that monster which hides
    chumming the mind; coaxing us further; soothing our rage:
    "who we are is none of anyones' concern"

  7. dpad

    dat bad beet boy

  8. Tark is bragging, but he has a right to it. the general skill has terrific advantages 3 tiers into a build, but the time just starts taking forever. to Tark, glad to know there are more who're going crazy builds. the market thanks you
  9. crowfall may not be made intending to be a solo game, but it can be a sandbox. the eternal kingdom offers players a sandbox opportunity. once EKs become built up and stable, a solo player could just hop from one to the next and play that way over going to campaigns.
  10. dpad

    Ranger stealth

    disciples will probably help all errant class builds a bit more. possibly a rune of some sort that could give positive effect to hide/stealth. lots of different combo opportunities, much like how druids can get a scimitar now
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